Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread

  • Damn!

    I hope the population goes up between this update and the eventual crossplay update. I know we shouldn't expect this high bar for Xbox Series X games going forward because a 2021 game is obviously more taxing that an update to games from 2001-2007,


    this is essentially the most high fidelity way of playing Halo multiplayer on consoles in the history of the series. As of now, I'm limited by my 60Hz refresh rate so I can't even get this fidelity on my PC.

    At this point... do we even neeeeeeed Halo Infinite? I'll take 2 more years of support to MCC instead tbh.

  • @dipset If it even works as advertised at launch. I haven't forgotten all this collection has been through.

  • @mbun said in Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread:

    @dipset If it even works as advertised at launch. I haven't forgotten all this collection has been through.

    Until all the titles in MCC work as good as their original console releases (hah), my nameplate will continue to be -1th.

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    I actually made the choice to buy all the Halo games seperately through Steam because I didn't want the absolute abomination that was Halo 4 sullying the game menu when I boot it up.

  • @el-shmiablo

    They took the “Master Chief” in Master Chief Collection way too seriously. Halo 4 doesn’t need any more time or resources. The population won’t evaporate because it won’t even exist. Nobody is gonna play it.

    @Mbun @Oscillator

    MCC works great for me but I didn’t get it back at launch. We’ll never be able to recapture that XBL community magic with parties and forge maps and all that fun stuff, but it at least works great for me.

    With the increased frame rate and field of view sliders, I feel like this version fixes some of my original complains which were frame rate dips and XBL lag.

  • MCC as I don't play online has been a flawless experience since day one. Actually might replay 4s campaign on the XSX, I like it.

  • 4 isn’t bad imo

  • More bad news for Halo Infinite.

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    Just give up.
    Cancel the game. Dissolve 343. Start over from scratch.

  • Damn. I was excited for this game too, but it's really not looking good.

  • Man that's a tough pill to swallow. A lot of people want Halo Infinite to be that return to form. No sense in releasing a half baked product, but also no sense in sinking more time and money into a lost cause.

    Perhaps the director has served his role and is moving on. To be fair, he might've been hired for x-amount of time, the schedule kept getting pushed and he can't stay anymore. Laid down the blueprint, built the foundation, put all the wheels in motion, and now he's just moving on?

    Buuuuuut it seems like he was longtime 343 staff and not a hired gun so I'm somewhat doubtful that's the case...


    Just support Halo MCC for another 2 years and go back to the drawing board. I need the juicy Papa Schreier details...

  • @demonpirate well that's a kick in the balls considering it was meant to be a Day one Launch title for the Series X.
    then it was "early next year"
    now it's almost a full year later.

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    Some new concept art.

  • Some new Halo Infinite screenshots

  • @bam541 what happened to my bro Craig though?

  • @yoshi he's probably just vibing somewhere in the game, maybe as an easter egg

  • Oh man those screen shots already look waaaaay better than the video from last year. My main takeaway is that I don’t see any of that weird metal bullshit in the backdrops. Those blocky metal structures in the mountains or whatever looked so weird.

    I have hope still. Looking good.

  • Looks fine, but I was fine with the graphics on the reveal. Least of my concerns regarding Halo tbh.

    But they better make a side mission where I have to rescue Craig from an angry mob or I'm done with the series.

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    @phbz I don't think anybody at 343 is self aware enough to do that.

    And yeah, the graphics look fine (still miles behind contemporaries) but that should be the least of people's concerns regarding 343 made Halos.