Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread

  • @bam541 what happened to my bro Craig though?

  • @yoshi he's probably just vibing somewhere in the game, maybe as an easter egg

  • Oh man those screen shots already look waaaaay better than the video from last year. My main takeaway is that I don’t see any of that weird metal bullshit in the backdrops. Those blocky metal structures in the mountains or whatever looked so weird.

    I have hope still. Looking good.

  • Looks fine, but I was fine with the graphics on the reveal. Least of my concerns regarding Halo tbh.

    But they better make a side mission where I have to rescue Craig from an angry mob or I'm done with the series.

  • @phbz I don't think anybody at 343 is self aware enough to do that.

    And yeah, the graphics look fine (still miles behind contemporaries) but that should be the least of people's concerns regarding 343 made Halos.

  • Honestly, art direction was a tip top concern of mine. Probably higher up than some gameplay things. Halo 4 and 5's art direction was just "gloss" and "make it shiny" and it had virtually no identity outside of the already iconic red and blue UNSC suit of armour. I've only played a limited amount of Halo 5 but it did have some fun gameplay elements and the game wasn't complete shit, so I have faith somebody there knows what they are doing gameplay wise.

    That's why art and aesthetic is really important to me. I couldn't stomach another glossy Halo game that has less in common with what made the series great and more in common with COD Black Ops.

  • @dipset If the gameplay itself doesn't even remotely resemble what made the franchise great in the first place, a slightly more consistent art style isn't going to mean much in the end.

  • @el-shmiablo

    For sure and I watched some Halo 5 campaign videos and it looks like a complete dumpster fire. I just mean the MP has a lot of solid elements so I know they are capable of doing Halo justice but I have yet to see anything the artistically looks like something I can physically stare at for more than 10 minutes.

    Those games just look so blah so I’m happy Infinite already looks better.