Halo (franchise) - Official Discussion Thread

  • @el-shmiablo I agree that building a studio around a franchise isn't a great idea, but Gears 5 is far from mediocre it's actually pretty great & I'm not the biggest Gears fan.Id love them to try out an new IP though.

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    I've been playing through the original Bungie quintilogy on PC and man, it's such a shame to see how far this franchise has fallen. Halo CE through Reach are just spectacular games, while 4 and 5 feel like they had no fucking clue what to do with the series.

    Infinite MP looks pretty decent at this point but I'm fully expecting the campaign to be another embarrassment to the Halo name.

  • @el-shmiablo I recently played 4 and 5. The worst crime they commit is that they're okay like a 6/10. Halo 4 has the lowest of the lows but there's some great levels aswell. Halo 5 is treading water, I only played it last week and remember nothing. I think Halo Infinites campaign will be great based on my delusional optimism. SURELY they can't fuck it up again or Halos dead.

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    I just started up Halo CE to slowly catch up for Infinite (although I'll never fully finish 4-5) and there are so many cool trends of the past that I really miss in replaying it. It's not perfect by today's standards but it still feels confident whereas 4-5 feel aimless.

    I'm coming around a bit on Infinite MP considering a good handful of Halo YouTubers say there is potential and their criticisms weren't too bad, but I still stand by not liking the militaristic aesthetic and other small visual / aesthetic choices they went for (i.e. weapons glowing on the map, glossy outlines on characters, crunchy audio).


    I haven't touched Halo 5's Campaign mode but the H5 MP mode is significantly better than Halo 4. Not going to die on the hill of comparing two okay-at-best titles, but with updates, Halo 5 turned into something that at least felt a bit unique. It sucked at first then I went back to it at a friends house months later and it was a lot more polished.

    Both are unmemorable and unremarkable.

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    @dipset I feel that Infinite's MP has tremendous potential and is already showing a lot of promise, but I simply cannot fathom the campaign being anything but completely abysmal. 343, despite being a company designed specifically to carry on the Halo legacy, don't have the sweetest fucking clue what made Halo so damn good in the first place. Like you said, even the sound design is off in recent games. Every weapon in the original games has an incredibly distinct sound profile, but now everything is just an overloud, crunchy mess because it has to sound badass.

    The original gameplay reveal was downright embarrassing, especially with the badguy talking to the camera, once again trying way too hard to come off as intimidating and badass, which only ends up looking silly.

    343 is to Halo as Treyarch are to CoD. You see the name and know it's going to be steamy shit. I would honestly be very happy if Microsoft decided to dissolve the studio and let MachineGames or one of the other devs they've moneyhatted have a crack at the series.

    Or, alternatively, just let the series rest in peace. 3 was a perfect ending, and everything after feels completely unnecessary.

  • @el-shmiablo treyarch made some great cod games though

  • Halo 4 has a solid campaign with a couple of high points and never as low as the Library. I just don't like the turn the narrative took. Also the flood was shit and getting rid of it was a great improvement on the series.

    I might go for a replay of the trilogy.

  • I'm replaying the OG trilogy so I'll see what I think about the Flood but I recall the zombies being pretty fun in Halo 2. Obviously don't want too much of it.

  • @dipset My biggest problem with the Flood is that once a game runs out of ideas there's always "zombies" as a filler, this was a trend I really didn't liked in several games, which often results in the quality of combat design just going down the drain. Also although in concept the idea of a cosmic parasite being cool, visually I find it to be super boring.

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    I personally really enjoyed The Library, save for the amount of times they repeated the exact same hallway. I found their combat style to be a good mixup from the Covenant, and enjoyed when they would clash and you would get to see how the different AIs measured against one another.

    In my opinion, there isn't a single moment in the campaign of either 4 or 5 that comes even remotely close to reaching the highs of the original games, and the lows are so astronomically low as to be actually kind of impressive that a dev could miss the mark that much.

  • @el-shmiablo The Library is quite cool, until it isn't and then until you question if you're trapped in there for all eternity. I really like the whole forest level in 4.

  • @phbz halo 4 campaign was mediocre. the multiplayer was pretty good though

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    Booted up Halo 2 last night and, man, they sure don't make opening levels like they used to.

  • @el-shmiablo out of the number games 2 might possibly have the best campaign. The MCC upgrade is great aswell.

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    @paulmci27 Oh man dat MCC upgrade. Massively improved lighting, detail textures everywhere.
    My only complaint is 343 sullying the overall package by forcing their garbage into the beginning of the game with that added cutscene with Locke and Arbiter.

  • @yoshi compared to 5’s campaign it was amazing.

    5 really just was that bad

  • @el-shmiablo 2 for me is the ultimate halo experience. It adds basically all the lore in halo and has the most big moments in the series.

  • @bigdude1 true. 5 never held my interest long enough so i've never actually finished 5's campaign

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    @bigdude1 Even just the intro to 2 adds so much flavor to the overall world of the series.
    Good stuff.