Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout (PS4, PC)

  • Sneaky update! I kinda want to buy the Valve costumes now that they're on PS4. Also, no back to back team games sounds wonderful.

  • The game definitely hit the spot on PS4!

  • I saw people complaining about hackers since day one but never really dealt with it for the longest time. In the last two or three days though it feels like literally every game I play has at least one guy that's either going 2000 MPH or is capable of basically flying.

  • As someone that rarely plays MP and much less so competitvely I've never really understood hackers, but Fall Guys seriously???? Why the fuck does somebody think they need to cheat in this game, why would they be so desperate to win in such a obviously silly thing.

  • @bard91 Sometimes people just like the power trip of not playing by the same rules as everyone else. Makes them feel superior.

  • @mbun that's true and fucking sad

  • Yeah I think I've had my fill with this game for now. It's not even the game itself, I'm just beyond done dealing with half my games ending because some dude moonjumped straight to the finish line before I left the starting gate after spending the weeks before that became an epidemic having half my games end in a disconnection error. It's just one thing after another and I'm not in the mood to wait for them to get the kinks sorted out, at least not until season 2 comes around. I'll give it another go then I guess.

  • Are people hacking on PS4 or just PC? I haven’t seen any funny business on PS4.

    I made it to the final round I think 6 times last night and lost every time. I was in a 1 v 1 on Jump Showdown for over 5 minutes.

    I couldn’t see my opponent because the centre rotating part blocked the view of my opponent across from me. In the corner it says “Eliminated 5/6” and the competition went on for so damn long that I thought the one remaining person was ME and that I had to fall down to end the game. So I jumped off. Turns out the guy was still there jumping for over 5 mins as well and I gift wrapped him the victory.

  • @dipset I've never seen something that makes me think somebody in PS4 was cheating, at least not overtly so, I know I don't and I've like 5 wins in the last few days.

    Speaking of that I'm glad the seasons of the game seem to be more than just show, because while it is still fun and a challenge I've gotten close to mastering plenty of game modes, so a reset and having things changed up seems like just what the game neds.

  • YES! I finally won, victory! Goddamn my heartbeat was out of control and afterwards my hands were shaking. :D It was the newest finale, Jump Showdown. I knew it would be either in that or then in nothing and yes, I did it. Feels so good after such a long time, I'm already on lvl 25. I actually now consider this game "finished" for me, though I think I'll still try and play until that lvl 40.

  • Congrats!

    I thought I was done too then played for 3 hours on Saturday. This game is gonna be played by me for a long time.

  • I may or may not have decided to give this game another go today, because it's basically an addiction at this point. And I may or may not have won on my first game.

  • well congrats to the two that got their first win, I know it felt good!

    Maybe I've put much more time than others into the game here, but just seeing my recent results I definitively feel you end up reaching a point where you end up figuring things out and being close to win very often, case in point, my first win in the mountain took me forever, now I've won it like 5 times and I'm generally close when I lose on it, and for reference I'm close to level 40.

  • well they finally addressed the hacker problem... by adding easy anti cheat, which means I literally can't play this game anymore (was running it through proton on linux.)

    awesome. My most anticipated game of 2020 and I spend all my time actually playing either trying to deal with connection issues or hackers, give up waiting for season two to hopefully sort things out, and then find out that isn't happening since I can't even start a game anymore. Just a letdown from start to finish, and I say this after putting like 40 hours in.