Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, PC)

  • Huber talks a bit about playing the game, pretty excited to get it next week.

    Youtube Video

  • This looks great. I can see myself getting really engrossed in this.

  • Huber definitely got lucky during his time playing for the preview. You can easily get bounced between the same 2-3 stages if you're just unlucky with the RNG and keep failing the early qualifying rounds, but I think most of them stay interesting to play over and over thankfully. There's also definitely a more traditional end stage where you have to grab a crown at the end, but not every trip through ends there. Some of the latter stages you can get are setup with a timer to where either they can end with one winner if everyone else gets knocked out or if the timer actually depletes, they'll instead pass the survivors through to a definitive finale stage.

  • I'm pretty hype for this. Love myself some wacky physics party games. GG Sony giving it as a PS Plus game. Hoping that works as well for Fall Guys as it did for Rocket League.

  • Fall Guys needs the voice over from MXC:

    “Here comes Ursula The Fist!!”

  • Looks really fun. Kinda like an evolution on the Gang Beasts concept.

  • Managed to get a Technical Test key. Having a lot of fun with it. There are definitely better maps and game modes but it feels like I could spend a lot of time with this game. Getting some repeated stages but everything is fun enough.

  • Got into it too, outside of my controller not working I've had a good time so far.

    @dipset Right you are, Ken.

  • The fake doors one game and the path finding game are literally just about bullying other players.

  • @hazz3r That sounds incredible.

  • Playtest is over. I've had an incredible time with this game. I've pre-purchased it on Steam. I cannot wait to start playing on Tuesday when my progression through the Season and all my cosmetics will actually carry forward forever.

    Huber said it best. The brilliant thing about this game is that you can jump in no matter your experience or skill level and have a fun, competitive, experience.

    There absolutely is meta here and there. Hexa-Gone is particular is very skill based, where there is a knack for staying on the platforms for as long as possible, jumping between hexagons rather than running towards the end.

    Perfect match needs to be reworked. The platforms are big enough that most people in the game can fit on. The platforms need to be made smaller so that you can't just rely on the wisdom of crowds.

    All the straight up obstacle courses are great fun. I've grown to love See Saw, and some of the other courses have some really fun meta involving getting purposely hit by some of the obstacles.

    So yeah, bring on Tuesday. I'd love this game to blow up.

  • See Saw is already my nemesis, it's horrible. Tried it three times and never got to finish line, pure chaos. Oh man. :P

    There was clearly a bunch of technical difficulties now in the beginning, like I didn't get all my rewards, once there was a connection problem, the other time I couldn't leave a game properly after eliminated etc. Only dipped my toes for 30 minutes now, I'll return a bit later (today). I need to learn to embrace the chaos. :)

  • Still waiting for it to go live on PSN. Might be an hour, might not be.

  • @sentinel-beach Apparently the demand has blown their expectations away.

    See Saw will grow on you, it's so satisfying when you get a good run.

  • I only got in one session so far. I guess the servers are too overwhelmed right now, or maybe it's because I'm playing this super early in the morning... nah, it's probably the former. The menu music is a certified banger though. I got See Saw (absolute chaos), Block Party (it's quite nerve-wrecking with how this game controls), and the tail chasing one (got one dude who's held the tail for almost 2 minutes straight, too pro).

  • So I've played a few rounds and I absolutely love how the game plays, but I gotta say... I absolutely hate the colour palette. Everything, and I mean everything, is in such a harsh neon, and it honestly gives me a headache just looking at it.
    The soundtrack is also incredibly anxiety inducing, but that seems like a conscious decision.

  • I also gave it a shot yesterday, and overall it's very enjoyable! I seem to always make it to at least the third round so that feels good, unlike shooter battle royales where I can never get a single kill.

    However, the connection issues ruined the fun for me, as I was disconnected several times in the middle of the action, and I even won the crown once only to lose connection while on the win screen, and for my win to not be recorded. That hurt. So I'll probably stay off until the weekend.

    The controls are a bit underwhelming though, I get that you're not supposed to be as agile as Mario and clumsiness is part of the challenge, but sometimes your character trips and falls for seemingly no reason and it can be frustrating. I'm also not sure what the purpose of the "dive" move is, as it takes forever to get back up, and it doesn't seem useful in any situation (except maybe to push giant balls in some games). The grab move is also very weak and unresponsive, in the egg gathering minigame I couldn't seem to hold on to an egg for more than a few seconds, even though I never let go of the button. Almost thought my R2 button was busted.

  • Dive is actually pretty useful as a "double jump", as you can jump, and then dive forward in the air. Timing it right can help you pass somebody at the goal line too, if it's a matter of "one last person can make it"

  • Still not having the best connection/matchmaking experience, but I got a couple more matches. The team challenges are the absolute worst, lol. It always felt like it's completely dependent on luck for most of them (expect maybe the egg basket one), the best I can do is just play the objective and pray everyone else on my team got it right. I also would love to see improvements in the control feedback. Jumping around and diving feels okay, but grabbing things just feels very slippery and sloppy. I wish crossplay is available so I can play it with my friends, this seems like the best chance I got to get them to play a non-F2P game with me.

    Also, the group stream the Allies just did earlier is so much fun to watch, Jones is killing it!

  • Got 3 wins last night. Looking forward to getting back into the game tonight when hopefully they won't close the servers for 2 hours.


    The Dive move is the fastest way to move and gives you the most airtime. So for example it's great for the obstacle course with the windmills, as well as the course with the walls that move up and down. You can just squeeze over a wall that would have blocked you otherwise.

    Recommend Jump Diving through the last set of doors in Door Dash. Can make the difference between being out and being in the Top 20%.

    Its best use is in Hex-a-gon. You can use it to get to hexagons that would otherwise be out of reach. You can really clutch a win that way, as long as you jump straight away after.

    Egg Scramble just sucks. It's so hard to get out of the nest.

    And as @TokyoSlim says, you can also use it as a Double Jump and a Stretch for the finish line. It's gotten me through a couple of times on Tip-toe.