Seasonal Gaming and Traditions

  • It's summertime as I write this, and it got me thinking about annual or seasonal gaming traditions that everyone has. Are there games that you save to play every year when the sun comes out, or something you pull out for specific holidays? Do you have any traditions that you like to save for rainy days?

    My brothers and I used to get together every Christmas to play Super Mario Bros 3. Over the years, the tradition evolved, and we tried out different 8 and 16-bit games, but nothing quite got that seasonal itch together quite like Mario 3 did every year. When I had a job for a period of time working holidays, it became a personal tradition for me to indulge in some Pizza Hut (guilty pleasure), and play an indie game I'd been looking forward to over the time when I have the house to myself, which I still do today even when I don't. What sorts of things does everyone else do?