You know anyone who's life was ruined by video games?

  • Kinda random, and not sure if I've discussed this before but does anyone know someone who's life was ruined by video games? Maybe ruin is a bit heavy but freshman year in college I had a roommate who wasn't really even a gamer who got hooked on CS Source and ended up having to drop out of college. I had gotten Half Life 2 and thus also Counter Strike Source and played them both a good bit. My roommate got interested in CS and I let him play on my PC. Needless to say they quickly got addicted and start skipping classes, a lot. Towards the end of the semester he had to drop all of his classes and leave the dorms. We weren't super close so I didn't stay in contact with him but it was kinda sad to see. In retrospect maybe I should have tried to help more but I had my own drama going on. Selfishly this kinda worked out well for me personally, the last month of the semester I had the dorm to myself which was awesome.

    Anyone else have stories like this? Any friends get in too deep on a MMORPG?

  • I feel like my life would be a lot more productive if I wasn’t thinking about video games and sports all the time. Not like that’s anywhere close to some of these horror stories.

    My buddy growing up, he was super active. Him, his brother, and his parents ran marathons. That kinda outdoorsy family. His brother got insanely addicted to World of Warcraft back in like 2007. Nobody in his family knew how to deal with it cause video games were never a problem for anyone else. I’d play games at his house but then we’d go ride our bikes or something.

    He stopped doing anything outside, never left his room, stopped seeing friends and would battle his brother and mom over WoW. Timed up perfectly with his parents getting a divorce too. So mom always had to be the bad guy and he chose to spend his time at his fathers house where he was allowed to play WoW all day. His dad used his addiction as an underhanded way of getting his son on his side.

    Silver lining here, he grew up to be normal and doesn’t even play games last I checked. But this happened right at the cusp of high school when things could’ve gotten worse for him.

  • Not personally, and the opposite side, a good friend of mine knows a guy that went through some very difficult times, with a crappy job, precarious living conditions, on top of being gay in early 2000s latin america (aka not the most welcoming time and place) and overall being in a very dangerous position that for that period of his life pretty much starved himself every night until falling asleep with video games being the only thing that would entertain and acompany this person, I don't know the full details, but it pretty much was a person that played for 8-10 in a row until just falling sleep, and bad as that may seem it kept him away from a very likely more dangerous path in life.

    In a different veing, I could easily see on my personal side how games enabled some escapism from stuff I was not able to deal with before, but that's not as bad and not something I regret.

  • I think mine to a degree sometimes, but then I also remember the constant bullying I had from about pre K thru 6th grade (and finally fighting them off didn't help), the rittilan and adderall my parents were forced into giving me (principal lied to my parents saying I couldn't attend any school in the whole county, which we didn't learn till I was in high school), only just now learning that I might have been vastly overdosed on ritalin and adderall. It's not like I don't have other hobbies or anything, but I do feel that the ritalin and adderall had a massive effect on my social skills growing up as I basically went thru school in a mostly zombie like state, which also had an effect on my actual education seeing as I remember going to school, but can hardly ever recall anything that happened in class, like everything was white noise if that makes sense.

    And seeing as it wasn't till high school when I finally stopped taking them completely, you can probably imagine the difficulty trying to talk to people when the last social norms you remember was from when your like 5 years old.

    Also my parents did try to get me to socialize outside of school but alot of it didn't last long such as little league baseball (1st season was great, 2nd season was ruined by my uncle), a play date thing with one kid from little league who's parents then abused my parents generosity ("sure i don't mind picking your kids up after school, just not every day of the week") and the kids dad also tried to convince my parents to join some "legal " embezzlement scheme he was cooking up (surprise it was illegal)

    There's other things, but it's getting late.

  • I know a guy that was in college on his way to a good adult life, then he disappeared for a week. My brother went to his house to check on him and he told him he was just playing this new game called World of Warcraft. His addiction to the game led him to abandon all real world interactions and studies. It's kind of heart-breaking to be honest, he was a cool guy, always the most crazy and extreme of the group, always smiling and laughing out loud. Had his issues like everyone else, but what happened to him was really unexpected and destructive to a point that he's kind of broken now.

    I know maybe something could be done at the time but to be honest nobody knew how to react, or even identify videogame addiction as something potentially so destructive. We were all in our early 20s, we played our Counter-Strike 1.6 with dedication but we also partied, went to the beach, f***ed, made music, did drugs, had jobs, studied, etc. Kinda sucks, with that age life is a mountain you're always on top of, maybe we were too egocentric to notice and act.