Xbox big first party reveal is upon us! What are your expectations?

  • So, the big event is just around the corner. It will be the culmination of years of talks and promises, a transition from a very difficult generation for Xbox.

    Me personally I'm more excited with this event than I would usually be. First because I'm hoping this will be the return of a fully committed Xbox, second because I feel there's space to be surprised by their catalog.

    I'm genuinely curious to see what will be the new Halo. I think it's a battle close to impossible to win for Microsoft because it can't be just OK or even good, in a time when there's not a lot of goodwill or positivety towards the franchise, or anything in gaming (life?) at all.

    Forza I'm expecting a new one, more focused on the online component. Hopefully still with a strong single player.

    Gears should stay dormant for a few years.

    But what gets me excited are the new studios. Will we see a new Fable? Will it be a huge open world RPG to fill the void left by Bethesda? Will it have the original's British humour charm? I hope so, not all needs to be emotional exploitation. Give me a light hearted game with a gorgeous world to explore.

    Hellblade I expect it to be the heavy grown up emotional game in the catalogue. It will be interesting seeing what the developer will achieve with less budget constraints.

    Everwild looks gorgeous, I'm hoping for a co-op adventure, maybe what See of Thieves could have been if it hadn't succumbed to the PvP easy way out. I'm probably wrong.

    Inxile and Obsidian are two of the top RPG creators in the business, hope to at least get a teaser of what's coming next. And Double Fine is impossible not to love, just let them do whatever they want.

    Then we have the Initiative, kind of a super studio that we know absolutely nothing about and will possibly keep knowing nothing.

    We'll probably have some underwhelming games trying to hit online gold, that will probably fail miserably.

    I also expect to see more great 3rd party indies that will launch in Gamepass.

    In the fail side of things I expect MS marketing to make some silly mistake that will then dominate the conversation, no matter how good the games shown.

  • I really, really want Halo Infinite to blow me away. I think the world needs more cool Sci-Fi shooters that doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth.

    I also hope we get some sort of sense that Xbox Exclusives as a whole are finally ramping up. I want to see cool shit from their long dormant IPs like Fable, or a completely new IP that's not gonna get cancelled before release. I'm especially excited to see something from Playground Games, Obsidian, and The Initiative, I wonder what these guys are working on. Maybe it's too early for some of them though.

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    I'm not really expecting anything other than disappointment, because nothing that Microsoft has done over the past few years has led me to believe that I will receive much more than that from them.

    After two abysmally bad Halos, I'm not going to suddenly believe that 343, a company that has explicitly shown they have no idea what made Halo one of the biggest franchises in gaming, will suddenly push out a banger that rejuvenates the series.

    I'm excited for Hellblade 2 but hope that they aren't going to completely tonally shift the series from an incredibly personal tale of tragedy and sickness into some big epic blockbuster just because they need something to compete with God of War.

    I keep hearing people say that it is too early for The Initiative to show what they've been working on but I'm sorry that can't be an excuse at this point. We've been hearing that they are going to make some massive, industry changing quadruple A megaton but have seen nothing for years. If they don't have something ready to show now then I don't know what the fuck they've been doing.

    I would love to be proven wrong and be absolutely blown away, but I'm not expecting to be.

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  • I don't follow Sony or Xbox closely enough to have expectations. But what I'd love to see is for them to revive MechAssault.

  • I think Microsoft will show off their announced 1st party games plus Fable and Forza. Maybe keep the big surprises for next month.
    We could see monolith productions new game since they partnered with Microsoft for their last game.
    Since Bethesda isn't doing E3, they could show Starfield and maybe Wolfenstein 3.
    Assassin's Creed probably
    DBZ game
    Just Cause 5

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    @oscillator AFAIK Microsoft no longer owns any part of the Battletech license.

  • My expectations are pretty middle of the road if not outright low. I'm not saying Microsoft won't have some amazing stuff to show for next gen in general, but this is a games showcase and history has shown that unless they lean into third party games, the first party stuff never has me gasping for air.

    I have played like 7 hours of Halo 3 since it released on the MCC last week and I have to say that I long for multiplayer games with no gimmicks. The entire point of Halo 3 is the definitive iteration on the formula built from the first two. They perfected the multiplayer gameplay and people stuck around with it for so many years because it's just fun. No XP chase, no weapon unlocks, no carrots at the end of the stick. Just pure fun gameplay.

    I HOPE but don't expect 343 to deliver on that with Halo Infinite. Halo 4 and 5, as I've written about here before, were trend chasing nonsense. Halo 5 had half decent multiplayer based on the little I played but the single player was COD-inspired and Halo 4 was just an atrocity.

    Why would Infinite be a rebirth? The only thing that will lead me to believe that is because 343 did such a poor job all decade so they feel a need to return to their roots.

  • I'm not expecting to be wowed, but I at least hope they'll have something to show for that is outside of the 360 era franchises since I couldn't care less about any of them.

    Do one thing I do hope for is a release date for Psychonauts 2, it's been a long time since we heard anything, other than that Obsidian's could be interesting and idk about inXile they've looked a bit too hardcore CRPG for my taste.

  • @el-shmiablo yeah I'm concerned of what treatment they will give Hellblade, but I'm hoping they are allowing NT to carry out whatever their vision for the game was rather than force it to be something huge.

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    I really really want Halo Infinite to be great and enrich the already amazing Halo universe!

    And Fable, I really want to see something Fable related.

  • They must surely have something to say about Fable. They renewed the trademark at the beginning of the month.

  • I'm not expecting anything from them, last presentation thought me this finally. They are the least exciting company from the big three. And knowing they won't have any exclusives for the next gen makes them even more ordinary.

    I'm just curious about what The Initiative is making and hoping for a third-person action-adventure.

  • I haven't been posting them here because I know there isn't much legitimate interest, but for anyone who wants to have an idea of what each Xbox studio is up to, here's a series of breakdowns I've been doing on ResetEra. All 15 studios are now accounted for in the link.

    I'll do a quick breakdown of what I expect to be in the main Showcase though from Xbox's first party, as there's a lot to read if you choose to click on that link. Some of these studios may have multiple things shown, but I'm listing out clear expectations and not vague possiblities. Again, this is for the main Showcase and doesn't include what will be show during the pre-show.

    These studios should be there:
    343 Industries - Halo Infinite
    Ninja Theory - Senua's Saga: Hellblade II
    Playground Games - UNANNOUNCED NEW PROJECT (RPG)
    Rare - Everwild
    Double Fine - Psychonauts 2
    Turn 10 - Forza 8

    These studios might be there:
    Undead Labs - State of Decay 3
    World's Edge - Age of Empires IV

    These studios are highly unlikely to be there:
    Mojang Studios
    Compulsion Games
    inXile Entertainment
    The Coalition

    Personally I hope to see a return of Crimson Skies or Banjo-Kazooie, neither of which are heavily rumored; I'm also very excited to see Playground Games' and Obsidian's new projects.

  • @miserableperson man I forgot Age of Empires 4 was a thing, I think the days of RTS are past, but honestly if it turns out good and it is not too demanding I could easily see a group of friends who would be really up for playing it, but as far as I'm aware there's been zero of that shown, so I'll guess it will be a while before it's out.

  • @bard91 Yea its easy to forget, the only trailer we've seen was at X019 last November. Its been almost three years since it was announced, so we're nearing the time to get some more info. Personally I'd be really excited to see it at this show as opposed to something like Gamescom; that would indicate Xbox will allow M&K only games to release on the Series S/X and I wouldn't be forced to play it on my laptop.

  • @miserableperson yeah I would be ok being a very casual player so I would be all for it.

    And now that you mention that I wonder how likely it would be for MS to realese it not only for Xbox but PS5 as well, since they've said they wouldn't be opposed to stuff like that and since it would be a game that would benefit from a larger audience, but maybe not enough to be a great system seller.

  • @bard91 I agree the larger the player base the better but assuming a console release would be restricted to just M&K, crossplay between Xbox and PC should be enough. I wouldn't say its outright impossible, but there's no connection between AoE and PlayStation which makes it incredibly unlikely to me. I just have a hard time believing Xbox has any interest in releasing games on PlayStation outside of Minecraft titles. Never say never though, I suppose.

  • @el-shmiablo said in Xbox big first party reveal is upon us! What are your expectations?:

    @oscillator AFAIK Microsoft no longer owns any part of the Battletech license.

    On a quick search, there's no indication they don't still have the video game rights.

    Also, in terms of third-parties, I wonder if Starfield might finally get shown here? We need a real megaton this summer...

  • @oscillator While I believe Microsoft does own the rights to series like BattleTech, Crimson Skies, and Shadowrun, there's clearly something preventing them from making those games internally again. The IPs were all originally created by FASA Corporation and seem to have changed hands and been licensed to other companies a number of times. Microsoft could probably say outright what the situation is but never has. Its unfortunate as those would be great series to revive if possible, and if not, people can stop wondering. Need those hard hitting video game journalists to DM Phil for the answers.