This streamer, who knows more about japanese history than the developers of Ghost of Tsushima, is worth a watch.


    Lets just say the game is definitely written by people who dont know much about the topic/period/people/samurai they are writing about.

  • I don't have much interest in the game so I won't watch, but is this being done in a fun, educational manner or is it some hardcore critique meant to shame?

  • Great. The chat is filled with a bunch of nose in the air armchair directors and the streamer is egging them on to a degree. It's one thing to share knowledge but it's another to be smug the whole time.

    In context of a kill during a cutscene, I actually read somebody in chat post "Why did he do a chest slash? In real life a samurai would do a beheading"... god forbid!

    Yeah I don't think I need this much of a history lesson to enjoy an open world game.

    EDIT: Just to be FAIR, the steamer seems, based on only a handful of minutes watching, to be critical of the colonial / imperialistic depiction of samurai which allegedly isn't accurate to history. Fair enough, I don't know enough about Japanese Imperialism to dispute that. I just know imperialism has meddled with plenty of history throughout the world.

    I still don't think that's a reason to be smug about a game based on samurai film / text.

  • I don't care?

  • I would call myself an aficionado historian, it has always been a passion of mine and I considered getting my major in history.

    I find it pretty dumb to critize a game for historical context when it is obviously a historic fantasy setting, don't get me wrong it makes it less appealing to me, but there's no reason it has to be anything else.

  • If someone has a link for a biologist streamer addressing if foxes are nature's waypoints and a meteorologist streamer clarifying if it's true or not that you can change weather by playing flute please link. Still have time to cancel my pre-order.

  • So Japanese people can't control the wind?More lying devs. At least we have Mario to accurately represent Italians.

  • Somebody asked if I was going to do something similar and i declined. I haven't watched the stream in question, because I don't want to spoil any of the game for myself, and my copy isn't arriving until Tuesday.

    I have, however - been pretty honest about how I feel about the mishmash of various historical time periods/exaggerations/inaccuracies on display in just the marketing material for this game. Sucker Punch decided that making a pastiche of various samurai movies was warranted in service of the story and tone they wanted - even though it's at historical odds with the time period in which they chose to set their story.

    Ultimately though, none of that's going to matter if the game is cool and fun to play. I'm looking forward to it!

  • Just a reminder that there is a Ghost of Tsushima topic. I think it's best to keep the discussion in there.

    I'll just lock this topic but if people would prefer discuss the inaccuracies in it's own topic, let me know.