Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread

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    @dipset I try not to put much stock into what trends on YT.
    Tom MacDonald was #6 yesterday with his song "Snowflake".

  • @el-shmiablo Didn't realise he was Native American I would have swore Mcdonald was a Scottish name. Oh and I think Halo MP looks cool. Just to keep the comment relevant to the thread.

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    Point taken. I should never underestimate how big the cult of embarrassing fragile white egos exist out there on the internet.

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    @paulmci27 He's native? News to me. Personally I'm just embarrassed that dude shares Canadian citizenship with me. Like I would personally find it incredibly embarrassing if every single one of my hit songs was just me whining about how people hate me because I'm white.

    Also, I personally thought the Halo trailers were pretty meh. Nice to see it going free to play, but that's kinda what games need to do to survive in these days.

  • @el-shmiablo He seems to think he is according to his lyrics. I thought all whites in North America were immigrants. I am also glad Halo multiplayer is free.

  • I have been having net code / lag issues lately in MCC. I made "art" about it.

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  • The full halo infinite game is on gamepass day one right? I'll get the physical versionbut probs for a cheap discounted rate.

    Would love to play it on gamepass in meantime though

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    @yoshi The entire multiplayer suite is free for everyone when it comes out, GamePass or not. Only thing anybody needs to pay for is the singleplayer.

  • IGN has new Halo Infinite gameplay.

    Halo Infinite: Full Slayer Match on Xbox Series X Multiplayer Gameplay
    Youtube Video

    Longtime Halo YouTuber 'MintBlitz' shares his thoughts:

    Halo Veteran Reviews Halo Infinite
    Youtube Video


    We were discussing this a bit in the EZA Fantasy Critic chat (and by discussing, it was me having an "old man yells at cloud" moment), and I'd like to put together my own thoughts about it:

    POINT 1 - I'm too close to the series

    For somebody who never even owned an Xbox except for a month or so in 2011 before it bricked itself; I actually really love the Halo series. I played CE on my parents computer when that port released around 2003 or 2004. My middle school years were filled with hours of Halo 3 split-screen at my friends house.

    I really miss those days. I'll admit there is a nostalgia factor, but there is plenty of objectivity towards why I love those original games.

    All this to say, I'll admit it. I'm a bit too close to the series to be fully objective.


    POINT 2 - It looks fine

    I'm not blown away by it, but after my first watch and obvious disappointment with the IGN Slayer gameplay, I can take a step back and say, "Okay it's fine I guess." You'd think Microsoft would strive for higher than that, but I'll get to that later.

    Objectively, the gameplay looks fine enough. I think some people will like it. I think new fans will hop in and it'll feel familiar to other shooters. It's not all doom and gloom despite my personal disappointment.


    POINT 3 - FPS has reached full homogeny

    For better or worse, the average player can pick up any major FPS on the market and immediately know the controls, game modes, the movement, physics, and have clear expectations about the TTK.

    I wish more genres had this degree of commonality but I think it's seriously kneecapped the MP FPS over the past half decade. There is so little differentiation anymore. Sprint, slide, hurdle, jump; it all feels so similar. Obviously Halo Infinite would take some modern expectations but I didn't expect this to look like Apex in an arena. It is what it is.


    POINT 4 - Does Microsoft not know Halo is a legendary franchise?

    Sort of what Capnbobamous said last night, there was a time when every game wanted to be like Halo. Now Halo wants to be like every other game. I don't understand what 343 is going for anymore.

    When the God of War series in 2018 returned from it's stagnation and fall from grace, they made a video game so impactful that it won most GOTY awards and is considered one of the greatest games of all time by many. There too was a time when every Halo release felt monumental. That is why I don't understand why Microsoft is content with "good enough" or "fine" but they should return to form unequivocally with a gigantic splash and statement to say "HALO IS BACK!".

    Just imagine if God of War in 2018 came back and was only kinda sorta good? It's weird seeing a legendary franchise not act like it has legendary status.

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    @dipset I think developing a studio around a franchise is a bad idea.
    It happened with Halo and Gears and both have fallen into their weird feedback loop of mediocrity.

    It also doesn't help that the company you created to carry on such a legendary franchise don't seem to have any sweet fucking clue what made everybody love said franchise in the first place.

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  • @el-shmiablo I agree that building a studio around a franchise isn't a great idea, but Gears 5 is far from mediocre it's actually pretty great & I'm not the biggest Gears fan.Id love them to try out an new IP though.

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    I've been playing through the original Bungie quintilogy on PC and man, it's such a shame to see how far this franchise has fallen. Halo CE through Reach are just spectacular games, while 4 and 5 feel like they had no fucking clue what to do with the series.

    Infinite MP looks pretty decent at this point but I'm fully expecting the campaign to be another embarrassment to the Halo name.

  • @el-shmiablo I recently played 4 and 5. The worst crime they commit is that they're okay like a 6/10. Halo 4 has the lowest of the lows but there's some great levels aswell. Halo 5 is treading water, I only played it last week and remember nothing. I think Halo Infinites campaign will be great based on my delusional optimism. SURELY they can't fuck it up again or Halos dead.

  • @El-Shmiablo

    I just started up Halo CE to slowly catch up for Infinite (although I'll never fully finish 4-5) and there are so many cool trends of the past that I really miss in replaying it. It's not perfect by today's standards but it still feels confident whereas 4-5 feel aimless.

    I'm coming around a bit on Infinite MP considering a good handful of Halo YouTubers say there is potential and their criticisms weren't too bad, but I still stand by not liking the militaristic aesthetic and other small visual / aesthetic choices they went for (i.e. weapons glowing on the map, glossy outlines on characters, crunchy audio).


    I haven't touched Halo 5's Campaign mode but the H5 MP mode is significantly better than Halo 4. Not going to die on the hill of comparing two okay-at-best titles, but with updates, Halo 5 turned into something that at least felt a bit unique. It sucked at first then I went back to it at a friends house months later and it was a lot more polished.

    Both are unmemorable and unremarkable.

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    @dipset I feel that Infinite's MP has tremendous potential and is already showing a lot of promise, but I simply cannot fathom the campaign being anything but completely abysmal. 343, despite being a company designed specifically to carry on the Halo legacy, don't have the sweetest fucking clue what made Halo so damn good in the first place. Like you said, even the sound design is off in recent games. Every weapon in the original games has an incredibly distinct sound profile, but now everything is just an overloud, crunchy mess because it has to sound badass.

    The original gameplay reveal was downright embarrassing, especially with the badguy talking to the camera, once again trying way too hard to come off as intimidating and badass, which only ends up looking silly.

    343 is to Halo as Treyarch are to CoD. You see the name and know it's going to be steamy shit. I would honestly be very happy if Microsoft decided to dissolve the studio and let MachineGames or one of the other devs they've moneyhatted have a crack at the series.

    Or, alternatively, just let the series rest in peace. 3 was a perfect ending, and everything after feels completely unnecessary.

  • @el-shmiablo treyarch made some great cod games though

  • Halo 4 has a solid campaign with a couple of high points and never as low as the Library. I just don't like the turn the narrative took. Also the flood was shit and getting rid of it was a great improvement on the series.

    I might go for a replay of the trilogy.

  • I'm replaying the OG trilogy so I'll see what I think about the Flood but I recall the zombies being pretty fun in Halo 2. Obviously don't want too much of it.