Quentin Tarantino

  • I don't like the term "overrated" but if there was on film director that fits the bill seamlessly it'd be it'd be Quentin Tarantino himself. I want to enjoy Tarantino's films but I think many of his films are style over substance. Anybody feel the same way? If you don't feel the same way what do you enjoy about his films?

  • His first 3 films are genre classics & will go down in history as so. I could take or leave his movies after that he definitely needs a good script editor & he has became more self indulgent over the years. As for style over substance, that's more of a discription than a critique. It's like saying that movies all substance over style. If that's what the directors intention was then it's a success.

  • @paulmci27 Ok if it was the director's intention to be style over substance then to them it might be a success but not to some.

  • I enjoy his movies, Pulp Fiction being one of my all time favourites. But for the most part his work is just fine.

  • My favourite thing about Tarantino is his talent for the dialogues. I can watch 10 minutes conversation between two characters of him and not get bored at all. His movies feels fluent even in the long dialogue scenes which not a lot of director can achieve and bore the audience. Also dialogues of him are usually get my curiosity besides the movie too.

  • I love every single one of them pretty much. I wanted to jump in with Tokyo Slim when he was on Reaction Shots Podcast because I needed to defend Death Proof's honour.

    Speaking of underrated, Chris Penn's performance in True Romance!! His character plays a cop who just doesn't give a fuck that he's likely going to get people killed making them go undercover. It's just too funny and rarely get's mentioned as one of Tarantino's better characters.

  • Yeah, I'm a big fan. Like other's Pulp is easily one of my favorite films of all time. I agree with @Scotty as well, his dialogue is so well written and I think that also leaves little moments for these fantastic actors to put a little spin on a scene too. I slight nod or gesture can really bring a scene together, my favorite being in Pulp when the wolf tries the coffee and just gives the nod. We already know the coffee is good, the wolf is a man of few words so we don't need him to say anything, the nod tells us all.

    I would agree that some of the more recent films weren't as strong. Hateful Eight and Hollywood didn't do much for me but I loved Django and still enjoy the films I didn't care for as much. I enjoy his work, I'll watch whatever he wants to make but my enjoyment of his films vary. I can also understand why people don't like his stuff as much as well.

  • I think his stuff is pretty indulgent and derivative, but I like some of his films. Jackie Brown rocks, and a couple of his others I have a lot of appreciation for, but his latter work is a little too cute and self-aware in its handling of genre and history. He was a director I liked when I was 13 or so for his 'coolness', and I guess I've outgrown them, or at least can't appreciate them for that reason any more.

  • Tarantino is one of my favorite directors period, I'm not gonna make a big argument on why but Inglorious Bastards and Django are a couple of my favorite films, and Once Upon a Time and Pulp Fiction are not far behind.

    I love his style, his passion and I find his movies incredibly entertaining and superbly well done, I could watch any of them at any time pretty much, so yeah from my perspective he is held where he should be, among the greatest directors ever.