Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, PC)

  • Fall Guys finally has a release date, it's August 4th!

    This is a party battle royale with some silly and endearing characters who try to make it to the end of very weird and unexpectedly built obstacle courses much like in Takeshi's Castle. 60 players, only one winner.

    I gotta say I haven't been this hyped for a multiplayer game in a good while. It all just looks so colourful, chaotic, cute and fun. :)


    Fall Guys - Jump in on August 4
    Youtube Video

  • This has been one of the few games I've actually been excited about for the last while, though now that it's so close to release I'm kinda worried about how well it'll play ball with Proton.

  • @hanabi

    What is Proton?

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    @scotty a stable subatomic particle occurring in all atomic nuclei, with a positive electric charge equal in magnitude to that of an electron, but of opposite sign.


  • @el-shmiablo

    Appreciate it.


  • @scotty It's what Steam uses to make Windows-only games work on Linux. If you've ever heard of WINE then same concept.

  • Like stated in another thread, Fall Guys will be one of August's PS Plus games! No excuses now, people. It's time to jump in next week! What a cool move, I was ready to pay for this in a heartbeat.

  • I wasn't expecting this at all. I think they have done it before but it seems very rare PS+ will give away a brand new game. I know they did it in the past but can't recall the games. Anyways I was gonna buy it day one anyways now I don't have to.
    Thanks PS+

  • @themarcv Rocket League. The devs actually attribute quite a lot of the games success to it being a PS Plus Free Title.

    This is awesome news. I'm probably going to buy it on Steam too.

  • Something tells me this'll be clamored for on the next EZA Stream Team.

  • @hazz3r That's right, I kept thinking about some Sony first party tank game (Hardware: Rivals, had to look it up). This is much more in line with what happened with Rocket League. I imagine this game will also see some success going the PS+ route as it seems the game got a lot of buzz over the weekend on Twitch. Thanks.

  • @themarcv They have lightning in a bottle. It looks super easy to jump in to. The marketing is great. And I'm willing to spend money on it only for them to say I don't need to. I can already see myself buying costumes or a Battle Pass of some kind.

  • This is probably a different situation, because there's already lots of interest in the game. Been watching various people play it during the betas, and it is really good stuff. I think it'll thrive as a PS Plus game for the crowd who only wants to play it a little, but you'll also have your hardcore crowd that plays this game a ton who has already bought it. The best part of this being given away as a PS Plus game is it should keep the playerbase size big and healthy for much longer, since this game is super reliant on lots of people playing at once to function.

  • Huber talks a bit about playing the game, pretty excited to get it next week.

    Youtube Video

  • This looks great. I can see myself getting really engrossed in this.

  • Huber definitely got lucky during his time playing for the preview. You can easily get bounced between the same 2-3 stages if you're just unlucky with the RNG and keep failing the early qualifying rounds, but I think most of them stay interesting to play over and over thankfully. There's also definitely a more traditional end stage where you have to grab a crown at the end, but not every trip through ends there. Some of the latter stages you can get are setup with a timer to where either they can end with one winner if everyone else gets knocked out or if the timer actually depletes, they'll instead pass the survivors through to a definitive finale stage.

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    I'm pretty hype for this. Love myself some wacky physics party games. GG Sony giving it as a PS Plus game. Hoping that works as well for Fall Guys as it did for Rocket League.

  • Fall Guys needs the voice over from MXC:

    “Here comes Ursula The Fist!!”

  • Looks really fun. Kinda like an evolution on the Gang Beasts concept.

  • Managed to get a Technical Test key. Having a lot of fun with it. There are definitely better maps and game modes but it feels like I could spend a lot of time with this game. Getting some repeated stages but everything is fun enough.