Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, PC)

  • I only got in one session so far. I guess the servers are too overwhelmed right now, or maybe it's because I'm playing this super early in the morning... nah, it's probably the former. The menu music is a certified banger though. I got See Saw (absolute chaos), Block Party (it's quite nerve-wrecking with how this game controls), and the tail chasing one (got one dude who's held the tail for almost 2 minutes straight, too pro).

  • So I've played a few rounds and I absolutely love how the game plays, but I gotta say... I absolutely hate the colour palette. Everything, and I mean everything, is in such a harsh neon, and it honestly gives me a headache just looking at it.
    The soundtrack is also incredibly anxiety inducing, but that seems like a conscious decision.

  • I also gave it a shot yesterday, and overall it's very enjoyable! I seem to always make it to at least the third round so that feels good, unlike shooter battle royales where I can never get a single kill.

    However, the connection issues ruined the fun for me, as I was disconnected several times in the middle of the action, and I even won the crown once only to lose connection while on the win screen, and for my win to not be recorded. That hurt. So I'll probably stay off until the weekend.

    The controls are a bit underwhelming though, I get that you're not supposed to be as agile as Mario and clumsiness is part of the challenge, but sometimes your character trips and falls for seemingly no reason and it can be frustrating. I'm also not sure what the purpose of the "dive" move is, as it takes forever to get back up, and it doesn't seem useful in any situation (except maybe to push giant balls in some games). The grab move is also very weak and unresponsive, in the egg gathering minigame I couldn't seem to hold on to an egg for more than a few seconds, even though I never let go of the button. Almost thought my R2 button was busted.

  • Dive is actually pretty useful as a "double jump", as you can jump, and then dive forward in the air. Timing it right can help you pass somebody at the goal line too, if it's a matter of "one last person can make it"

  • Still not having the best connection/matchmaking experience, but I got a couple more matches. The team challenges are the absolute worst, lol. It always felt like it's completely dependent on luck for most of them (expect maybe the egg basket one), the best I can do is just play the objective and pray everyone else on my team got it right. I also would love to see improvements in the control feedback. Jumping around and diving feels okay, but grabbing things just feels very slippery and sloppy. I wish crossplay is available so I can play it with my friends, this seems like the best chance I got to get them to play a non-F2P game with me.

    Also, the group stream the Allies just did earlier is so much fun to watch, Jones is killing it!

  • Got 3 wins last night. Looking forward to getting back into the game tonight when hopefully they won't close the servers for 2 hours.


    The Dive move is the fastest way to move and gives you the most airtime. So for example it's great for the obstacle course with the windmills, as well as the course with the walls that move up and down. You can just squeeze over a wall that would have blocked you otherwise.

    Recommend Jump Diving through the last set of doors in Door Dash. Can make the difference between being out and being in the Top 20%.

    Its best use is in Hex-a-gon. You can use it to get to hexagons that would otherwise be out of reach. You can really clutch a win that way, as long as you jump straight away after.

    Egg Scramble just sucks. It's so hard to get out of the nest.

    And as @TokyoSlim says, you can also use it as a Double Jump and a Stretch for the finish line. It's gotten me through a couple of times on Tip-toe.

  • Got to try it out last night and I didn't have any issues finding games or being dropped from games and losing exp/coins so that was good. The game itself is fun but I do wonder how long I'll stick with it. Hopefully the game gets regular updates because I can see myself coming back any time new content is added.
    I also agree with the team games, I prefer to win or fail based on my performance and not that of others. Only played the tail and egg team games and while they aren't completely bad it always sucks to lose because of someone else or to have others fail because of you, just my two cents.

  • Got close to winning my first game but it wasn't to be, having a blast so far mostly pl;aying in small burst and small work breaks :P

  • The group stream was really good, I loved seeing Brandon excel at the game like that. :D

    Haven't been able to play as much as I would have liked yet. Currently I've unlocked the pigeon tail, so not far yet. I'm eager to spend my points on some cool pieces of attire, but so far I've kept them all. I'll know what I want when I finally see it out there.

    I agree about the team games, they can feel like a bummer sometimes when losing. But luckily it's all a very fast process and you're back in a new game quickly.

  • Got my Fifth Win Tonight and bought myself the Alyx Pants. Don't see myself getting 5 wins before tomorrow night and getting the top, will probably save them for the next things to come through the shop.

  • Just got my first win after a pretty clean Fall Mountain session! This is the beginning of my addiction, lol. Watching the Allies' group stream definitely helped me, I haven't played much (I think I got in like 11 episodes so far, only made to the finals in 3 of them) so I mostly learned about the later challenges from the group stream. Fall Mountain is a really good final game, btw.

  • Fall Mountain is the most nerve-wracking shit I've played. I was first to reach the crown and failed to catch it twice.

  • These team-based games are killing me. Like I've been eliminated now five times in a row at those. Three times in Egg Hunt, hate it. This game can be brutal.

  • I played a few hours on Tuesday before I went away for the week.

    It's really fun and I wouldn't complain about a free game, but Fall Guys doesn't have as much chaos as you'd expect from a mini-game collection. Despite the 60 player free-for-all, a lot of the mini-games have full blown meta's and "right:" paths and strategies. I essentially thrive in "Seesaw" and "The Whirlygig" by following the same strategy or path as closely as I can every time. Obviously there is some chaos within, but I think the mini-games could use some kind of randomization to mix up the pathways.

    After like 2 hours, I never made it the "Hex-A-Gon" at the end. The game "Tip Toe" kills me every single time and I haven't cracked that strategy. Also, the team games are painful cause your teammates can completely doom you. Not to mention that sometimes the game outright doesn't respond to input properly. That's pretty much the cardinal sin of a video game. They need to fix the responsiveness.

    Pretty awesome package for a free game. There are like 20+ mini-games and they're literally all fun. With some support, this game has the potential to be endlessly enjoyable. Also something to be said about a simple control scheme. Jump, Dive, Grab. Anyone can pickup and play and those are the types of games my girlfriend can enjoy the easiest. I really wish more games have simplified controlls.

  • I'm coming to the conclusion that I have a chronic case of always being the bridesmaid since I can very consistently get to the final, and usually come inches from winning but I've yet to win a single crown.

  • @hanabi Same.
    Last night I was literally in mid air in a dive for the crown before the win was stolen from me.

  • F I R S T
    V I C T O R Y

    Youtube Video

    Watch until the end. I spazzed out, overshot the jump and thought I actually lost.

    Fall Guys is a game of inches...

  • Finally got my first win, and of course through every single round I only qualified by the skin of my teeth and even in the final (Hex-a-gone) I literally won as I was falling to my death.

  • Played it for some time and I have two things to say:

    -Team games shouldn't be in a game like this, would be much better if they were replaced with other individual competitions.
    -20$ is too much for it, it doesn't deserve more than 10 bucks at max.

  • @scotty said:

    -Team games shouldn't be in a game like this, would be much better if they were replaced with other individual competitions.

    I see the ones where you're having to work together as just another skill you have to learn to excel at, however the ones that are just a team counter with very little coordination like Hoopsie Daisy I agree should almost be in an entirely different playlist. They're fun for when you queue with friends, since you'll be put on the same team, but rest of the time it sucks having to pray you're on one of the good teams with minimal influence to the whole overall.

    -20$ is too much for it, it doesn't deserve more than 10 bucks at max.

    Have to disagree there. At launch, it already has 25 different challenge games with some decent variety in the activities you're doing and some real standouts among them. On top of this, the game comes with completely free Battlepasses every Season with a bunch of new animations, colors / patterns, and costumes, including lots of crossover costumes, that you buy with currency you earn from wins / playing, not real money. That's quite a bit for $20 total, especially when Fortnite would probably charge you that for a single costume, and much like your modern Splatoon-like games as a service games Fall Guys is just getting started. It is already being updated, and they've already given everyone who's played so far a new costume for free.