Breath of the Wild's Doc Brown Spider Monster

  • I want to visit the Twilight Realm! It's so cool and unlike anything else in Zelda.

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    Imagine all the shenanigans.

  • We've seen horse parkour, but to reach the Sheikah aerial command center you'll have to dig deeper than that.

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  • Here's a thought: I want Breath of the Wild's bosses to be geographic features. Like the Steppe Talus, I want giant rocks and chunks of earth whirling around in a maelstrom when we fight Calamity Ganon. Imagine batting boulders back at Ganon with the megaton hammer: Like the Bowser fight from Galaxy 2, except on a respectable scale. Because of the universal climbing, that would all work dynamically too. There's no reason Zelda can't compete with Final Fantasy in terms of scale.

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    Also, I'll be let down if there's not a Shadow of the Colossus-style Helmaroc King fight. With the Wind Waker inspiration, the glider, and the open world, that seems like such an obvious choice.

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  • Turns out the Spider Monster is going to be be PS3.5 graphics

  • @Haru17 Latest NX rumors is that the powerlevel would be between the PS3-PS4

  • @TheHashtag0nist Yeah, thanks. I got it. The game looks good, so, y'know. Potato.

  • Boss Spoiler for new Zelda:

    Turns out Breath of the Wild's Doc Brown spider monster is an actual spider monster:

    Youtube Video

  • @TheHashtag0nist said in Breath of the Wild's Doc Brown Spider Monster:

    @Haru17 Latest NX rumors is that the powerlevel would be between the PS3-PS4

    So, Nintendo are once again releasing a new console way later than everyone else, that still doesn't compete with what we currently have? Sounds like Nintendo, all right. It's the Wii-U all over again. So long, third party support! It was a nice dream while it lasted.

  • Hey guys? I know it's the new hotness right now, but this thead is still not about the NX.

  • So... I had a thought. You know that BOSS SPOILER I posted about a bit ago? What if...

    the giant guardian on death mountain was in fact what blew a hole in Snowpeak mountain (or whatever it's called) like people said? And what if it can target you as you move across the world, so you have to stay away until you can find the path toward Death Mountain that avoids line-of-sight. That's be a pretty amazing progression buffer IMO.

  • It looks just like Twilight Princess' lightning!

    Youtube Video

    Also more gameplay edits from the E3 demo:

  • My "daydream" for BotW is .....okay, stay with me on this one: the game starts up with Link supposedly waking up from cryo sleep, but what if that actually isn't Link? What if whatever kind of weird tech space magic Nintendo is throwing into this Zelda was able to create a clone of the Hero of Time, who, during the game is manipulated by Calamity Ganon to "free" him or whatever and allow him to take physical form, and that physical form is you, his vessel. So after you complete all the dungeons and unleash Ganon he takes over your body. For the remainder of the game you play as this player Link-Ganon hybrid where you HAVE to do whatever Ganon's objectives are, and if you try to go off path or something you start losing health and your controller shakes and whatnot, to really get you into Link's shoes about the sheer misery of the situation. Ganon makes you go around to all of those villages that you went to before (which while we haven't seen Nintendo claims are in the game), and need to fight the human soldiers alongside Bobokins and stuff. And right before you have to do something really bad like kill this super nice NPC character, the actual Hero of Time Link shows up to fight you, and then you have an unwinnable final battle with sad piano music and stuff (that you still need to give your all because Ganon makes you).

    If anything remotely similar to that happens I will....this game would become legendary.

  • @Galaxy40k That would be an amazing, face-melting ending. One preference, though—the Hero of Time and emiT fo oreH need to deal the final blow to each other (and Ganon) simultaneously. More Romeo and Juliet that way.

    Then we can call it a pre-flood game.