Xbox big first party reveal is upon us! What are your expectations?

  • I really don't have a worry about the graphical quality of Halo. 343 has always done a solid job in terms of graphics alone. I expect it'll look good come Holiday 2020. I just have art direction concerns. The more I re-watch the more disappointed I am with the little aesthetic decisions.

    Like @Phbz says, there will always be backlash. Can't keep everyone happy. For me, it's these little things like how skinny the Assault Rifle is (looks like Reach, not Halo 1-3) or how Master Chief holds the pistol like a movie cop. I know he's a space marine, but everything just feels too militaristic for me. Even the reload animation on one of the guns looked straight from COD MW2. It was almost identical to a reload animation I saw a decade ago.

  • Over all I think they showed some pretty cool stuff. For me personally Microsoft always had an almost impossible task of getting me to buy their systems. I'm a Sony fan, I really enjoy their first party stuff a lot, and I was sold on the Switch with BotW so to sell me on getting an xbox was always going to be near impossible. With that being said I think they showed off some cool stuff and I think Xbox fans will enjoy the next gen.

  • I am glad I'm not alone in thinking Halo looks pretty lacklustre. It honestly doesn't even look as good as a lot of current gen contemporaries.

    As for the gameplay, it looks... alright, but nothing really blew me away. The bigbad's speech at the end was also super corny.

    Everwild and Stalker 2 were my personal showstoppers. The Gunk also looks super interesting.

  • @phbz said in Xbox big first party reveal is upon us! What are your expectations?:

    It wasn't even running on the Series X and was an old build.

    They said they showed on PC to give an idea about how it will look on XSX.

  • @scotty I know, isn't it wonderful that there's people in the marketing team making very good money while giving the OK for stuff like this? Some since the Xbox One launch, and no one steps up to clean house.

  • Yea neither this or the PlayStation show really did all that much for me in terms of getting excited for next gen. I didn't get in early to the current generation, but I would've been hard pressed to be excited given those launch games at the time, and in actuality this gen has turned out just fine. As for the show, Halo Infinite didn't blow me away but I do think you can cut them some slack given the circumstances - I still thought it looked neat. I remember the Gears of War 4 beta looking super rough compared to the full release 6 months later, a lot can change in the closing months. I don't know, just not feeling the excitement.

  • @miserableperson I really don't like this "games games games" approach for a main event. Same with Sony, by the end I was just "ok my game console is going to have games" which is fine but not ideal. But maybe this is the result of Covid, with teams working from home, building a vertical slice of a game for a E3ish showing is extremely complicated.

  • I think that it is difficult to really comprehend the benefits of the next generation without really experiencing them for yourself.
    Like unless the demo is specifically created to display the benefits like in the case of Ratchet & Clank, a lot of people aren't going to see much outside of slight graphical upgrades.
    Instantaneous loading of assets is going to be huge for gaming.

  • @phbz said:

    I really don't like this "games games games" approach for a main event. Same with Sony, by the end I was just "ok my game console is going to have games" which is fine but not ideal.

    Sorry, were you expecting Sports and TV?
    Youtube Video

  • @mbun No, I want fewer games but showing gameplay for more than a few seconds at best. Then you can have all the commercials you want.

  • I guess we don't have a Halo Infinite thread so I'm just gonna post here.

    Halo Infinite Gameplay Trailer Analysis: Are The Graphics Really 'Flat'...?
    Youtube Video

    New Digital Foundry video from the other day. I feel like I'm less concerned about the lighting in Halo Infinite and more with the landscape looking like Minecraft.


    I also want to add that around 13 minutes, they explain Ray Tracing in practice in a way that I finally understand as something more than next gen 'bells and whistles'.

    Seems like where a game like TLOU2 has workarounds for common lighting problems, a game like Halo Infinite will probably look better and benefit more from next gen lighting.

  • @mbun They were selling services and not a next generation console. It's the same messaging as the xbox one. This wasn't a Xbox Series X Showcase but a Game Pass Showcase which we get every Inside Xbox. This was a high budget inside xbox and not a next gen reveal.

  • @iboshow I personally am a bit sad to see Halo turned into a live service, or "platform" as Microsoft is calling it, just so they can milk GamePass.
    I knew they were going for the Destiny model, but the whole "next ten years of Halo" thing just hit a liiittle too close.

    I was upset when 343 shit on the Halo series with two back to back abysmal games, but now I think it is time to move on and realize the series is dead, or at least completely unrecognizable from what it used to be.

  • I feel as though it’s only a service model because MS is dead set on releasing this at launch. I have a feeling this isn’t even close to being ready and they’re probably gonna work like madmen for 3 months before launching it close enough to finished.

    It’s all speculation but it’s weird how little we know and how this far into development, the FX and graphics look questionable. I think it’s gonna be a year of essential patches then maybe a year or two of support. Halo 4 & 5 had issues of the community abandoning ship very quickly so they’ll have to retain players ASAP.

    I’m starting to get skeptical.

  • @dipset seeing that video made me think that I really don't care about graphic advancements anymore, I don't particularly like how the game looks but this is the sort of thing that just makes me wonder how much effort they have to put into this stuff for such marginal returns in my experience.

    At least personally I would say that we are at a point where if graphics didn't improve I would be ok with it, there're more important aspects to focus on in terms of design and presentation that for me would be a better use of resources.

  • @bard91

    Fair but I think there are some missing pieces of game development that we might not understand about the pipeline. Like, I somehow doubt that having your asset builds or FX department focusing on design elements will take away time or resources from other departments. At least not on a game of this budget.

    Like, it's impossible to say without seeing the pipeline and budget, but I think spending the time to get the assets looking good is important and won't take away from the other departments. As Digital Foundry explained, it's more about their technique. Other Halo games used a different technique whereas Infinite is doing something else.

    To each their own though. Every studio has different people who have different techniques to get the best presentation possible. They showed examples of how Naughty Dog did their lighting and how 4A Games' Metro Exodus does their lighting the same way as Halo Infinite. I personally think it's worth the investment to have these things looking great.

  • @dipset the Metro example they did was actually what convinced me, I'm playing the game right now on PS4 and the visual themselves are something where they showed a clear example of how those improvements can work, but they are just not relevant to me, the game looks good as is, and I wouldn't mind it looking worse.

    And on that note the game has presentation issues that have little to do with the quality of graphics, so I would be happy to trade off all those bells and whistles and have a better presented game with lower graphic qualities.

    And you are right that there're different teams working on different aspects, my point is that there's too much of a focus on having things look better than they need to and I would rather see a reinvestment into other areas.

  • @bard91

    Yeah like the art direction and having a coherent aesthetic is so much more important than beautiful baked-in gun textures or dynamic lighting vs "fake" baked-in lighting. That aspect of the game is of the utmost important for me. Basically, the bells and whistles should come after that strong aesthetic vision. Then on top of that, making sure everything runs smoothly.

    I also think resolution is overrated in 2020. Sure, back when I wished games like GTA IV on PS3 weren't sub-HD resolution, but now that we're past that, I can almost assure you I won't notice 1440p vs 2160p whereas I will notice graphical errors, low quality audio, or bad art design.

    For example, I'm finally playing Horizon Zero Dawn. That game runs in a checkerboard 2160p resolution and I couldn't care less because I struggle with the visual design of the game. I can't see or tell where anything is because all the colours blend in together. What sense is there in having all of these fancy FX when Aloy is talking about an object out loud and I have to sit so close to my TV and squint to even find what she's referring to?

  • Apparently Phil hinted at another event coming in August. I wonder if we'll have the Series S announcement and prices too. It's about time both Sony and MS stop playing chicken.