Grounded (Xbox, PC)

  • Grounded went into Game Preview today, and it comes with Game Pass. I'm having an absolutely great time with it after only a couple of hours. The hardest difficulty is punishing but rewarding. Making my first little building out of grass was great! :)

    Youtube Video

  • I'll check it out first thing whenever I'm done with GoT. It may take a while.

  • I really dig the concept but this style of game isn't really for me. More so I also don't have an Xbox or game on PC so it's not really an option for me anyways. Totally down to watch other people play it though.

  • Tried it for a bit. Really like the main synth theme, while you're exploring. It's a small thing that can made a big difference in shaping the atmosphere of a game. The world is captivating to explore, yet I don't know exactly how big it is and if will eventually get boring. But up until this point it is cool to explore and when you discover something it is rewarding and makes you curious on how to interact with it. Obsidian might have something here.

    Ill play it a bit more, probably just keep playing the single player until I beat it or get bored. Not my type of game - theoretically - but so wasn't NMS and I've played hundreds of hours and bought it twice. Was expecting to play it once and be done but the biggest compliment I can give it is that I stopped my session while wanting to keep playing.

  • The game reached 1 million players within the first 48 hours. I'm happy for the devs. It always seems like a small, jolly passion project to me, so it's good that it got a lot of traction.