Vote for the forum's Game of the 2010s Decade!

  • Going through my list it alarms me that most of them are AAA games and I play my fair amount of indie titles. I feel like a sellout.

  • @chocobop

    I only drew attention to it in case some people are in-fact doing "one per series" in order to free up space on their list.

    I am not doing that myself. My list is my personal Top 15 based on enjoyment and my memories with the game.

    I don't think we need to change the voting system to stop people from doing 1 per series. When we get stats at the end, we can find out stuff like: this series appeared the most, or this genre was most popular.

    This is serious... but not series at all at the exact same time...

  • The biggest thing I noticed after whittling down to 20 and then ordering them is that I don't like Persona 5 as much as I thought I did.

    I hope we can do earlier decades after this because I also noticed that I have not played a lot of the games from the last 2 or 3 years but feel like I might have voted for some if I had.

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    This is serious... but not series at all at the exact same time...

    Real life mimics Yakuza, or Yakuza mimics real life.

  • I put one Yakuza on my list.... and it wasn't 0...

  • @tokyoslim Oh no it's happening.

    @DIPSET I'm pretty sure they're on mobile now.

  • A wise man once spoke of Invisible Hands regulating the economy and... to cut a long winded analogy short, the best one or two Yakuza titles will probably end up on the list.

    I think human nature along with the nature of making a list will naturally regulate same-series titles.

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    Or rather, there's always a trade off, with no way being best. Do you want your list to be an accurate personal ranking? Do you want your list to be a public form of self-expression ("here's the variety of games I felt were best")? Do you want your list to be a strategic vote in order to influence the final result? ("I know X is hugely popular and Y has no chance, so...")

    Personally, I chose your first option, my list is purely for myself, without thinking about what other people might vote for. It's the list of my darlings, based on my enjoyment and memories.

    Coincidentally, I still almost ended up with one game per series, simply because I felt like my fondness for a game was already "covered" by its sequel/prequel, and I'd rather include a completely different game instead to celebrate the distinct memories that one brought me.

  • @axel Yeah, I'm always picking for me, and not what I think "deserves" to win.

    This is why Hudson Hawk is in my Top 10 movies, alongside things like Evil Dead 2 and The 5th Element. I KNOW Citizen Kane is one of the best movies of all time, but it's not in a list of MY favorites.

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    @capnbobamous said in Vote for the forum's Game of the 2010s Decade!:

    I am formally submitting Danganronpa 2

    I liked Trigger Happy Havoc better, and that made it on my list.

    And my favorite was V3.

    I suspect that any game with a single high-enough personal vote will make top 50. So I don't think there's a need to gather under one banner. Personally I would prefer multiple entries as #45 - #50 to single one as #25.

  • Mostly ranked my list based on personal favorites, but only one game fundamentally changed how I view game/level design, so I had to give that one #1 even if there were others I might have enjoyed playing a little more.

  • First update:

    I've already received 27 votes, that's awesome! And there's quite a few new faces in there, so assuming the usual suspects also vote down the line, we could break the 50 voters mark, that would be sweet.

    At the moment, a whopping 168 games have received points, and 14 of them have received 100 points or more.

    We'll definitely be able to have a Top 50 based on this. Keep it up!

  • That's great.

    I'm very interested to hear various reasoning for individual rankings. "I put Game 1 is above Game 2 because..." and all of that.

  • I have 22 games and now I need to rank them, fuck me lol

  • Just submitted my list, and fuck was this hard. It's been done for a little while, but for days I've just been looking at it to see if I made any mistakes. I finally just had to submit it because it was hurting my soul worrying about it.

  • @capnbobamous that's exactly where I was at. I'm still thinking about the order and whether it was right, but I think ultimately having made the decision and having it out of my hands now is for the better and a weight off of my conscience, and I stick by what I put in.

  • 2013, what a year.

  • When every vote is in and the results are out, I'm really curious what everyone's 21st and 22nd pick were that got the anguishing axe last.

  • Just finished my Tier list. I ended up with 4 Tiers. Shoo-in, Truly Great, Great but not that Great, and Good.

    Shoo-in and Truly great got through the the next round. 26 games to sort through. Time to get ranking.

  • @iboshow 2016 was my biggest year in terms of number of games but yeah, 2013, pretty crazy year.