Favorite New Game +

  • Hey Allies, I've been playing the New Game + in Ace Combat 7, which is a good time but seems to do the bare minimum as far as NG+s go, which got me thinking about all of the great ones I have played. So, my question for you is: which New Game + or +s are your favorite? Maybe they added things or changed encounters, or maybe they just speak to you personally. Whatever the reason, I'd like to hear about it.

    My personal favorite would have to be Arkham Knight. It accommodates your endgame-level prowess by forcing you to play on the hardest difficulty, making it so that you are unable to see the counter icon above enemies' heads. It also alters some early encounters to make them more difficult than they were originally, such as giving them gadgets that they aren't supposed to have yet. A couple of incredibly minor story things have changed as well, making the whole thing seem fresh.

    Alright, now it's time to hear your favorites!

  • Nier Gestalt.
    It adds more story upon each completion of the game.
    If I recall correctly.
    Play Thru 2 adds a novel (I think 300+ pages) about a character, and new cutscenes.
    Playthrough 3 added another novel, subtitles for various enemies, and more scenes.
    Playthrough 4 adds more scenes, and the true ending (assuming you did everything for it)

  • Personally, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

    Reason being is not only does it do the typical NGP of carrying over all your experience, equipment, and materia, but it kind of stacks on itself, making each NGP run easier than the last.

    For example, there is a materia in the game called Costly Punch. Basically, to use it, you must sacrifice a portion of your health to do a lot of damage. It's very hard to create as you have to do a lot of Materia Fusion to just create the ingredients for it.

    However, by the time you CAN get it, missions you can play will describe themselves as "Very Hard" and without this ability, they certainly are, but when you're high level, have a special accessory that allows you to exceed the HP limit to 9,999 and Costly Punch equipped, it does 99,999 damage, ignoring all defense stats and resistances. When you use Costly Punch, it'll take away like, 100 health. But when most enemies have far less that 99,999 HP, you can KO enemies, including bosses, in one to three hits (some extra bosses and extremely high level enemies in late game missions not withstanding). Plus, on top of ALL of this, the DMW roulette wheel will occasionally if fights are taking longer than a minute. But for main story path, by the time I was on my third NGP, I one-shotted EVERYTHING, and most encounters don't last longer than 30 seconds.

    It isn't an end-all, as there a couple of fights that will still annihilate you, but on the whole, Crisis Core's New Game Plus does an amazing job carrying over whatever you have from the previous playthrough, whatever your playstyle, and its how New Game Pluses SHOULD work. Plus it's an amazing game in its own right.

  • Definitely Neir for reasons already mentioned.

    Another one for me though would be Zero Escape. Being an Adventure/VN game, you might question it even having a traditional NGP, but these games play it into the narrative and have you using your newly gained knowledge of the story to your advantage in each new playthrough and in very creative and rewarding ways.

    Almost 18 odd years ago I had this idea for a game I really wanted to make. It was just after playing Deus Ex a number of times and being really impressed that I managed to use my knowledge of how the story played out to actually dispatch Agent Navarre much earlier in the game and then have the story take that into account. I'd also just played Shadow of Destiny, a game where you frequently travel back in time to prevent your own death and use your knowledge of how it happens to accomplish it. My idea was probably far too ambitious though in that I wanted a story that could play out COMPLETELY differently as you frequently circumvented just about any of the major plot points because both you (and possibly your character as well) already know how this story plays out from your first playthrough of the game. I still feel the ZE series comes closest to this vision though so far.

  • @sheria I almost feel that Zero Escape and Nier don't really count since it is basically necessary.

    I've only played Deus Ex once, but man that does sound like a cool thing to see and something I totally believe given what I saw of the game.