PSVR Recommendations

  • I've been waiting a long time and thinking a lot about purchasing PSVR and I want to know whether it's worth doing so and what are your favourite games for it. So should I get one and if I do what should I get?

  • I have one with a handful of games. I think a big determining factor is how big your setup is. Currently I live in an apartment, and it was difficult to have the space to set it up. I would have to move my coffee table and everything around in case I bumped into or hit anything. I also noticed that when I had it hooked up, it messed with the brightness and color settings for regular games, so I keep it unplugged unless I have something specific I want to play.

    All that being said, I do think it's a lot of fun! Superhot VR was maybe my favorite game that I played on there, but it also depends on what you're looking for. RE7 was super cool to try out, and way spooky playing in VR, but it gave me motion sickness when I played for too long. Beat Saber is also tons of fun, just be sure to have enough space in front of you, and be ready for a workout.

    I think it works very well when you don't have to move a character around too much and can mainly interact stationary but that's my personal opinion. There are free demo packs for things like Astro Bot and Moss too. I'd be really interested in trying Paper Beasts sometime, but again I'd have to hook it up.

    Long story short, very fun if you have the space, I'd see if you can get a deal on Ebay still because it can be pricey

  • @happygaming Would you need a similar amount of space for PSVR as you would for a Wii or to play Wii Fit or Ring Fit Adventure on Switch?

  • PSVR is absolutely a ton of fun, and currently the best way on the market to play VR.

    Superhot and Beat Saber are must-buys. If you are able to handle VR games where you can use the analog stick to move and not get sick, there's also an A+ Walking Dead game (Saints and Sinners).

    Protip: Buy a microphone stand and attach the camera to it so it can look down at the room.

  • @jdincinerator I'd say a similar, maybe a little more room than something like Ring Fit. With that, we also need to move the coffee table and stuff out of the way. With VR it's a bit more difficult because you can't necessarily aim away from things in front of you if you can't see it. I've definitely hit our table or couch by accident a few times playing Beat Saber or SuperHot with the controllers or my head.

    Also keep in mind you'll have a wire connected to the headpiece and the PS4. It's not a huge amount of physical annoyance, but if you have pets, or any physical thing in its way, it can just be a small thing that gets in the way if there isn't enough room to move around.

  • @happygaming Ok thanks for all the advice about getting PSVR. I think I'd have the space for it but my main concern is the camera and where to put it. I think I might have to go with what @Inflorescence suggested and buy a microphone stand. As for games I think I'll start by sampling the demos and see if any of them strike my fancy-although currently Blood & Truth and Astro Bot: Rescue Mission are on sale and they are two of the games I want most-although others like Ironman VR, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners and Concrete Genie are of interest too.

  • @inflorescence I have faith PSVR is great fun-just a little concerned with all the pre-requisite organisation I'll have to contend with. I'm interested in Superhot but haven't seen much of Beat Saber. Thanks for the tip and your advice.

  • @jdincinerator I'm personally just waiting to see what they announce on regards to compatibility with PS5, or new models, there's a good amount of stuff I'm interested in checking out but I would rather know if it makes sense to buy it now or wait for a bit.

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    I played through most of RE7 with VR. I don't really get motion sick like at all so I played for hours and loved every second. When I had to switch back to playing it with a controller on a TV it felt very... analog by comparison.

    Other than that I haven't really played much else on VR. That Until Dawn rail shooter was kinda neat but I can't see it's a must play.

  • The motion sickness is something that I'm sure you get used to as well with time, though I'm jealous of people that don't get it at all. My girlfriend has a tough time with first person games in the same way (for non VR games) but I'd gotten used to those a long time ago.

    The teleporting mechanics in certain games actually helped me a ton though. Psychonaughts: Rombus of Ruin was really fun in how it was implemented. I don't know if I'd be able to play through Skyrim or Doom in VR though. In my experience, the best VR games work when I'm stationary and am allowed to use the looking and touching things in a way a controller typically doesn't provide, rather than a replacement to other game experiences.

    Also to note, you may want to try out some racing games! Not typically my wheelhouse, but I have tried both Wipeout (if you got it free with Plus a while ago that's an easy option) and Gran Turismo Sport. It was legitimately terrifying for me though, so I never kept up with it.

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    @happygaming Oh man. That is one game I wish I had PSVR for. Wipeout is one of my favorite racing games, and I can't even imagine how wild it must be in VR.

  • Sold my PSVR hoping that next gen image quality is greatly improved.

    Thumper was my favourite VR game by far, I kept going back to it. Psychonauts was lovely for the writing.

    RE7 I ended up going back to play on TV, image quality was a deal breaker for me.

  • Got PSVR last year and I enjoy it when I dive in which has become fewer and farther between sadly. Like others have mentioned the barrier mostly being just having to move my coffee table out of the way. Which honestly isn't a big deal but can sometimes be enough to want to play a standard game over VR.

    That being said if you have the means I would still recommend it as its quiet fun and unique. I'd recommend Beat Saber, Rocky and Walking Dead Saints and Sinners as the games ive played and enjoyed the most. When I bought it I got it with the understanding that this thing might not be supported for too much longer and would mostly be a novelty. I'm happy Sony has continue to invest in it.