Best Video Game Console - Tournament

  • Hi everyone! With all this new console hype happening right now.... I thought it would be fun to have a little console tournament to decide what is the best console?

    To determine seeding, I ranked the top 32 selling consoles by their sales numbers (sales numbers pulled from Wikipedia). Splitting them into 2 groups, So it's 1 vs 16, 2 vs 15 and so on.

    1. PlayStation 2
    2. Nintendo DS
    3. Game Boy & Game Boy Color
    4. PlayStation 4
    5. PlayStation
    6. Wii
    7. PlayStation 3
    8. Xbox 360
    9. Game Boy Advance
    10. PlayStation Portable
    11. Nintendo 3DS
    12. Nintendo Entertainment System
    13. Nintendo Switch
    14. Xbox One
    15. Super Nintendo Entertainment System
    16. Sega Genesis
    17. Nintendo 64
    18. Atari 2600
    19. Xbox
    20. GameCube
    21. Wii U
    22. Sega Game Gear
    23. PlayStation Vita
    24. Master System
    25. TurboGrafx-16
    26. Sega Saturn
    27. Dreamcast
    28. Intellivision
    29. N-Gage
    30. ColecoVision
    31. Magnavox Odyssey
    32. Atari Lynx
    • I will post a group of match-ups and give everyone 3 days to vote.

    • Then, I'll post the results and add the next set of match-ups to vote on. This will continue until only one console remains in each group, culminating in one final vote between the Group A and Group B champions.

    • All you need to do is pick the console that you want to win.

    • Feel free to share your votes, thoughts or anything else in the comments.

    Also shout out to @Brannox for allowing me to use his voting method. :)

    Now let the console wars commence!

  • This is an interesting concept and looking at Group A, most of the matchups (for me personally) appear one sided, but I WILL say the one that sticks out to me is that 7 vs. 10: Switch vs. Gamecube. While I fully expect Switch to walk away with an easy win, as someone who hasn't really had much investment in Nintendo, it's an appealing though experiment to weigh one against the other.

  • Just gonna say right now that the Wii U doesn't get anywhere near the respect it deserves (yes I am arguing it's better than the NES) and that the Genesis is probably gonna get robbed because the N64 is by far the worst console of its generation with by far the weakest library.

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    So, do we vote in comment or PM?

    Edit its links to Strawpolls! Sorry its super hot today and my brain isnt working properly!

  • @hanabi:

    the N64 is by far the worst console of its generation with by far the weakest library.

    People always say this, but as someone who grew up renting N64 games from Blockbuster and Hollywood Video, there's a ton of great stuff on the N64. I feel like everyone at that age just only were able to buy a couple games, so everyone got the same Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64, Banjo Kazooie, Zeldas, etc. and from there people assumed there were no other good games and it kept being parroted or something, but there's tons of great shit that gets talked about much less often like some of the Bomberman Games, Mischief Makers, Snowboard Kids (1 AND 2), Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon, the early Mario Party games, even lots of racing games like Beetle Adventure Racing and the Cruisin' and Rush games, plus even more obscure stuff like Ogre Battle 64, Gauntlet Legends, Glover, the Turok games, Wave Race and Pilot Wings, and tons of really fun wrestling games. It is true some of the crossplatform stuff on N64 were the weakest versions, but N64 had loads of great weird games that you see nothing similar to these days like Chameleon Twist too.

    Around when people were talking about the N64 Classic being the "next in line" if Nintendo kept making those little systems, I remember trying to narrow down a list of games for it, because everyone at the time was saying there wouldn't be enough to fill one of those systems out and... people are nuts. I was struggling to cut a list down to just essentials, and that was with me immediately excluding "will never happen" games like Goldeneye and Banjo Kazooie that Nintendo likely wouldn't be able to get rights back to these days. So, it isn't that the library is particularly weak, just instead that most people gravitated towards the same handful of games back then, so there's a ton of great obscure gems that get overlooked by most today.

  • @shoulderguy What kind of devil are you? Putting Switch against GameCube-are you insane :P

  • Getting me to vote between Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Gamecube is like asking me which of my dogs I love the most-it's impossible!

  • N64 was the last Nintendo console I really liked. Rogue Squadron, Whatever wrestling game that was I played forever. No Mercy? MK Trilogy,

  • @Mbun I went and made a hefty list of swell Nintendo 64 games.

    Also @Shoulderguy @Lotias , shouldn't this thread be in the Gaming section?

  • Alright, I haven't seen any new votes since yesterday so I'm closing this one a little early.

    Here are the results:

    Group A

      1. PlayStation 2 vs. 16. Atari Lynx (12-1)
      1. Sega Genesis vs. 9. Nintendo 64 (7-9)
      1. Game Boy Advance vs. 12. Master System (11-2)
      1. Xbox 360 vs. 13. TurboGrafx-16 (12-1)
      1. Nintendo Entertainment System vs. 11. Wii U (10-3)
      1. PlayStation vs. 14. Intellivision (11-2)
      1. Nintendo Switch vs. 10. GameCube (11-4)
      1. PlayStation 4 vs. 15. N-Gage (11-2)

    Now, here are the first round match-ups from the other side of the bracket.

    Group B

    1. Nintendo DS vs. 16. Magnavox Odyssey

    8. Super Nintendo vs. 9. Atari 2600

    5. PlayStation Portable vs. 12. PlayStation Vita

    4. PlayStation 3 vs. 13. Sega Saturn

    6. Nintendo 3DS vs. 11. Sega Game Gear

    3. Wii vs. 14. Dreamcast

    7. Xbox One vs. 10. Xbox

    2. Game Boy & Game Boy Color vs. 15. ColecoVision

    Edit: I had the seeding numbers mixed up for Group A. It's fixed now.

  • Two inter-competing matchups here are the most intriguing: The battle of the Playstation handhelds and the conflict of Xboxes. And I'm predicting a Playstation platfrom will make the Semifinals in Group B. Also I'm not surprised the closest Group A outcome was the 8/9 match, but the second round implications are already massive heavy hitters for EVERY matchup.

  • @brannox Yeah, the second round should be real interesting. This is just the calm before the Kill Your Babies storm.

  • Wii U didn't deserve to lose to the NES. NES has legacy sure, but I remember growing up with one. Most the games sucked. You couldn't save, so you had to just leave the system on for days at a time if you were playing a longer game. It hooked up to the tv in a really annoying way. You had to blow into the cartridges just to get them to barely work, and the spring mechanism for inserting them felt super shoddy too. The controller was also a dumb basic box with very few inputs and a shape that made your hands cramp if you played it too long. The only "best" the NES has going for it was leading the home gaming revolution along with the Famicom.

    Wii U didn't have a good name or popularity, but it had purpose and heart. There's still things Wii U does better than Switch due to the nature of being able to have a second screen experience. Wii U had a whole social network integrated into it for years. The games for the most part were insanely good, except for the multiplat ports, but NES wasn't terribly better on that front. Wii U also continued the Virtual Console legacy and in general just had a whole fucking Wii crammed in there, making Wii wholly inferior. Wii U was crazy experimental like the Dreamcast, but I guess we're just not to the point in history yet where people are ready to appreciate that.

  • @mbun I always appreciated the Wii U. As with most things in gaming, while most were busy hating on the Wii U I was having fun with it.

  • NES vs Wii U was definitely the hardest choice for me in the first round. The NES was my very first console and it spawned quite a few of Nintendo's best series, so its legacy can't be denied.

    But all the great points brought up by @Mbun absolutely play in Wii U's favor, it really was the Dreamcast of its generation. I think anyone who's owned one loved it, although the game droughts could be painful at times. Since I never owned a Wii, it was also the opportunity for me to catch up on all the greats from the previous gen, so I always had something to play on it.

  • Man, I would be so bummed if PSP lost to the Vita. The library of games that the PSP had is much more varied, deep, and charming.

    • It's packed to the brim with great racing games (Motorstorm Arctic Edge, WipEout Pure and Pulse, Burnout Legends, Gran Turismo, Ridge Racer, and so much more), which is one of my favorite things about it.
    • Big hitters like Crisis Core FF VII, the God of War games, Persona 3 Portable, the Grand Theft Auto games and MGS Peace Walker are not to be messed with.
    • Not to mention all the underrated stuff like Sid Meier's Pirates, Star Wars Battlefront II/Renegade Squadron/Elite Squadron, Ratchet and Clank Size Matters, LocoRoco, Patapon, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Killzone Liberation.

    I have played so many PSP games and I still have a lot to play. I still have a part of my list of to-buy games from back in the day, and there's 7 games here. Meanwhile, I just lost interest in using my Vita for anything other than trying out PS1 stuff and Persona 4 Golden.

    I know the PSP's missing right analog hurts it quite a bit (especially for FPS/TPS, but even then there's still a good amount of fun shooters on it) , but man I just could not care less for the Vita's library. It has a pretty decent Uncharted game, at least.

  • @Mbun

    The Wii U is a bit too much of a mixed bag for me to deeply appreciate. Yes, it had some very good games, full Wii BC, Miiverse, and occasional good uses for the second screen. But it was also unappealing in a few ways.

    The OS was incredibly slow. Switching between different system menus took more than a few ticks, and downloading/installing updates took ages. The build quality of the Gamepad felt a bit below par, with a thin-feeling faceplate, rattling buttons, and unsatisfying button presses. The default battery also drained quickly.

    Nintendo put out some memorable games for it (Mario Kart 8, Pikmin 3, DKCTF, Splatoon, Wind Waker HD, Super Mario Maker, BotW, Bayonetta 2, Xenoblade Chronicles X, Captain Toad, Yoshi's Woolly World, Pokkén Tournament), but some felt like 'checking a franchise box' (Super Mario 3D World, Smash), some were just 'there' (Nintendoland, Twilight Princess HD, Tokyo Mirage Sessions), and some were wholly unsatisfying (Star Fox Zero, Mario Tennis, Paper Mario...Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival -_-). And because of the invisible (even by Nintendo's standards) third-party support, the release schedule for these games always felt like more than a comfortable wait.

    But what really put the nail in the Wii U's coffin of notoriety is that, with the announcement of Pikmin 3 Deluxe, the Switch now has a port, sequel, or better franchise installment of just about all the top games I listed (except Wind Waker HD, and Yoshi is debatable), as well as most of the other Nintendo published games. The Switch also feels like a fleshed-out Wii U, being a more portable, more satisfying to use Gamepad. All it's missing is OS features like Netflix, Miiverse, and the internet browser. But I'll take a speedy OS over a packed one, and you're likely to be too busy playing awesome games to care about the missing features much.


    The NES had it's faults, but it revived the North American gaming industry, and birthed many industry-defining franchises. And though not a ton of games used it, it was still responsible for popularizing battery-backed saves.

  • @oscillator Mostly agree with that, although Paper Mario Color Splash is way better than people give it credit for. Has easily the best writing of any Paper Mario game, a more fleshed out combat system then Origami King, and I feel like the story is way better and goes cooler places overall. Plus the Paint mechanic that got watered down into the Confetti one in Origami King was more satisfying before. Either way, it definitely doesn't belong on a list among Star Fox Zero, that abysmal Mario Tennis game, and the failed merchandising / party game experiment. I wouldn't ever call 3D World just checking a box either, that was NSMB U's job anyways, plus Nintendoland is the pack-in game nobody asked for, but actually ended up being pretty unique and fun in the right setting too.

    The other thing I disagree with is Switch just being allowed to take credit for all of Wii U's greatest games. Sure, they're rereleasing them with some extra content or making sequels on Switch, but those games were made for the Wii U and would not have existed without it. There's also certain ones like Mario Maker that were better back on Wii U given how the Gamepad worked along with it. Splatoon's way of using the Gamepad as a map was superior to how 2 had to handle it as well, although that's not as large of a downgrade. Pikmin 3's rerelease might fall into this as well, given the Switch's lack of a Sensor Bar, meaning the Pikmin playstyle many rave about with Wiimote and Nunchuck will probably become impossible to use with this new version.

    It was never really about comparing Wii U to Switch though, and I think most would agree the Switch refined what the Wii U was overall going for, although it still isn't quite the same thing, and the Wii U had all kinds of other experiments going on the Switch doesn't begin to touch. Wii U had stuff like built in video chat, as silly as that is! Wii U also had the superior Pro Controller, with a better battery life and an actually good D-Pad, next to Switch's abominable controllers with jank D-Pads and drifting Analog Sticks. Seriously, what the fuck happened! Point is, we don't need to prop up the Switch anymore than it already is. People already love it, and it already tends to get the credit for much of the Wii U's past work as it is. I was just pointing out that despite people constantly dumping on the Wii U, it actually had quite a bit going for it, easily more than the NES just having the legacy in my opinion.

  • @mbun said in Best Video Game Console - Tournament:

    and the Wii U had all kinds of other experiments going on the Switch doesn't begin to touch.

    IMO, Labo is worth more than all the Wii U's experiments put together. I also initially thought HD Rumble was going to be pointless, but it actually feels very satisfying.

    By far Switch's biggest problem is the hardware design faults (Pro Controller D-pad, stick drift, dock scratching screens, iffy JoyCon rails). I'm positive that most if not all are due to rushing it to market after Wii U tanked.