Public Service Announcement: I'm Sorry Persona 4

  • I always viewed Persona 4 as "okay". I played it when it released all the way to completion and I had a good time, but I can't say I had a memorable one. Persona 3 blew me out of the water when it came out because of how shockingly different yet familiar to the series it was and two years later, 4 released and it just felt like more of the same. Improved, yes, but it didn't push the series forward the way I wanted it to back then. I had seen a resurgence for the game and a huge love grow for it when the Vita port Persona 4: Golden was released, but I didn't own a Vita nor did I think they would change much about the game. It's now 2016...

    I was wrong.

    I'd like to think it's a combination of nearly 8 years passing, the quality/improvements of the port, and my own growth as a person. There's definitely quite a bit of additions made in Golden that alleviate problems the original had, as well as more to make it stand out from 3. There's times when I'll just stop and soak up a scene - the color palette, the expressions on the character's faces, the music playing in the background - this is something I didn't do the first time I played, I just wanted to get to the end and keep comparing it to its predecessor. Even playing on Very Hard (which has been absolutely punishing at points), I'm having the time of my life. It almost feels like I'm playing an entirely different game, especially with how much my outlook has changed on it.

    Persona 4, I'm sorry. Please forgive me. I'm expressing this in a public forum so everyone can join in and tell me how wrong I've been for all these years. It's the only way I can find absolution. Do your worst.

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    First playthrough was truly a golden time. Music, characters, story, dialogue and of course. Dating.

  • Rise all the way.

  • On a spoiler-free side note, it's real interesting playing through the game again when you know who is behind everything. Appreciating that character on a whole new level.

  • I hope I can get into P5. I liked P3, and put in about 18 hours. But I struggle playing on the PS2 ever since the PS3 came out. Don't have a Vita, and not sure if I can play a handheld game for 60+ hours. Particularly if the text is small.

  • @-Jak- Yeah, I know what you mean. I bought a Vita almost exclusively to play P2: Innocent Sin but there was a definite strain on my eyes - that is until I invested in a Playstation TV. It's a life-changer. Just a shame Sony has you purchase another product for that functionality, a lot of phones nowadays just need a cable to plug into an HDMI port, not an entirely separate device. Well worth the purchase, if you have the extra cash.

  • It's so good to hear this.

    My first playthrough was so long ago that there's much I can't remember, what I can remember is that I loved every second of it, even more than what I loved P3 which at the time was my favorite game, and that P4 was and still is the only game that has made me cry out of both sadness and joy.

    My later playthroughs I've enjoyed the game probably as much, and I'm still unable to finish the game without immediately wanting to start it over again, there's just so much that I enjoy out of it that it makes it hard for me to keep away.

    One of the things that I love most about it, is that I truly think it has changed the way I see myself and other people, so I definitively think that it has had a huge impact on me, which I don't think any other game that I've played has done something for me to that level.

    It's great to see that you gave another shot, and that it was able to change your opinion, hopefully you'll join us for another ride in 198 days (The longest 198 days that there have ever been for me).

  • @SabotageTheTruth Yea I thought of buying the PS Vita TV for some time. But between my ever tight budget being unemployed. And the compatibility issues, I haven't been in a rush to get it.

    I may not even get around to playing the Vita TV much either. Prior to a concussion I suffered recently, I was much more active in the gym and a little more outgoing. That should resume once I finish my recovery.

  • @bard91 Yeah, I'm having a grand old time. Very Hard was absolutely destroying me for awhile but with a bit of strategy change and some grinding, I'm above water now. It definitely makes the boss fights much more memorable and dire.

    @Jak, Ouch, yeah, I could see that putting a damper on things. Hopefully once things pan out a little better for you, you can finish up 3 and give Golden a shot. It's well worth the price of admission.

  • Man, I started out reading this being really worried for you. Glad to see you came round in the end :)

  • Welcome to the P4 side.

  • I hope this isn't too much of a necro-post. I couldn't find any rules on necro-posting.

    Persona 4 Golden was my first game in the franchise, and after I learned about everything that Persona 4 PS2 didn't have, I was upset at the existence of the original. I know that sounds dumb, and it is, but the thought of someone out there experiencing significantly less of a large, engaging, captivating game for the first time just gets under my skin.

    It's not just because it was extra content. All that stuff felt natural, like it belonged. Maybe my perspective is skewed by the fact that P4G was my first, but everything in that game flowed naturally. Nothing felt out of place. The music, the events, the extra scenes, it was all Persona 4 to me. Everything fits so perfectly that I cannot imagine the game without it. I don't know the facts, but Golden is probably the developer's true vision for Persona 4 that they were incapable of creating for the Playstation 2, and it shows.

    If anyone hasn't played Persona 4 Golden and wants to, the Playstation TV + a physical copy of P4G is worth $60 total on Amazon. If you have a PS3/PS4 controller already, you're all set. No Vita memory stick required since the PSTV has plenty of internal storage for save data.

    By the way, Chie is the best! :smile:

  • @Giga-Man If I'm not mistaken disk space limitations were an actual thing with the original version of P4.

    As someone that's played the different versions of the games in the series since P3 at release, and that has loved every single one of them, I would say that the games have always been very enjoyable but with clear areas of improvement, which Atlus recognizes and improves on the different iterations. Going from P3 to FES shows a lot of improvement and then the move to 4 shows even more of those improvements, ultimately culminating in the marvel that is Golden.

    The games had so much that I enjoyed and that had me invested in the story and characters, that even though I could tell it had some rough edges I was able to look past those and take in all the game had to offer. So I guess that I can understand what you mean, but my point is that the game were already so engaging that missing those things was not really an issue, at least in my experience.

    At when I actually played Golden, with P4 being my favorite game at the time (now Golden is), in a way I didn't feel like it was just a improvement, but to me is was more like a celebration, and all those extra things that it had was Atlus acknowledging that they had created something amazing and that we wanted much more of this characters, and specially with that intro, that to me was the developers saying "We know this game is amazing and you loved it, now have more of it".

  • I've been praying for a Persona 3 Golden that provides all the amazing changes from Persona 3 Portable without getting rid of the exploration outside of Tartarus, the anime cutscenes, and the bonus story "The Answer". I doubt this will ever happen now.

    I just hate that no matter which version of Persona 3 you buy, it is compromised in one way or another.

  • @ObbyDent That would be sweet, but what I actually think Atlus should do is make an actual remake of P3, bring up the visuals to something similar to what P5 will be, improve combat and dungeons because nobody will miss those as they were, and also rewrite the social links that nobody cared about.

    I know this would be near impossible to happen, but it would be so so good.

  • @Giga-Man Yeah, I'm actually playing with the PSTV - it makes life that much sweeter. I wrote this post initially after about 5 hours of play time. I'm now 75 hours in and barely in November in the game. Very Hard has some brutal grinding.

  • Apology accepted. Your sins have been absolved.