[New Project] Variable Monsters: Predator/Prey

  • I was inspired by Kyle’s “Don’t Call Me Momma” streams last year, and I would like to call out to anyone in the EZA community interested in contributing to development of a video game I’ve recently started working on in Unity.

    “Varimon: Predator/Prey” will draw heavy inspiration from Pokemon:
    The setting is a world where animals of extraordinary ability are referred to as Variable Monsters, or Varimon, and Two developed nations stand on the brink of all-out-war. They harness the power of Varimon to not only build their societies, but also as living weapons. Varimon Technicians, or VTs, are tasked with handling these powerful creatures. What type of VT will you be as you struggle for survival.

    Currently, I’m looking to fill the roles of:

    • Concept Artists
    • 3D Modelers & Animators
    • Composers

    My contribution will be on the programming side. Any work done will be paid for and rates are negotiable.

    Since this project is in the earliest stages of development, development will likely take years. I’m not expecting any long term commitments, but would like to build a team and hopefully one day a proper company. I have spoken to a few community members and will be reaching out to them again, but I would love to know if there’s anyone else I missed in the sea of allies.

    Since, I am financing the project out of my own pocket, there is a limit to how much external help I can afford. Once I have a prototype, I may seek external funding through kickstarter or the like. I’m targeting PC and Mac for development.

    If you are interested in joining this project in any capacity, you can

    Thank you!