Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch)

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  • This is exciting! I've never played a Shin Megami Tensei game before, but looked at picking up IV a couple times. I'm just not huge on playing games on a handheld personally.

    What sorts of differences and distinctions should I expect if I've seasoned myself with Persona 4 and 5?

  • Copied my post from That's News but I echo @HappyGaming - I don't know what to expect:

    I don't know enough about SMT because I've only ever played P4:G and P5 (and dabbled with P2 in an emulator), but does SMT get the same TLC and budget as Persona normally does? Same staff as well (I assume)?

    I only ask because A) we could have another GOTY contender in SMT V if it's up to P5 standard, and B) The animation / art direction of SMT V looks ever so slightly generic anime compared to P5. Obviously it isn't out yet though.

    Either way, I'll probably get both games on Switch. JRPGs and Switch are made for one another.

  • @happygaming first of all the tone, SMT generally has a more dreary feeling to it, and it deals with bleaker settings.

    spoiler for like the first 10-20 minutes of Nocturne

    The game quite literally begins after the whole world is 'destroyed' and there literally are a handful of people left alive, including you who are not quite human anymore

    There's also no social elements and it tends to be much lighter in terms of plot, but that doesn't mean it doesn't do interesting stuff, it is just much less character focus than Persona.

    SMT is also beloved for its challenge, Nocturne can be pretty brutal from the beggining, and generally the gameplay systems of SMT require more strategizing than Persona.

    I personally love Persona way more and it's not even close, I've also never beaten a SMT game and thought it was at the level of P3, 4 or 5, but they have all been good and always have their own interesting things to bring to the table, and to be fair Persona is my shit.

    On relation to the budget, I don't expect this to have the same production values that Persona had, but Atlus has always done a good job even in a budget with their design, and this being a Switch game I doubt it would end up feeling cheap or budget.

  • @dipset The development teams for Persona and SMT have been completely separate for a while.

    Team Maniax is the one that handles SMT, and Persona Studio handles Persona.

    Also worth noting that the director of P3, 4 and 5 left Persona Studio, and is now leading their new studio Team Zero which is developing Project ReFantasy.

    Also yeah, in terms of the style SMT never adopted the Soejima artstyle and sticks closer to the original style of Kaneko for the demon and character design.

  • @dipset Yeah the animation definitely looks way lower budget than Persona and while I personally prefer what I've played of core SMT to Persona, it only makes sense considering the much wider appeal of Persona.

  • @happygaming I hate handheld gaming and only do it if a game I am dying to play isn't available anywhere else. I bought SMT IV and a 3DS together when SMT released. It was my first SMT game and I have zero regrets about my purchase.

  • I've only had the pleasure of playing SMT IV and had an absolute blast.
    Can't wait for this one :)

  • @bard91

    I fell in love with Soejima's characters and style when I got the art book that came with Catherine. A bit off topic, but I have a feeling half the time they spend on Persona games is making his characters animate-able. I feel like as concepts, they aren't very animation friendly.

    I'm not familiar with Kaneko but Shoejima must've replicated a ton of his work for the Persona series considering there are many legacy enemies like the Matador.

  • @dipset Most (if not all) of the demon designs are Kaneko's and they have only been revised, I'm actually not sure if Soejima has done any demon designs, or how many are not Kaneko's but you can see some demon design that go back farther back than the PS1 days, it is the one thing where Persona maintains it's clear SMT legacy.

    Don't know if Soejima style might really be difficult to adapt, but yeah I absolutely love it, the Persona character style he introcuded in 3 has been vital in the success of the series, I have both of his art collections and several art books of games he's worked on and I just love the style.

  • @bard91

    Wow I had NO IDEA that the demon's are all derivived from earlier games then revised over and over again. They felt fresh to me between P4 and P5 to the extent that I only noticed a few repeats like Jack Frost and Matador.

    I found this list someone made online and I love these characters so much:

    I'm actually super excited to try SMT3 and 5 next year. I hear such great things but I really don't have the motivation to dust off the PSP or buy and old PS2 game that may or may not be too dated for me. I love how remasters bring things to life for new fans to pick up.

  • Im so excited, played a ton of SMT IV and the tone of this is exactly what im looking for.

  • @happygaming said in Shin Megami Tensei V (Switch):

    What sorts of differences and distinctions should I expect if I've seasoned myself with Persona 4 and 5?

    one big difference is between Persona and SMT is the Demons are not MC's powers, in SMT they are party members and you have no human party like you do in Persona.

    Another core difference is in its combat, Persona technically doesn't have Press turn, what it has once more system.
    When people talking about Press turn they are talking about this....
    alt text that you see at top of your screen.

    The big difference Once more in Persona compare to actual press turn is when you typically attack the weakness in Persona the same character get extra turn but in Press turn you get extra turn but same Demon who attacked doesn't get extra turn.

    Also SMT there is penalty if you miss or enemy blocks you attack by losing your Press turn icon.

    For now this simple explanation of difference between Persona and SMT when it coms to its combat system.

  • Also add the lack of all visual novel elements

    Replaced with more emphasis on exploration

  • Ben sold it for me, I don't think I will play this anytime soon but it's definitely going on my to-play list