Community Showcase Music / Soundtrack question

  • I really want to use a particular soundtrack for a video for the community showcase, am I correct that even using a fan cover not created by myself would be flagged?

    What approach would you take, find something that sounds similar that's royalty free?

  • When I made my tribute video for Kyle, I really wanted to use the intro song from The Outer Wilds, but ultimately decided against it because I didn't want to get everything flagged or muted, and used some other royalty free tracks instead. A couple years back, when I made a music episode for my podcast, I consulted Blood about using licensed music, and he was saying it should be fine as long as the subject matter and footage reflect the music being used. That was for a podcast, but I imagine that largely it would be the same with a video for the showcase, for example if you were talking about Mortal Kombat and were using a track from Mortal Kombat. I've also written and posted music covers through SoundCloud for the Showcase that have gone through fine. Otherwise, I would be cautious, maybe shoot Jones a message with specifics to check it beforehand if you're really worried.

  • There are some cases where covers of video game music get flagged. I would do a test upload to YouTube and check.

    If it's fine, I would still give the performer credit.

    If you'd prefer to use the original track, a large majority of video game music is safe to use. Stuff with vocals is more likely to get flagged, as is Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and certain Dance Dance Revolution tracks (for DDR, check iTunes, as well as whether it is a licensed artist). Avoid official re-arrangements of Final Fantasy music. I've also seen a small handful of Nintendo tracks in the system, I'd do a test upload for those too. Also do test uploads and give credit for music from indie games.

    And after all that...

    @happygaming said in Community Showcase Music / Soundtrack question:

    maybe shoot Jones a message with specifics to check it beforehand if you're really worried.

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