What are your Top 10 Gaming Franchises of all time?

  • Hello friends,

    So in this thread we talk about our top 10 best franchises in history. so what are your top 10 best gaming franchises in history. it can be long running franchise or new franchise.

    heres mine

    10. Portal

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    Portal is unique and intelligent design First person puzzle game. It was basically Half life but a puzzle game. both Portal games were great and Portal 2 was last Valve traditional game before they went full MP/Coop/VR till now. incredible games where you shoot blue and yellow portals to solve puzzles.

    9. Mafia

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    Should have been even higher if later games in series were half as good as original was. and Mafia 3 didnot absolutely suck. but this does deserve top 10. the reason is simple, Mafia 1 was one of the best game ever made. truely masterpiece especially in story and 40s atmosphere department. Mafia 2 was also great but lack Mafia 1 charm. The Remake looks good but wont be as good as original.

    8. Metro

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    Metro is definitely one of gaming best and most underrated series. one of the best FPS trilogy. amazing story and gameplay. when series was debut in 2010. Metro 2033 was one of the most refreshing game that time because FPS were COD clones. It took inspiration from STALKER but it was basically linear and story driven STALKER experience. Metro is among gaming best franchise.

    7. Splinter Cell

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    Up until Chaos Theory. Splinter cell was my fav gaming franchise. Original Splinter cell was a masterpiece and put MGS to shame when it was series that rival MGS. Chaos theory was perfect stealth or gaming experience anyone. hiding in shadows, open NVG, having light and sound meter, interrogation. Sam fisher was gaming one of the most badass character thanks to ironside voice. then double agent came and it was decline. introduce emotional sam fisher, his daughter death, morality system then conviction become action game and blacklist become parody of splinter cell where you dont even play as sam fisher himself.

    6. Hitman

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    Hitman is only stealth series today that doesnot decline in quality unlike splinter cell. although it doesnot have strong start as original game in series suck but then second game, contracts and blood money becomes masterpiece. absolution ruined because it went action but then it back to its roots with Hitman 2016 which spawn 2 more sequel. Excellent unique stealth franchsie where you blend in crowd and do disguised.

    5. Max Payne

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    Easily best TPS franchise. original Max payne was masterpiece so was 3. 2 was good but a disappointing sequel. Max payne games are mechanically perfect. diving, slow mo and shooting never get old. Original was best due to best story, it was dark and gritty noire driven, Max is alone badass revenge seeking. I would say this is gaming best trilogy of all time.

    4. Deus Ex

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    Even though its one of the best franchise. its also a cursed franchise. in a sense that if one game is good, next game must be bad. Deus Ex 1 is still best game ever even in 2020. a gaming perfection and citizen kane of gaming. Deus Ex 2 suck, Deus Ex HR again masterpiece but not as good as original, MD once again a disappointing sequel. assume next Deus Ex must be good. Original Deus Ex has deep conspiracy story that predict the todays events, pioneer in immersive sim genre. Easily gaming one of the best franchise.

    3. STALKER

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    Although barely a franchise, One main game and 2 standlone expansions but STALKER 2 around the corner so it is a franchise now. STALKER SoC with mods is best FPS game ever made. and no game actually surpassed it. clear sky actually suck. but it was just rushed expansion and too much action focus but COP once again become excellent that focus more and more on exploration. these games has best atmosphere ever. they are atmospheric and immersive game with one of gaming best world ie zone. this is how you make FPS game.

    2. Half life

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    Half life was my first ever FPS game and it blew me away. this is the game that make me FPS fan and PC gamer. it was first FPS game that also focus on narrative part but with puzzle solving, incredible design levels that make me feel like those levels are made by NASA scientists. only weak parts were xen. change FPS forever. Half life 2 was also ahead of its time in 2004 that evolve original formula and become gaming one of the best sequel. also introduce gravity gun which is incredible fun to use. Half life and Half life 2 are gaming perfection. HL2 spawn 2 episodes which are not as strong as base games. although EP2 was amazing but EP1 suck. donot care about alyx. it would be number 1 if series is still active.

    1. Doom

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    And the number 1 franchise is Doom. you would not be surprise but its only long running FPS series that still going on and very strong. all of Doom games are different than others. Doom 3 was slower paced horror game that was also amazing. original Doom games revolutionize FPS genre and FPS were called Doom clones before term invented. the original design created by john rumero there fore they had best level design in franchise how ever newer reboot combine old school and modern elements perfectly. Eternal innovative combat loop with air dashing and grappling with platforming give new life to franchise. 27 year old franchise still going on and strong. if next game release in 2023. it will mark 30 year anniversary and franchise never had a single bad game.

    So my friend, what are your gaming top 10 franchises?

    lets discuss

  • nice picks b-cell love the modern dooms but have never visited the older ones, and while i did play some of the orange box on ps3 i wouldn't say it was a great introduction to half life in particular(recently bought them all along with the 1st deus ex on gog/steam for like $5)

    also with hitman the only one i ever played was absolution...so yeah i bought the modern ones recently so will jump in at some point though i do enjoy watching people play them
    i will try not to overthink this but my list would go something like this.

    bottom 5(no order)

    final fantasy or age of empires

    am slowing chipping away at the old final fantasy(6,7,9,10 are on my list) would likely be higher if i had played more (played 4,13 and remake(part way through 7 now))

    AOE1 and 2 was basically the only pc game i had that i could play reliably until my mum got internet access in 2007(which was 500mb/month btw, love being rural)

    Metal gear solid

    never played 2 or finished 3 but they are on the list(weird how much i love these considering 4 was my introduction haha)

    Mass effect

    would love to say dragon age (please let 4 be good) but mass effect was just so much more consistent.


    my go too for fighting games when i do dabble.7 is the current best fighting game though respect for Smash.

    Grand Theft Auto

    i just have to include these for ps2 trilogy alone.


    adore fallout 3 honestly might be my top bethesda game haven't touched the first 2 yet but plan to with my more recent dive into crpgs(divinity:os2, pathfinder:kingmaker etc).

    weird that they haven't done anything for 5 years.

    4-the elder scrolls

    Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim...i like fantasy and RPGs this is an obvious choice. sure there are arguably better RPG's (witcher 3) i still don't think anything comes close to the freedom D&D style like elder scrolls that is not a top down crpg since skyrim.
    thankfully cyberpunk 2077(deus ex) and likely more so vampire the masquerades 2 both seem to be approaching that gameplay style.

    3-Ratchet and clank

    honestly as a franchise as a whole i could make arguments for this being my number 1 choice but the fact that none of the individual games quite reach the level as some of those above it (dark souls and god of war 2/2018) make me admit it too a number 3 spot.

    i have just always loved these it's classic 3D action platformer but with a greater focus on weapons than most. it does some of the best humour in video games with some great consumerism based humour in the first 2 especially.

    on that note 2(going commando) is one of the most perfect sequels ever perfectly improving and expanding on everything from the first. i think 2 takes the first place but up your arsenal(best combat fittingly) and a crack in time(best story) are both excellent with the rest of the mainline games mostly being great, shame that they are basically all locked on last gen(thankfully they basically all ran at 60fps and the HD collection in particular still looks great.)
    oh and while the ps4 "remake of the movie" is fun the story changes and humour just miss so much of the first games charm especially and also seems to aim at a younger audience like the movie.

    2-Dark souls

    this might be Number 1 if i could include demons souls and bloodborne but that feels a little cheap, i just love these game's and especially how they handle story and lore. being a RPG and fantasy fan in general i just adore the vibe and feel of playing these and am likely in the minority in my preference of dark souls(and demons souls) over bloodborne.

    sadly dark souls 2 is a weak point for me, it's still fine but it really misses the things i love about souls(though i did beat it 3 times)

    1-God of war

    have loved the franchise since the first and while the 2018 game has received it's deserved praise it's still not a clear winner over God of war 2 personally and the fact that the worst game in the franchise (ascension) is still a good game says alot.

    the early games a perfect teenager games at the time with just violence and rage and a story that is fun and epic with a handfull of more meaningful moments and the ps4 game is just all round wonderful and in particular i love the writing/dialogue so many games still over explain with dialogue because they can't rely on the acting as much to convey information.

  • In no real particular or meaningful order:

    Final Fantasy
    The Last of Us
    Kingdom Hearts
    Gears of War
    Mass Effect
    Ratchet & Clank
    God of War

  • I'm formatting mine as a top 12, as there are only 12 franchises that I can legitimately select from -- meaning I have a significant enjoyment of at least two games, without too big of a gap in preference -- and I also have a clear top 6 and clear lesser 6.

    1. The Legend of Zelda

    Five games - Ocarina of Time (N64), Majora's Mask (N64), Twilight Princess (GameCube), The Wind Waker HD (Wii U), Breath of the Wild (Wii U)

    Favorite aspects - Craftsmanship, atmosphere, soundtrack

    1. The Elder Scrolls

    Two games - IV: Oblivion (Xbox 360), V: Skyrim (Xbox 360)

    Favorite aspects - Freedom, variety, size, soundtrack, lore

    1. Tony Hawk's

    Five games - Pro Skater 1 (N64), Pro Skater 2 (N64 and Dreamcast), Pro Skater 3 (GameCube and Xbox), Underground (Xbox), Project 8 (Xbox 360)

    Favorite aspects - Easy to control, lighthearted, soundtrack, searching for hidden items

    1. Pikmin

    Two games - Pikmin 1 (GameCube), Pikmin 3 (Wii U)

    Favorite aspects - Atmosphere, graphics, whimsy, need to really use your brain

    1. Pokémon

    Three games - Pokémon Red (Game Boy), Pokémon Snap, (N64), Pokémon Silver (Game Boy Color)

    Favorite aspects - Creature designs/personalities, ease of use, battle mechanics, soundtrack

    1. Dance Dance Revolution

    At least 3 games - DDRMAX (2001, arcade), DDRMAX2 (2002, arcade), Extreme (2002, arcade) - other prior and later entries have inherent similarities

    Favorite aspects - Attitude, soundtrack, good exercise, cabinet quality, no shortcuts to getting better

    / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \

    \ / \ / \ / \ / \ / \ /

    1. Project Gotham Racing

    Two games - PGR 2 (Xbox), PGR 4 (Xbox 360)

    Favorite aspects - Incredibly polished, perfect semi-arcade gameplay balance

    1. Halo

    Three games - Halo 1 (Xbox), Halo 3 (Xbox 360), Halo Reach (Xbox 360)

    Favorite aspects - Visual effects, AI, weapon designs, not too simple/not too complex gameplay, soundtrack, a control scheme for everyone

    1. Super Smash Bros.

    Two games (though I suspect I'm going to enjoy Ultimate) - Super Smash Bros. (N64), Super Smash Bros. Melee (GameCube)

    Favorite aspects - A deep celebration of Nintendo, soundtrack

    1. Splinter Cell

    Two games - Pandora Tomorrow (Xbox), Chaos Theory (Xbox)

    Favorite aspects - Lighting engine, multiplayer (Pandora), level design/stealth gameplay (Chaos)

    1. Unreal Tournament

    Three games - UT '99 (PC), UT 2003 (PC), Unreal Championship (Xbox; a console-friendly port of 2003)

    Favorite aspects - Speed, vibes, map flow, Instagib

    1. Paper Mario

    Three games - Paper Mario (N64), The Thousand-Year Door (GameCube), The Origami King (Switch)

    Favorite aspects - Adorable, brightly coloured, writing, secrets, soundtrack

  • In no particular order:

    Resident Evil
    I wasn't into 3D games. They looked ugly compared to sprites, controls weren't tight and loading took long in comparison.
    Enter RE2. Background were impressive, controls took time to used to but the game was engaging. I didn't care much about horror either but I was into story about an evil corporation and the location. I love main PS1 games along with their remakes. Have deep respect for 4 but hate latter half and just killing the payoff of post-Veronica. 5 and 6 were fun on their own and both have their own issues. Never touching 7 or 8 because 1st person but I know people (will) love them.
    They are fun and challenging games that have good characters.
    REmake1, RE2, RE3, REmake 2 are my favorites but others are also worth to play.

    Megaman 2 is legendary but 3 was the one I soloed. It has slowdowns but they were just amazing for a pre-teen kid. Taught me not to give up. X series is the ones I love a bit more because of dash and wall kick. Got good with X3 that I spent so much time with it.
    Also love other spin-offs.
    X1-4, Battle Network series, Legends, MM2-4, Zero series. All are good.

    Didn't get into it until Huber's high praise along with Ben's. Started from Zero and jumped into 6 when it came out. Beat all 7 of them
    this year. Love the story as a whole. Sadly 3 really needed Kiwami treatment because that game is super rough to go through gameplay wise. and 5 didn't have a focus thus making 6 a single protagonist was a right decision.
    Zero is top tier followed by 6. 4 is also good and Kiwami 1 and 2 after that. 5 has some good stuff and so do 3. It's still worth going through all of them.

    Phoenix Wright
    1st 3 are amazing and pretty much a complete arc. Sadly spin-off of Miles Edgeworth never had its sequel translated which i also worth going through and different enough from main series. Love the characters and how the story is well tied together.

    Metal Gear Solid
    MGS1 is a masterpiece (Twin Snakes can F*** off). The plot twists and crazy stuff it had just pulls you in and grabs you until the end and "The Best Is Yet To Come" kicks in. MGS2 is my favorite for it being more futuristic and being bonkers on its own. It was ahead of its time. Enemies working as a team and not being totally idiots was what also elevated the stakes.
    All of them have their strenght. 1&2 are a must. So is 3 though the laughter really ruined part of it and possibly one of the best moments in videogaming. 4 was a bit weird and sadly still PS3 exclusive? 5 has amazing gameplay, possibly the best in 3rd person but the "open world" ruined what MGS were known for. Solid storytelling that was taking a backseat. Still a fun game.
    Peace Walker is also worth playing through.

    Sonic the Hedgehog
    Sonic 1-3 and Mania are amazing and a proof they are a great rival for Mario franchise while also having their own strenght.
    Sadly series is a rollercoaster otherwise. But rarely a franchise that has a long history is all killers no fillers.

    Valkyria Chronicles
    Love the story in 1st one, enjoyed co-op in 2nd and how it handled sidestories, I have 3rd one (need to mod my PSP) and love 4th's evolution in gameplay even if it has some cringe moments. The gameplay is a star of its own. Bonds.

    Love dialogues and quips. Characters are enjoyable though only interesting villain was Rafe which is why UC4 is my favorite along with the settings. People might not like it having many slow moments but as a whole I just loved it. The Lost Legacy is also great. 3 was my least liked one but it wasn't bad. 1-3 had a mechanic or a thing that just annoyed me and wish they weren't there. Big fan of Indiana Jones movies so this was closest we have for them.

    Super Mario
    A franchise that has become bigger than itself. So many games but SMB3, SMW and SMK are enough to make it into a list. A Mario game is almost always solid whether I care to play them or not. Personally Sonic and Mario are equal to me.

    Street Fighter
    SFII was my childhood,enjoyed so much of it (end credits is fire). Got hooked to it early and thanks to X-men vs SF at the arcades I got more into Alpha/Zero series, other vs. games and spin-offs..
    Chun-Li, Ryu and Ken(especially being different starting from Alpha series) became my favorite characters thanks to other media (SFII animated movie is the best vg movie IMHO)bringing them more into life.

    Shoutout to franchises that I loved but didn't make it to my top 10:
    Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, Suikoden, Breath of Fire, Shenmue, Onimusha, The Legend of Heroes, Dark Souls, Gran Turismo and Gravity Rush

  • This won't be easy, but let's see what we've got here...

    10: Metal Gear Solid

    When Metal Gear Solid is done right, there’s nothing quite like it. I’ll admit that 4 and 5 are probably why this isn’t higher for me. I certainly enjoyed 4 when it came out, but don’t know if I would go back to it now, and 5 was basically the antithesis of everything I loved in the franchise. What I loved though is so prevalent in the first three core games; the exploring, the crazy as hell anime story, the awesome characters and conversations, and most of all, just sneaking. It all fit together in a package that still feels unique to itself as a Kojima project today.

    Youtube Video

    9: Super Mario

    It’s hard not to love your time with a Super Mario game. Almost any Super Mario game is just full of so much joy and just the right amount of challenge. Super Mario Bros 3 is maybe my favorite of the franchise, but I have lots of memories playing Super Mario World, Galaxy, among all the others. Here’s hoping that Nintendo puts 3D World on the Switch for more people to get their hands on!

    Youtube Video

    8: Ni No Kuni

    As a lifelong Ghibli fan, it was difficult to not be immediately invested in the first game when it came out. I got the Wizard’s Edition with the magic book, and it created this connecting effect where I felt like I was a part of this wonderful, positive and uplifting world I had always wanted to explore. I love how the franchise is so positive and painstakingly crafted with themes of helping others. Let’s get that third game!

    Youtube Video

    7: Mega Man

    Those who have read my reviews on the forum know pretty well I love me some Mega Man. Even when it’s bad, there’s still this instinctual drive to just watch things explode that always feels so amazing and cathartic. It feels so good to go through and blast a boss with the weapon they’re weak to. They’re also usually just the perfect length to beat in an afternoon which I’ve come to appreciate more as time as gone on and as I’ve gotten older.

    Youtube Video

    6: Metroid

    There are few series as satisfying to explore and make your way through as it is to uncover the map in a Metroid game. Delving deep into an alien world and finding hidden routes and encountering monsters that live in that ecosystem feels legitimately like almost nothing else out there. That feeling of personal growth through unlocking the environment through power ups is another thing that is mostly unique to Metroid, minus the genre it preceded, and never quite feels as good as when Metroid does it best.

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    5: Shenmue

    I was a late adopter of the Shenmue franchise. I never had a Dreamcast and didn’t understand the appeal until I picked it up in the HD collection. But I can never go back. There are no games paced and done quite the same as how Shenmue feels, where you operate on a schedule, get to know people and just live in a space as intimately as the games pull off. It doesn’t matter who you talk to or where you go, the characters and the locations all feel alive, breathing and legitimate.

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    4: Castlevania

    I love Metroid, but I love Castlevania more. Granted, there are definitely things that Metroid does that are better, but Castlevania can go to so many different styles, and I love it every time. Being a part of a the gothic architecture, horror monsters and twisting halls can be satisfying as a straightforward game like Super Castlevania, or an exploratory Metroid-vania like Aria of Sorrow, and I will enjoy it every time. I don’t believe that there are any parts of this franchise I wouldn’t pick up and play, even if they don’t all play exactly the same. The draw of the series to me doesn’t come from how they play the same, but how they feel, and there’s always that cozy Gothic vibe that is so difficult to replicate.

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    3: Mother (Earthbound)

    Admittedly, I’ve only played Earthbound. However, it remains one of my favorite games of all time. The way that it incorporates humor and character into even the smallest of encounters and making the world feel so alive and child-like is second to none. Earthbound oozes personality, and feels legitimately comforting.

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    2: Chrono

    Chrono Trigger was the first game I ever played, and Chrono Cross, even though I don’t like it quite as much, has its own appeals as well, and was my reason for learning to play the guitar. The intimacy of the characters and feelings of making actual change is something that feels so special to do, and certain story beats are just so affecting. The games I love the most often need, for me, to have that level of character, growth and story, and Chrono has this in spades.

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    1: Final Fantasy

    Of all the franchises that came to mind, Final Fantasy was a given for being on my list, and never bumped below the top spot. There are so many memories I have of arrestingly poignant moments through most every game in the franchise. Through my entire life, a new Final Fantasy has always been a moment in time that helped me through difficult moments and taught me about world building and character arcs that are to this day unmatched for me.

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    Honorable mentions that didn't quite make it were:
    11 - Pokemon
    12 - Zelda
    13 - Silent Hill
    14 - Crash Bandicoot
    15 - Kingdom Hearts