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  • Was looking for Gametrailers reviews of Halo games and decided to share.

    Crazy that we never had a Halo game under EzA. Unfortunately Halo:CE and Halo 2 are not reviews of the original releases, because that's just how time works.

    Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary (8/10)
    Youtube Video

    Halo 2 Vista (7.2/10)
    Youtube Video

    Halo 3 (9.8/10)
    Youtube Video

    Halo: Reach (9.3/10)
    Youtube Video

    Halo 4 (9/10)
    Youtube Video

    Halo 5: Guadians (9/10)
    Youtube Video


    Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review (9.3/10)
    Youtube Video

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    @b-cell Please don't ever quote or @ me again.

  • @Phbz

    I was waiting for somebody to mention Halo 2 on Vista. If I'm not mistaken, this was the first version of Forge mode and it kicked off Microsoft's piss poor attempt at getting back into PC gaming (along with Gears of War for Vista). My god was Windows Vista broken. For a graduation present in grade 8, my parents bought me a half decent laptop from Costco. Nothing special but it could play Bioshock on low settings and that was enough for me.

    At the time, I didn't know much about computer hardware / software so I didn't know why Vista sucked, but I got Halo 2 Vista and my god the fucking game wouldn't even work at all. It'd boot, have graphical problems, then crash. I don't think it was my hardware either because numerous people online complained about it being unplayable. I brought it back to EB Games and that was teetering on the edge of you not really being able to return games just cause they suck, but they took it back.

    Then Microsoft was like "well I guess nobody plays PC games anymore" rather than looking in the mirror at how broken Window's Vista was. They wouldn't come back to that market until like 2018-2019. It's crazy how backwards Microsoft was in that 2007-2016 near decade.

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    here if someone has not seen this video. difference between passionate and greedy developers.

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    @b-cell Please don't ever quote or @ me again.

    You can quote or @ me all you want, B-Cell. Halo 1 purists unite! ^_^

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    @dipset Haha yeah I tried some Halo 2 on vista too, had similar problems. Didn't help that Vista was an absolutely horrible OS to begin with.

  • Been playing Halo 3 for a bit longer than a month. This was a long time coming. Even if it was SWAT. Couldn't resist the edit...

    Youtube Video

  • Papa Schreier and co-writer Dina Bass have the scoop on Halo Infinite...

    Staten worked as a lead on the cinematics in the original trilogy among other roles and is a writer on Halo Reach, Destiny, and lately was helping the team on Tell Me Why.

    Read between the lines and his ascension to "Project Lead" on the campaign is a clear sign that this game had absolutely no business releasing in November (if the gameplay demo wasn't enough evidence already). Hopefully he can get the campaign "back on track" but we'll see.

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    What do they hope to do bringing him in so late in development?
    Infinite honestly seems doomed to fail. Spending half a billy on a game only to delay it indefinitely after years of incredibly rocky development just spells bad game to me.

  • I think we’re going to get a game in late-2021 that is fun by late-2022.

    Not trying to be negative but between this, the reports of a revolving door of contract work and the fact it’s been in development for 5 years already.

    This ROI is gonna be rough.

    Gotta say tho, I’ve played like 30 hours of Halo 3 multiplayer only and I’m not even done with it yet. So at least that game should have enough legs to carry me to when the F2P Infinite MP is playable.

  • Halo 2 and reach are the best

  • Damn!

    I hope the population goes up between this update and the eventual crossplay update. I know we shouldn't expect this high bar for Xbox Series X games going forward because a 2021 game is obviously more taxing that an update to games from 2001-2007,


    this is essentially the most high fidelity way of playing Halo multiplayer on consoles in the history of the series. As of now, I'm limited by my 60Hz refresh rate so I can't even get this fidelity on my PC.

    At this point... do we even neeeeeeed Halo Infinite? I'll take 2 more years of support to MCC instead tbh.

  • @dipset If it even works as advertised at launch. I haven't forgotten all this collection has been through.

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    @dipset If it even works as advertised at launch. I haven't forgotten all this collection has been through.

    Until all the titles in MCC work as good as their original console releases (hah), my nameplate will continue to be -1th.

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    I actually made the choice to buy all the Halo games seperately through Steam because I didn't want the absolute abomination that was Halo 4 sullying the game menu when I boot it up.

  • @el-shmiablo

    They took the “Master Chief” in Master Chief Collection way too seriously. Halo 4 doesn’t need any more time or resources. The population won’t evaporate because it won’t even exist. Nobody is gonna play it.

    @Mbun @Oscillator

    MCC works great for me but I didn’t get it back at launch. We’ll never be able to recapture that XBL community magic with parties and forge maps and all that fun stuff, but it at least works great for me.

    With the increased frame rate and field of view sliders, I feel like this version fixes some of my original complains which were frame rate dips and XBL lag.

  • MCC as I don't play online has been a flawless experience since day one. Actually might replay 4s campaign on the XSX, I like it.

  • 4 isn’t bad imo

  • More bad news for Halo Infinite.

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    Just give up.
    Cancel the game. Dissolve 343. Start over from scratch.