EZA curates August games: What are you anticipating? What's worth checking out?

  • A thread for examining the new games of August! Share your personal picks, interesting curios, and not quite there possibles...


    Did you discover some small game that not everyone knows about?
    Share that and let us know what it is about!

    Already know a thing or two that interests you?
    Make a list of your interests and/or possibles!

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    Thread concept:

    The basic idea is to list new games that you are interested in, as well as games you are potentially curious about or want to give wider attention to. You can briefly describe them or ask other people to help fill you in. The hope is that regular threads like these can act as a collective filter/discovery mechanism to help people decide what is worth checking out.

    "New games" means any new title that is being released or ported this month in any capacity (not "backlogs/what you are playing this month"). The angle here is sharing your anticipation and promoting game discovery (as opposed to sharing comments about a first playthrough in progress - that belongs elsewhere).


    • If you want a handy list that covers most of the major upcoming games of the month, here's a couple text lists of upcoming games:

    Feel free to post other lists or list videos of upcoming releases that you find useful.

    • Final request: If you are the first person to mention a game please provide (at minimum) a short sentence description. (If it is a very big AAA release though, then don't worry about it.) This is a good convention that makes the thread more useful as a discovery mechanism, and especially helps out anyone who doesn't follow the news as closely as you.

  • Technically it's a late July game so I'm breaking the rules, but I'm curious if anyone has picked up the Fairy Tail game? My girlfriend loves the anime, has seen it multiple times, and I was thinking about picking it up for her as a surprise for a nice comfort food game.

  • Also, as someone who has not played the original Crystal Chronicles and forgot it released this month, does anyone recommend the remaster a shot? I'm unfamiliar with it at all except for the soundtrack.

  • No Straight Roads, baby! A rhythm action-adventure game.
    It's the studios' first game and features the character designer of SFV and the lead designer behind FFXV.

    You can check out the Easy Allies preview by Damiani here:
    Youtube Video

  • This month is mostly all Game Pass for me.

    Microsoft Flight Simulator - 18th
    Youtube Video

    Battletoads - 20th
    Youtube Video

    Tell Me Why - 27th
    Youtube Video

    Wasteland 3 - 28th
    Youtube Video

  • Fall Guys and MS Flight Sim 2020 are the two games I'm really looking forward to this month.

  • @Shoulderguy That was the first time I saw the trailer for Tell Me Why, and I'm stoked! I need to finish up Life is Strange though. I played the first chapter, but haven't found good nights to get into it.

    Still love the little crack that Don't Nod has found their place in. I really fell in love with Captain Spirit!

  • I'm stoked for Fall Guys as well, no excuse for me to miss out especially since it's free on PS Plus (unless PSN Asia doesn't get that one). I'm also curious about Windbound and Samurai Jack: Battle Through Time. It will be mostly a backlog month for me though. Hopefully Skater XL shows up on my region's PSN store sometime soon.

    Youtube Video

    Youtube Video