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  • I'm still playing it. It's obviously fun because I've put time into it but it's all these little things that add up that bring the whole experience down. Like you guys said, vehicle spawns are not great but weapon spawns are boring too. You never stumble into a power weapon mid-gunfight like in prior games. You always rush to get the rocket or sniper in the middle of the map. Which is just odd placement. And randomized weapons doesn't add any concrete identity to any given map. I always get annoyed when a match has the Ravanger as a weapon pickup because it's so useless.

    Maybe you guys can fill me in but with a weakened Shotgun, I don't know what gun or play can possibly counteract the Gravity Hammer at medium to close range. Is there one? The closest thing is the Energy Sword but the Gravity Hammer has an advantage because they can blast Sword players away. Maybe the Repulsor equipment but even the range for that is equal to the Grav Hammer.

  • Oh man, apparently 343 nailed it. Shame El Shmiablo is no longer among us. Probably we're missing another meltdown after Metroid.

    Still I'll wait for a patch to fix the cutscene stuttering before playing the game, I'll give them a week before going for it.

  • Halo Infinite is definitely the best Halo 343 has made. i mainly want more playlists, more maps and to get rid of the randomized vehicle drops

  • Between the three director shifts and a pretty boring abysmal showing 12 months ago, it’s good to see they finally made a good Halo game. I could kinda tell the second I saw the montage trailer that this was going to be a massive improvement.

    Apparently the Campaign is full of nods and Easter eggs across the entire series which is a good way to celebrate a game called “Infinite” and will allegedly be the one Halo game for a long time. May as well make it a platform to just be all things Halo.

    I still think I’m gonna hold off until co-op launches in 9 months. I can’t shake the disappointment that games used to release as GOTY contenders with all features in place, but nowadays they get patched on a roadmap.

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  • He told me he got permabanned. I'll miss Shim. Even a nice forum needs an edge sometimes.


    OT - EZA Impressions w/ Ben & Brad
    Youtube Video


    • Open world freedom is nice
    • Grapple Hook is essential and fun addition overall
    • Story has more heart and emotional weight than recent entries
    • Solid boss battles and tough difficulty
    • A lot of samey open world-ness, but Halo physics can make it fun

    Other things I've been reading elsewhere:

    • Intro levels are linear > majority of game is open world > some linear levels > ending is all linear
    • Enjoyable solo but some parts are clearly designed for co-op (which is missing and will be missing for 9 months... sigh)
    • Awesome soundtrack the remixes Bungie-era music and incorporates new music for a nostalgia whirlwind

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  • He never really added anything to the discussion. I could not care less.

  • @dipset
    But can we shoot out the lights?

  • @bigdude1 agreed. good riddance.

  • I wish they added player collision. It’s pretty unbalanced in a lot of scenarios.

  • @bigdude1 not just collision.

    I've been noticing lag's been happening alot more the last couple of days. Like i'll start shooting someone and then a few seconds later they will teleported slightly over.

    It happens sometimes when trying to beat people down too

  • FamilyJules: Halo Theme, Metal

    Youtube Video

  • @yoshi iv had that happen too,like the whole world gets shifted around from the lag.

  • Papa Schreier in the building!

    How Microsoft’s Halo Infinite Went From Disaster to Triumph


    I used Incognito to open it. I think VPN should work as well. I haven't read yet.

    I'd love to see a Schreier article about VTMB2. I am really longing for any straightforward insight about that game.

  • played the first half hour of campaign. it's pretty fun so far. excited to keep playing after work

  • @yoshi Has Infinite unseated Dread as your GOTY?

  • Played 4h straight, rare thing for me. There's some rough stuff in here, above all the cutscenes, ouch! pretty atrocious stuttering. Terrible way to open the game.

    But... Gameplay is phenomenal, hands down best in the series. Sound design superb too.