Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread

  • Watching Huber streaming it rn, can't really say much other than it looks really fun. Also, the post-rock music in the menu is wonderful.

    Youtube Video

  • This was a very cool orchestral performance this morning before the multiplayer announcement

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  • Never been big into Halo's multiplayer outside of setting up lan parties at my high school for the OG PC version of Halo 1 (that I had copied to a flash drive) but the 4 rounds I played last night hit this sweet spot that if not for the fact I had work today I feel like I might have stayed up all night playing.

  • This Halo, for some reason, is the first Halo that I've enjoyed the multiplayer.

    But damn Microsoft, I'm way too deep in FH5 to play Halo as much as I would like right now.

  • @phbz
    I think you can spare an hour or 12 for Halo

  • Copied from What Are You Playing?

    Halo Infinite is kinda... meh. My friends and I gave it an honest hour and a bit and we just migrated back to Halo 3. Over 50% of the 10 available maps are symmetrical which is really boring. We played a lot of CTF and it was painfully slow paced. We were up 2 caps and just farmed kills for the fun of it, but even some good ol toxic gaming wasn't very fun when you have to spend a minute sprinting across map to rejoin the action. I got a few Slayer rounds in and, again, just not feeling it. The vehicles don't really have that fun physics where they react to grenades or bumps in the same way as older games. The Gravity Hammer has NO impact whatsoever and nobody goes flying anywhere. The game overall just lacks punch and the maps are really boring.

    They also commit a few cardinal sins:

    • No teamkilling is bullshit. I wanna be able to betray my teammates.

    • When a player quits, it doesn't go to 4v3, it autofills with a new player.

    To the first point—it's fucking Halo! Team killing is a part of the game. If some 117 scrub is gonna take my Sniper, I'm gonna Betray him. Cannot believe they got rid of Betrayals.

    Second point—Again, it's fucking Halo! You need to look your opponent in the eye before and after the match. Pre-lobby shit talk to post-game GG's or amplified shit talk. When you allow new people to join, the intensity is ruined. Plus I keep getting AFK's replaced with more AFK's so it isn't working.

    TBH, my first hour of Splitgate was more fun.

  • Second night with Infinite. No friends this time. The game randomly decided to perform exceptionally better for no apparent reason and it's actually infinitely more enjoyable when it runs at 60fps. Still a lot of jank.

    Uploaded a few clips. Theatre mode is VERY improved. You can sort by kills and deaths, multi-kills, etc. It's a bit glitchy like all menu's in the game. You also can't make that menu in the right corner go away without getting rid of in-game HUD. But once it's patched it'll be the best Theatre mode.

    Halo Infinite — 1st Killing Frenzy & 1st Teabag on 117 Scrub
    Youtube Video

    Halo Infinite — Match Start Glitch
    Youtube Video

    The match started with my gun going off and controller vibrating but I couldn't see anything. Then they did the intro cinematic with my team, but my character was missing. Then the match started and I was right where the Commando gun meets the glass wall. I was disoriented. Go to Theater Mode to play it back and it's almost like the same button inputs are represented but from the perspective of a completely different character that I couldn't see.

  • Has anybody been playing Infinite this week?

    I've put about 17h into it this week. Which seems like a lot so some of that time must've been idle because I haven't played thaaaat much. Regardless, I've played everything you can play in this Beta build. My quick review...

    It's... fine...

    And I know that isn't a glowing endorsement, but it's actually a solid enough game. I actually respect some design decisions which keep true to Halo while still feeling familiar to the average FPS gamer. For example, the grenade, gun, and melee holy trinity is in-tact. 343 could've dumped that core game design for a more gun-oriented experience but they kept the Halo roots in there.

    Big Team Battle has a Zone Control mode where you need control of all three zones to earn 1 point for your team. This is by far the best example of strategy coupled with the pure chaos of Halo's Big Team gameplay. It's a really solid mode, even if the maps are pretty bland.

    However, Infinite MP is just a bit too reliant on teamplay for my liking. A good Halo squad always dominates, but normally I can single-handedly carry 1 or 2 bad team members but it's almost impossible to do that in Infinite. The randomized power weapons and randomized regular weapon spawns means there isn't a uniformity to the matches. So I can't just get a BR and go on a tear. You'd think that's a good thing, but it really isn't. The whole experience is brought down by terrible teammates. We're talking braindead. I had the flag at my base and dropped it so my gun is ready in case somebody challenges me. 2 other teammates went to go retrieve our flag so we can capture. The final dumbass teammate decides to pick up the flag after I drop it, and carry it the complete wrong direction only to die.

    The vast majority of my matches when playing solo or with only one friend was brought down by bad teammates. I've had a Warthog and just honked at teammates to hop in so we can capture the flag and they just proceed to run around and do nothing. I've had teammates fly around in a Banshie during CTF and contribute absolutely nothing. It's frustrating because, again, the game is intentionally designed to limit power weapons and have a reliance on team work but I can't do that solo.

    Map design is just bad. The one I like the most Launch Site which seems to be everyone else's least favourite. I like it because it's asymmetrical and has 3 power weapons available along with vehicles. So you can take a one way shortcut on the right side to get to the enemy base. You can go through a narrow middle lane which has nice vertical layers. OR you can walk or drive around a long sweeping left lane which has open gunplay. So I like it for it's depth but others don't like it because it is bigger and slower paced.

    Other than Launch Site, pretty much every single map is derivative of the Treyarch 3-lane map design formula that you'll find in the Black Ops games. This 3-lane map design is extremely popular nowadays but I don't like it (hence why I thought Modern Warfare in 2019 was fantastic, cause they threw that logic out the window). So that in itself kinda makes Halo feel like a modern shooter with Halo shields and weapons. It doesn't feel like a Halo game through and through. I honestly think one or two better maps would go a long way from improving the overall experience.
    So all in all, there is a lot of work to do but it's solid as-is in it's current state. I'm not super disappointed or super impressed. I'm right down the middle and am optimistic for the future, but I really strongly believe 343 should consider some better map design theory and consider allowing less power from trash weapons like the Assault Rifle and MORE power from the actual power weapons.

  • I kinda want to have a few more playlists. Like gimme a slayer one.

  • @bigdude1 said in Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread:

    I kinda want to have a few more playlists. Like gimme a slayer one.

    Yeah, I'm really tired of playing the same modes on the same maps over and over again. They just added Fiesta which has always been a favourite of mine. They never seem to have a 24/7 Fiesta which I've longed for and get excited every time they bring it back. But overall, I'm tired of continually getting: Bazaar - CTF, Recharge - Strongholds, and Streets - Oddball. It's quite repetitive, especially since Bazaar is just such a bad map.

    However, their crew is on a well earned vacation. I'm sure this past year wasn't easy getting the game into shape. I can wait for updates in a month or so when they are back.


    In playing Fiesta, you start automatically with random equipment gadgets and I've gotten some interesting kills using Grapple Shot (grapple hook) and Repulsor (force push). I almost wonder if the game would benefit if you started with one of these in regular modes. The pace of the match increases a lot when more equipment is in-play.

    I had an amazing clip, but I guess Theatre mode doesn't save your footage if you join late, even if its 10 sec late. So I'll try to make another clip of me using this equipment but it's way more interesting than I first realized when you're given easy access to it and don't need to pick it up in the middle of a match.


    Not a fantastic example, but @:45 you can see FatRat use the Repulsor for non-combat purposes. He uses equipment a few times in this video.

    Fiesta Slayer on Launch Site - Halo Infinite Gameplay (21 Kills, Killtacular)
    Youtube Video – [00:45..]

    Honestly, the equipment is pretty great in Infinite the more I play it. It's lightyeard above the Armor Lock days of Reach (although I did love the Clone equipment option). Also lightyears ahead of the 3rd person side jump from Halo 4. This equipment in Infinite compliments the physics sandbox nicely.

  • Been playing for the last two days. Very seldom do online shooters grab me, I do try them but usually I quit after minutes. Having said that, I love it! Gameplay is tight, good variety of weapons and for the most part fun. Sound is a HUGE improvement, music and sound design are top. The maps are fine, I do love the big ones. Baazar is my favourite from the small ones, although the choke point at the centre doors doesn't quite work, map is too small for that.

    Fiesta was great, I like the random weapon thing, learned a lot. I'll try not to waste much more time with it but it is tons of fun and addicting. And the general quality of gameplay, sound and performance makes me more excited about the campaign. Getting some hype over here.

    I'll always be more of a CS, PUBG kind of online player and the few times I've tried Halo multiplayer I hated it, was not expecting to enjoy this.

  • @phbz

    From the 30ish hours that I've played, I'm pretty confident that the new weapons and tools will compliment the Campaign very nicely. Honestly, it seems like they were designed with more open freedom and experimentation in mind.

    Halo Infinite's Greatest Weapon
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  • Got myself a new clip tonight. Nothing crazy but it amused me.

    Halo Infinite—Tactical Espionage Action
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