Suicide Squad (Rocksteady)

  • After the tight-lipped silence of the few past years Rocksteady has finally revealed their upcoming game: it's Suicide Squad!
    The more concrete official reveal will happen on August 22nd at DC FanDome.

  • Say it with me: it can't be worse than the movie

  • This is going to be so hype

  • That's interesting key art. Is Supes the bad guy like in Injustice?

  • @tokyoslim
    Could be set in a universe with the Justice Lords or Crime Syndicate?

  • Could be Bizzarro being part of the Suicide Squad

  • @DMCMaster Yeah. Interesting choice tho, if true IMO, since again, Injustice is doing something similar.

  • @iboshow Possibly, but the caption is "target locked" and the Suicide Squad logo is in the shape of a target reticle. So that would be a pretty big red herring. lol

    Rumored to be a Suicide Squad v Justice League GaaS. I... hope it's not.

  • Saw the rumor before was the Suicide Squad tries to kill the Justice League. That would be a really cool concept. This seems cool, I was kinda over playing as Batman so I'll keep an eye on this one.

  • Look, I am very excited for this. Rocksteady is one of the best studios out there right now, but frankly this announcement is a little worrying. 5 years. It's been 5 years since we've even heard from them, and this is how they announce it? With a Jpg? It doesn't exactly inspire confidence. Would love nothing more than to be proven wrong though.

  • @capnbobamous I'm with you there, I was also a little surprised this is how they announce it. I'd probably prefer they didn't announce it till this DCDome thing or whatever. Like you said it's been years of people predicting it would show up at E3 or the game awards. Mostly this is coming from loving to watch press conferences or what have you and trying to guess what the new game reveals are. Those moments are so exciting so I would have loved to seen a trailer showing SuperMan and everyone is thinking they are making a SuperMan game and then realize he's being hunted by the Suicide Squad, that would have made for a really cool reveal. Now were gonna see SuperMan and know its the Suicide Squad game.

  • I think they would have kept it a surprise if it's a "normal" year and they can announce it at something super big, like one of the E3 press conferences. Maybe they just want to make sure all eyes are on the DC Fandome thing, although they can probably do that with cryptic teases rather than an announcement (but this might put people's expectations too high and could backfire).

    Anyway, I'm excited to see whatever this is. That's a good looking key art. According to Jason Shreier, this won't come out for a while so it might just be a short tease at the Fandome.

  • @bam541
    According to Schrier WB Montreal's Batman game will be there which if i had to guess will at least be out sometime next year.

  • I agree about lame announcement method. Everyone who is interested as us would watch the show without knowing what they are going to show. It should be a big reveal unlike a tweet.

  • Banned

    I love this.
    Superman as a villain is a terrific idea. Could totally go for a horror aspect.

  • I don't mind a Suicide Squad game, but can we stop with the evil/renegade Superman. That has been done to death already. You have the original animated show with the Justice Lords, both Injustice games, and several comics in alternate universes, elsewhere's, and one offs. Do something more original.

    @e_zed_eh_intern The movie was not that bad. It was basically a low C. Birds of Prey is an A on the other hand.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @el-shmiablo
    Like Brightburn?

  • @dmcmaster Pretty much. Like I said, that's become old hat though.

  • @scotty I disagree, if the trailer is good it will be hype. We already know about the game and it might be shown at DC Fandome but this confirms it and more people will watch now.