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    I've been following this hardware since it was called Retroblox back in 2017, but for those who haven't heard of it, Polymega is a modular system that lets you play a myriad of different retro systems on your HDTV with a very high level of authenticity and accuracy. On the base unit, it can play CD games on PS1, Sega Saturn and Neo Geo CD, but with additional components that you slide onto the system (the modules are sold separately unless you get a big bundle), you can play NES, SNES, Genesis, Turbographx and more.

    It's been a frustrating process watching as the system has been delayed through the pandemic and other stumbles, but they are currently in the second run of beta consoles in consumers' hands. Videos, articles and impressions all seem to be exceedingly positive, and Playmaji is currently looking to ship to everyone in November.

    I'm extremely excited to be able to play my physical collection and install it to a database with a high quality system for capture and review, but wanted to get the word out there to people who may not have heard of it and are interested in retro gaming!

    Here's a write-up from Nintendo Life: https://www.nintendolife.com/news/2020/08/hardware_review_believe_the_hype_polymega_is_the_ultimate_all-in-one_retro_machine

    And the official website:

  • Youtube Video

    Here's the video in the article that is basically the Nintendo Life article 1-1.

  • I'm extremely glad this thing is launching and equally glad that it seems to be getting love from several outlets. After all the delays, the switch from FPGA and then whoever was running their Twitter account doing their best to make everybody hate them, it's good to see the product has powered through. I'm sure accuracy will vary but this thing will be an awesome replacement for MAME cabs at worst and the last retro hardware you buy at best. Looking forward to it!

  • I'm seriously tempted to order one I'll say that much, but I really don't want to dip into my PS5 funds.

  • I was lucky and got the ultimate bundle when the pre orders first launched, so I'll definitely check in with videos and such when it launches and I get it in my hands.

  • Seems cool, price is a little high for someone like me that just sees it as a box that plays a lot of older cart/CD games. I'm need to check out some of these impressions. Thanks for sharing.

  • Personally, the appeal is less about the games you can play and is almost more about how well or accurately the console plays them. I frequent the My Life in Gaming series, and really strive to get all my old games running as accurately as I can in their original forms. With this particular system, it's not FPGA based anymore, but the developers strive for a good scale on accuracy vs easy to use.

    While there are other methods to play a lot of the games, there aren't many options that play as authentically or as easily in a legal way. For example, some of the clone consoles like the Retron 5 had poorly used and stolen emulation software. The Polymega team are working firsthand with the developers of all of the emulation software involved to make sure each system runs with a certain amount of quality.

    All that being said though, it is definitely an expensive option if you just want an easy way to boot up CD games. It's not going to be for everyone, I think it just depends on what you're looking for in your setup.

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    I'm so mixed on my Retron 5. Like I like it (and got it pretty cheap) but the emulation just feels off. Like Super Mario World, spent god knows how many hours playing it as a kid, but it feels off when on Retron. Like I have it on multiple other platforms (Wii,WiiU,3DS and Switch) and it plays just as i remember, but on Retron its like 99.9% the same, but there's like just something off that throws me for a loop.

  • @dmcmaster same, my sister has one and I tried to play Donkey Kong Country and a couple NES games we had growing up at one point and it just never felt right to me. I don't want to make it seem like it's the wrong option for people because it likely will work for like 90% of people who just want to pop their stuff in and play on their television. But I think for some people that look for super accurate console and emulator authenticity, it may not be the best option. I'm just hoping Polymega scratches that itch for me as a retro hardware enthusiast.

  • @happygaming
    From everything I've heard and seen, Polynega is light years ahead of Retron, judging from what MVG said awhile back
    Youtube Video

    That said I really want one, something I can pop in all my Games, load them to a SD card or tiny USB drive. Also if they ever release a N64 module or Gamecube I'll be in heaven honestly.

  • https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/playmaji-polymega

    Another preview for the hardware

  • Youtube Video

    Review from Metal Jesus

  • https://www.pcmag.com/reviews/playmaji-polymega

    Official review from PC Magazine is looking good!

  • Youtube Video

    New review up from EPN. He put up impressions a bit ago, but this is his full review.

  • Sad but expected news today:

    After a website redesign, Playmaji announced that due to an issue in communication with a retail partner, the product isn't going to be shipping to meet it's originally delayed date of the 15th, and is instead being pushed to Q1 2021, with the new delayed date of February 21.

    It's a frustrating thing to have to sit through, especially as a day 1 pre-order'er more than two years ago. However on the other hand I'm happy they finally gave an update. I'm just hoping they're better about it as things go forward, and maybe give their new light gun out for free for early adopters who have gotten the shaft for so long.