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  • Raise your hand if you too can't help but be ever optimistic about Nintendo!

    Quite frankly I'm a bit sad to see the Wii U go. I loved the system. My collection of DS systems are like my children. Despite their mishaps in recent years, I don't love Nintendo any less.

    How do you feel about Nintendo?

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    I'm tired.
    I'm tired of constantly defending Nintendo for their fuck ups. I'm tired of waiting for them to do something, ANYTHING with their treasure trove of intellectual properties. I'm tired of waiting for them to play catch up with features that were common place in 2006.
    I'm tired.

    Don't get me wrong, I still love Nintendo, but I just can't deal with it anymore. I am not excited for the NX because I still feel like the WiiU has so much to offer, but is already abandoned.

    I want Nintendo to do better, because I know they can.

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    While I won't defend all their bullshit, I can't help but love them. Loved the Wii U, but not actually sad to see it go, I actually wish the 3DS was gone sooner too (I think the tech is too old) so I'm kind of glad we are getting new consoles soon.

    Something that bothers me sometimes is that the negativity impacts some products that don't deserve the hate, Kirby Robobot is amazing and people dump it as shovelware because most of their recent releases are just "filler", people can trash Federation Force and Color Splash all they want though, won't fight for them :p

  • I think Nincenso should go 3rd party, I say that as a former Nintendrone and apologist who jumped on everyone saying that in the past.

  • I fell out of love with Nintendo when the Wii came out, and fell back in love with the Wii U. It made me realize that no matter what, I'm with Nintendo. No matter how wacky they get, I'm all in. Gotta play those exclusives.

  • I used to be "That" kid that even when I owned a Sega Genesis I still wanted my nintendo stuff more, and it just eventually changed. I noticed more and more of the RPGs I loved and games made by companies like Atlus were going over to PS1 which is what started my first real exodus from nintendo.

    But I always want the best from them, I'm always hopeful they'll finally make things click again like they used to, I mean with NES/SNES/GB everything was always magic. I hate that I view them the way I do now, but now that I'm buying games on my own I'm valuing my time and entertainment differently, so I'm a lot more critical than I've ever been.

    I hope nintendo can pull their feet out of the grave with the NX, I just really really need a good sales pitch that can actually deliver on the promises made.

  • I want them to develop new Wave Race, F-Zero, 1080°, and Star Fox games in-house. No matter how good the outside developer is, you can always tell the difference...

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    Hey look: It's the last great games Nintendo made.

    Now, that's not to say Nintendo hasn't kept making staples like Smash, Mario Kart, and Fire Emblem. Or brokered deals to get great action games like Bayonetta and Monster Hunter. And the new Zelda looks really good, so I'm hopeful, but still I ask you: When was the last time Nintendo did something that surprised you? The last time they pushed the boundaries of what a game has been and can be?

    Let me give you some 2007 spoilers from the above gifs. First, in Super Paper Mario, an antagonist murders your party in full anime fashion, sending you to a parody of the Greek Hades and Christian Heaven. Throughout that world you regroup with your previous party members as well as meeting new characters and seeing their arcs.

    Second, in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, upon defeating the third leviathan guardian (Leviathan. GUARDIAN.), Samus absorbs yet more phazon energy, progressing her infection and causing her to violently retch. Not only does this raise the steaks for the final showdown with Dark Samus by calling back to the other hunters, but it also makes clear the effects of phazon, practically evoking terminal illnesses.

    Finally, in Twilight Princess, Link falls to his knees after being fed a vision of the dark interlopers' history by the supposedly-benevolent light spirit, Lanaryu. I could get into why the preceding scene is so cool, but it's been said a million times by now and you should just go watch it if you're interested.

    Correct me if I'm wrong (unless it's some rando throwaway quest text from Xenoblade Chronicles X ), but no later Wii to Wii U-era Nintendo game is willing to go dark (or even interesting) in such a fashion. I didn't even hand-pick these moments: I just got them from a google image gif search of the respective games on youtube.

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    @Musou-Tensei Yeah but you are only angry at Nintendo because they took away your head patting and underage swimsuits.

  • I suddenly feel the urge to invite Yoshi to this forum.

  • Meh. I was never fond of Nintendo. And it doesn't seem that NX will change my mind. It's still great that they're doing something new for a change though.

  • Dude, if the NX is an on-the-go- and regular gaming console system then I can wait to play Pokémon on that!
    They should also do another Metroid game in the style of the Prime series. And Super Mario Galaxy 3.

  • @Fridge-man Preach.

  • Hey, let's trash on games, not each other, yeah?

    Anyway, as much as I hope Brandon is wrong about Nintendo (and think Breath of the Wild looks like probably the best open world game ever made), I really do agree with him in the 19th podcast when he said "Zelda is the only thing they're doing that is even a shadow of their former selves."

    That's just plain true as far as I can tell. Even Breath doesn't look like it can reach the heights of the more story-focused Zeldas before Skyward Sword, and they certainly haven't had much outside of that in the Wii U years.

  • I want to believe.

    I still have high hopes for the NX, and I'm convinced they have more than just Breath of the Wild cooking as far as big IPs go. For one, they'd be crazy not to, they saw what happened with the Wii U and learned their lesson, they can't have such a sparse launch window (launch year even). So there will be more than just BotW in terms of heavy-hitters at launch, trust me.

    Apart from common sense, the other thing that has me convinced of this is the fact that for the 2 years leading up to the launch of the NX, Nintendo have pretty much only released little spin-offs (Triforce Heroes, Animal Crossing amiibo bullshit, Metroid Federation Force, etc.), or games that had already been announced and they had to finish (Star Fox, Xenoblade...).

    So what have all their A-teams been up to? Retro Studios (Metroid, DKC), Nintendo EAD Tokyo (Super Mario Galaxy, 3D World), etc? Obviously they're all currently working on NX games, they might not all be launch titles, but for sure a drought should be avoided.

    I actually expect a big blowout for the NX reveal, and I expect it to have a very appealing launch titles list.

    Now, if I'm wrong and they launch with Breath of the Wild, NX Fit, and Next Super Mario Bros, with nothing else on the horizon, I'll... I don't want to even think about it...

  • @Axel I think we can probably count on Pikmin 4, and at the very least Smash Bros for NX has already been announced. I think Splatoon or it's sequel/update will likely make it over as well. I wouldn't be surprised to see a new 3D Mario (still carrying my Galaxy 3 Torch but anything will do), a Mario Kart/Party, or the return of Metroid.

  • The Wii U was a good machine but it was completely mishandled by Nintendo in terms of messaging and marketing. Sales flatlined as a result and it was clear Nintendo gave up on the console around 2 years ago with one or two exceptions.

    But from a bad situation could come some real good and a stronger future for the company. The problems with the Wii U caused Nintendo to push ahead with a top down change to how they do things, one of the results of this change is the NX.

    I worry that the NX could face similar problems to the Wii U but I have faith that strong hardware design and a good line up of initial games could allow the console to start off strong and grow from there. But as ever the story around Nintendo as reported online is of a company that is out of touch with its audience and has been doomed for what, the past six years?

  • I was never in the nostalgia era of Nintendo that men in their 30s-40s feel taken advantage of when Nintendo releases more and more versions of old NES titles that prey on their memories as a youth, while withholding anything new that may touch upon their fond sentiments towards the company in the past.

    Nope, I'm a 1994 baby. I grew up on the N64 and later I played the GameCube. I do feel like in less than 10 years my generation will be the next victim of Nintendo nostalgia baiting, but until then I'll survive. Since I've never had the original Nintendo experience from the NES-SNES days, I don't hold much against the company like others do. Sure their entire drive seemed to go somewhere completely different when they made the Wii and that turned me off quite a bit, but I'm not against the NX and I'm not opposed to jumping on board once its out.

    My only concern is that they seem to have a lot of eggs in the Zelda basket. I hope they don't announce this console and it has ONE GAME. Either way, Zelda looks like MGS V meets Zelda so I'm into it. I'm excited for what they do in the future and I hope their company philosophy has drifted away from getting grandmas to play games and going back to having the average game and kids play the system too.

    Honestly, Nintendo 64 was the console for kids growing up. So was the PS1, but everybody my age played more GameBoy Color and N64 than they did PS1. My little brother has literally never owned anything Nintendo except the DS which he didn't play much of, and none of his friends could give a rats ass about Nintendo or their games. It's like the kids think Nintendo isn't even cool anymore. Idk what they can do to recapture that, but if they can't then they better try to at least capture the hardcore gamers and get them back on board.

  • Current NX Rumors give me a little hope, as Nintendo isn't just going to try and do a normal console. They wouldn't be able to compete.

  • @Musou-Tensei said in Nintendrones Unite:

    I think Nincenso should go 3rd party, I say that as a former Nintendrone and apologist who jumped on everyone saying that in the past.

    Want to elaborate? I remember you being a big Wii U supporter when they had more games than PS4 and XBO combined, but now you're looking for that 3rd party support eh?

    I don't disagree, I'm just curious because I haven't been too into anything Nintendo for a hot minute now.