What About those MMO Discs?

  • I've had to some cleaning lately to get rid of old, physical media. Especially where I own digital copies of older PC games.

    My dilemma is: What about these WoW discs? These Dark Age of Camelot and other games that are linked to an account, via the key that came with the game?

    Do you folks throw them out? Save them? Sell or give them away somewhere? They were not collectors' editions or the like, just standard copies. Should I feel bad about tossing them?

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    I got my WoW disks in a box in a basement. I should really get rid of them, but they also got some nice sentimental value and reminds me of attending the midnight launches and all the fun times I had. At the same time they take up space and there is a point where you just gotta go "Sorry but I really don't have the space for it".

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    I located a bunch of my physical PC game stuff a few years ago. All of it was tied to Steam (with the exception of Witcher 2 and Max Payne 3 which were tied to GoG and Rockstar Social Club) so I just threw it all away.

  • It's actually a good question. I think something happened at some point where you link the game to your account and can re-download it.

    VERY recently, I found Battlefield 3 on PC from 2011 at my parents house. I always assumed I bought it on EA Origin because I can download and uninstall the game at my will. I've done it a few times over the years. So I never even realized I had the physical copy of the game in the first place. I'd assume it's fine to throw those old games out, but don't quote me on it.

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    I believe at some point just punching in the CD key on Origin or steam just gives you a digital version. It's how I got Sims 4 on Origin.

  • Just speaking personally from a collector's standpoint, I would keep them purely based on my desire to maintain a part of history. I'm not really an avid MMO fan, so I'm completely unsure about the logistics, but I wonder if there would be a way to patch certain older MMO games to play single player and just play what was there once. Sort of like WOW Classic but only for personal use (although that also may feel like it defeats the point of the game entirely).

    If possible, and if you're really considering tossing them, I would advise to see if there are any large collectors in your area that you could donate or sell the physical items to, because I feel like there would be people (like myself) who would like to have the discs and boxes for preservation.