Vote for the forum's Game of the 2010s Decade!

  • I wanted to shout out more indies too but It's the best of the best. I had to make some tough cuts.

    @Axel If you want, I could share the thread on Discord?

  • Excellent. Sending my votes in now. While it's understandably going to be a solid wait, just having the voting open gives my HYPE! Also, it's pretty wild I have a personal GOTY in my HMs, and it wouldn't have even made the cut if Dishonored 2 and Wolfenstein: The Old Blood could have qualified.

  • I didn't really have that hard of a time narrowing down my list but then that's probably just because all my previous lists were riddled with games didn't make the cut so by the time I picked all the games left that I thought were actually GOTD material (and not just "hey this is ok I guess") there were only a few cuts that needed to be made.

  • My list is in. I also did one per series to get from 22 to 20.

    @Axel If you don't mind, I will promote this voting on Cup of Jones.

  • @sentinel-beach

    HM was awesome, too bad sequel didn't live up to it.

  • I also want to give shoutouts to Outer Wilds and Pyre. Both of them offer unique game design and incredibly compelling narratives. If you haven't played them already, I heartily recommend them.

  • I just want to say that I STILL disagree with not allowing Persona 4 Golden in 2012. My Persona 5 vote moved up about 4 slots because of Royal because I know we won't allow it in our GOTY this year for the same BS reasons.

    *Edit: not trying to sound like I'm criticising the decision making process, or people involved. I just don't like the outcome

  • @Shoulderguy @ffff0 Yes, feel free to share this anywhere you'd like!

  • This list is so compromised like even Hollow Knight is missing and that game is like top 3 of the decade.

  • You made me play Kill Your Babies and it made me feel bad.

  • @otos Yeah, it would have made my list if it was eligible. The problem is not many people played it the year it came out, as it was only on PC and only became popular through word-of-mouth. I'm sure Silksong will get its deserved spotlight!

  • Put my list in

  • Got some work and kill'n of babies to do.

  • And now I'm done and I feel appropriately bad.

  • Is it possible to wait at least until end of summer?

  • Just done my first cutdown. 69 games to figure out. I'm probably going to Tier list them first and then figure out what to cut from there. My top 5 games are pretty much locked but it gets muggy as you go further down.

    Also, it's really funny that you can see how much time I was spending playing Multiplayer early this generation. I have like 10-12 games from 2010-2013. If it wasn't a big RPG or it wasn't made by Valve, I wasn't interested.

  • ok done, my first brutal sweep left me with 22 games but it was the 5 through 15 that were hardest. couple big games i would love to mention but due to lack of playtime cannot (persona 5, death stranding and even yakuza0).

    curious to see how some games shake out i think games that placed high in the yearly breakdowns but had few #1 votes will disappear from the list?(outer worlds for example) while some lower games that a few people loved might still make the cut death stranding and Three houses to use 2019 as an example.

    Mild spoiler but only 2 of the yearly number 1 choices even made my list

  • This was hard. Started with 115, then went to 26-22-20. Then ranking 15+5 while leaving some beloved titles out... excruciating.

    The lack of Hollow Knight is disturbing and brings great shame upon our community!!!

  • I am so sorry inFamous 2. I couldn't save you. Rest, my sweet child. Rest.

  • Without trying to compromise the integrity of our individual lists and what they mean to us, what can we do to avoid splitting the Yakuza vote 6 ways?

    Like, let's say you were only going to choose ONE and only one Yakuza game to allow space for another 14 games on your list, which game would you choose?

    For me it's very easily Yakuza 0 and that's the one I suggest we back up IF you're only going to choose one Yakuza game.