The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • I shared my experience with Fallout: New Vegas in the recent 2010 GOTY:

    "When Fallout New Vegas first released on the Xbox 360 it was a mess. Throughout my time with New Vegas the game crashed on me 20+ times, was constantly slowing down, had quest breaking bugs and loads of other issues. Despite all of those issues, I pushed forward, because the story, characters, world building and writing were so good. It wasn't good enough to completely redeem it for me though. Fallout New Vegas would not have been in my top 8 back in 2010."

    "3 years later, I get the game for my PC and it runs completely smooth now, all the issues I had before are mostly gone and the added DLC and mods are welcome editions. Playing through New Vegas a second time I was able to see more of the different ways missions can play out, based on how you create your character and the decisions you make. Having this experience, I gained more respect for all the work Obsidian did after release. F:NV did eventually become the sequel to Fallout 3 that I wanted."

    In short, It was very buggy for me at launch but Obsidian fixed it over time. Making it my #2 ranked game of 2010 and one of my favorite games of the decade.

    My thoughts on Portal 2 from the 2011 GOTY earlier this year:

    "Portal and Portal 2 are two of the best puzzle games I ever played. I slightly prefer 1 over 2. The final third of Portal 2 dragged on a bit too long. Otherwise, Portal 2 is a near flawless game. Also, I didn't get a chance to try the co-op, which I've heard good things about."

    Portal 2 was my #3 ranked game in 2011 and just missed making my top 20. It's tied for #21 with about 40 other fantastic games.

  • Alright! Not only do I have game number 2 that I've voted for, but it's also one of my GOTYs AND its the Forums' GOTY for 2011 as well! Taking a look back at 2011, and seeing how there are games higher than others here than in their respective threads, there's still going to be like two or three more 2011 games right? I also find it weird I'm the top vote for both games to have appeared so far. Revisiting 2011's thread, there really isn't much I can change regarding my thoughts:

    "The original was a revelation to me and something so good in such a condensed package I thought couldn't be improved. But Stephen Merchant and J.K. Simmons alone proved me wrong, not to mention the story, and just as excellent, the co-op mode. The writing in this game is probably (for me) top five across all games. GLaDOS being even better really further underscores this. Because she is a potato. I replayed it within the last few months and every aspect of this game holds up exceptionally well. The puzzles are good teases, and introducing the gels and funnels as mechanics just further twisted the perspectives. And yes, because no one really cared as much as I did at the time about Portal 2, I grabbed a second controller and beat co-op by myself. The only thing about the game that is slightly to its detriment is that replayability is dependent upon how long between play sessions you go, giving you enough time to forget the puzzle solutions. Easily a top 15 game of all time."

    Regarding that last sentence, while it IS my fourth favorite game of the last ten years, on my overall list it's my 14th favorite game of all time. Also, since I've had my numbers 6 and 4 place votes appear, yeah I'm only going to have four more games show up on the rest of the list '^_^

    And as always, you know it's coming, high five to my fellow Portal 2 voters!: @thisnameislame, @TokyoSlim, @E_Zed_Eh_Intern, @clingring, @GMan, @FerrisK96, @Phbz, @tokeeffe9, @Sazime

    Moving on to Fallout: New Vegas, the first thing that jumps out to me is how, once again, there's ANOTHER game that's higher here than it's respective list. The example here is New Vegas is above Red Dead Redemption and New Vegas is WELL ahead of it by ELEVEN spots. Each and every time this happens, it further highlights the different point structures and the venn diagram of voters.

    Dropping my entire quote here still fits because it's relatively short and still holds up almost two months later:

    "As time has gone on, I hear more and more love regarding New Vegas as opposed to any negativity, and it goes to show Obsidian did a great job handling a Fallout game while Bethesda was doing other things. Still, my only knowledge is tertiary from my friends and I THINK this is the one that starts with you looking at a doctor after you've been shot in the head at the start and HIS head is the one the spins like a clock. Fallout: The series with the most bugs that somehow still works."

  • I completely echo what @Shoulderguy says about Fallout NV and Portal 2. Portal 2 didn’t make the list for that last bit of the game dragging on too long which really affects my recollection of it, but it’s still one of the best vanilla puzzle / action games of all time, and probably the best platform for user made puzzles as well.

    New Vegas just oozes charm and good vibes. I remember thinking it didn’t look very good in the previews leading up to launch but once I played it I was blown away. It’s like playing a Cohen Brothers movie, the plot is so simple, fun, and dynamic.

  • I really enjoyed Portal 2 back when it came out, but I haven't revisited it since. Excellent writing, clever puzzles and JK Simmons for crying out loud. I think personally I enjoy the first one more for its shorter length, but I don't think you can go wrong with Portal 2 if you're a fan of humor and great puzzles.

    I'm not a huge fan of Fallout in general, so I admittedly never gave New Vegas a shot. I don't think they're bad games, but the humor never mixes well with me, and I just don't enjoy walking around the post-apocalypse world. To my understanding though, Obsidian really made an awesome entry with New Vegas. I've seen tons of people's examples of how amazing the role-playing is in it, and how many options you have in front of you, but for me I just dislike the brand itself. I do think we definitely need to have Ben and Huber sit down for a Stream Team sometime to play that one though!


    #26. INSIDE - 110 points


    #2 (Otos, Marcus3run, MiserablePerson), #6 (Phbz), #8 (HappyGaming), #10 (FerrisK96), #14 (clingring)


    Release year: 2016
    GOTY Rank: 11th
    Developer: Playdead
    Publisher: Playdead
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC



  • Outer Wilds

    #25. Outer Wilds - 111 points


    #1 (thisnameislame), #4 (ffff0, Phbz), #5 (tokeeffe9), #7 (clingring), #12 (MiserablePerson), #14 (Capnbobamous)


    Release year: 2019
    GOTY Rank: 14th
    Developer: Mobius Digital
    Publisher: Annapurna Interactive
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


    Don't Skip

  • I'm happy about outer wilds even though I didn't play it.,

  • I try all Game Pass games, so I’ve started Outer Wilds. I’ve basically skipped starting location, tried to go to Ember Twins and died without oxygen in some cave. There was no objective marker, I didn’t know what I suppose to do, so I stopped playing.

    6 month later Ian made his Don’t Skip. His review not only reignited my interest, but told me how to approach this game. So I’ve restarted it and then I’ve 100% it and got all achievements. Outer Wilds is truly amazing, it’s nearly perfect indie game. I say nearly, because this game has no VO, but it’s the only thing that separates it from the “big boys”. Visuals, controls, polish, design, animation, music – everything here is top tier. And of course the core idea is unique and excellent.

    There are other games that I liked more, but Outer Wilds shows how indie games should be done. And for that reason it’s my #4.

    As for INSIDE, I've played it, but I don't remember it.

  • It's becoming more and more frequent games on the middle of their lists making an appearance. Inside now tops DOOM, Final Fantasy XV, and Dark Souls III from its year on this list. As I look at the comment I left, I gave a redirect to the Community Comments (remember those?) video about it and didn't discuss it. So instead of tracking it down, allow me to give my thoughts here.

    If nothing else, there is one thing I want to state: The technical marvel this game is, is inarguable and astounding. The fact the game is all one take, as the environments blend from one to another and how you solve the puzzles is incredible. That said, the twist of this game really soured me on my experience. To the point where the last 30-45 minutes of the game made the previous few hours retroactively lose the good feelings I had towards it. Within the world, the secret ending makes more sense with a lot of the imagery you come across, and is therefore more in line with the rest of the game, but because I had/have such a negative feeling towards it, it is 10th on the 10 games I've played from 2016 (I just finished Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for the first time a few hours ago).

    Moving on to the Outer Wilds, much like the last couple of games on our list, I feel my comments from its respective thread still hold the same:

    "I watched the NoClip documentary and while I enjoyed the video a good deal, there wasn't a better showpiece about selling me against the game. Personally, while listening about it during the deliberations AND the Don't Skip, I was happy to hear the passion and points about it from Ian, but it hit all the points that reaffirmed why it isn't for me."

    I went on to say how it was one of the two "out of nowhere" hits of 2019, as no one knew about it at the top of the calendar, but by GOTYs, it was the talk almost EVERYWHERE. The Outer Wilds now holds the distinction of being over more games here than in its own thread at four. Finishing 14th then means it now holds triumph over Death Stranding, Control, Fire Emblem, and Sekiro. This voting...

    ALSO! Now that we've reached the halfway point, I decided to look at the master list of eligible games and leave my predictions on what the next 25 will be (unranked) and after a first write-up, I had 31 listed. This means there's going to be six games I'll be SHOCKED that don't even place. That said, here are the 25 I THINK will be revealed.

    Resident Evil 2
    God of War
    Red Dead Redemption II
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    Persona 5
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    NieR: Automata
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
    Shovel Knight
    The Last of Us
    Grand Theft Auto V
    The Walking Dead
    Mass Effect 3
    Batman: Arkham City
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    Dark Souls
    Mass Effect 2
    Super Mario Galaxy 2

  • Outer Wilds captures the joy of discovery in ways that few games do. It rarely, if ever, holds your hand, making each discovery and reveal seem so special. Oftentimes the solutions to some of the game's biggest mysteries are simple, yet they are virtually impossible to figure out until we make the right discovery. It also relies on it's core mechanics very well; there are no unlockables or power-ups or anything of the like. All you gain is knowledge, be it of the story or the knowledge of how to uncover that next big mystery. None of it feels cheap or unearned because each solution is there from the very beginning of the game. It just comes down to when we figure it out.

    The narrative itself is beautiful as well. It's incredibly melancholic, but with enough happiness and optimism to give it a rather indescribable tone. I can tell you that for me personally, Outer Wilds is one of the most uplifting games I've ever played. I'll save you from spoilers, but know that it tackles difficult themes head on in a way that I think could cause people to feel a number of different emotions. I can definitely see where those who find it sad are coming from, but for me personally the "life goes on" motif is very comforting. I'm confident that if I finished it in 2019 it would have been my GOTY.

    Edit: I have to mention the music, because it is absolutely phenomenal. I adore the way it ties into the narrative of the game as well. Also I don't want to simplify the emotions it causes because even though I find it uplifting, it still let the waterworks flow.

  • Some of my thoughts of the games so far at this halfway point.

    #50: Rocket League: Haven't played, just not for me.

    #49: Xenoblade Chronicles: Haven't played. Maybe somewhat interested, but the art style and the general vibe aren't for me.

    #48: Life Is Strange: My #9! I had no idea I'd love living as a teenage girl so much. Superbly captivating, absolutely loved my time in Arcadia Bay. So many small moments and natural dialogue. The music choices were also spot on.

    #47: Journey: I have played, but I don't get the praise of the game. Pretty neat anyway.

    #46: Fire Emblem: Three Houses: Haven't played, not really interested either... but maybe??

    #45: Cuphead: Haven't played, hats off to the art style nonetheless.

    #44: Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze: Haven't played, good be fun for a while.

    #43: Monster Hunter: World: Haven't played, not for me.

    #42: Control: I have played & platinumed. A really solid game, I liked a lot the weird atmosphere.

    #41: Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice: Haven't played, the FromSoftware games aren't for me.

    #40: The Witness: My HM! A brilliant game, and I'm proud that I made it to the end without any guides. (Though the final platinum challenge still awaits me...) This game made me honestly FEEL the existence of my brain in my head. O_O What a weird sensation that was.

    #39: The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Haven't played, no interest either.

    #38: Red Dead Redemption: My #14! The summer of 2010 was my summer of John Marston. My God, this game was really something! An unforgettable journey. The release of RDR2 has, however, dropped this one a bunch of spots...

    #37: Death Stranding: My HM! This is actually my GOTY 2019, I ended up loving this strange beauty of a game. Such a unique thing. I've been meaning to return to this and platinum it, but there's no time for such returns.

    #36: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard: Haven't played, but watching Huber's playthrough was fun.

    #35: Return of the Obra Dinn: My #6! Fuck yes! One of the absolutely strongest gaming experiences I've had in recent years, and I'm glad you people agreed enough for the game to make it to the list. Such a fresh idea and its execution here. And that soundtrack, basically flawless. I fell in love with a carillon, what an instrument!

    #34: DOOM: I have played & platinumed. A super solid FPS which I enjoyed a lot. Nothing more, nothing less.

    #33: Final Fantasy XV: Haven't played, no interest either.

    #32: Dark Souls III: Haven't played, no interest either.

    #31: Mario Kart 8: Haven't played, could be cool to try out.

    #30: What Remains of Edith Finch: I have played. This didn't strike specifically strong, however. Don't know why. Hard to remember what happened. The house was cool.

    #29: Civilization V: Haven't played, but I've come pretty close to buy! Super interested in the series, but I've not had enough time for something like this.

    #28: Portal 2: Haven't played, no interest either.

    #27: Fallout: New Vegas: I have played... for some hours. The game became literally unplayable on PS3 back then, the fps was like 5 in-doors. I'd love a remaster on next-gen.

    #26: INSIDE: Haven't played, could be interesting.

    #25: Outer Wilds: Haven't played, not really interested.

  • Two indie colossus.

    Inside is my #6, love the art direction and soundtrack. The opening is fantastic and the closing section might be my favourite ending ever. Game design at it best, mechanically satisfying beyond words. Being Another World forever my number 1 game, PlayDead is a blessing to my gaming tastes.

    Outer Wilds is my #4. I can't think of a single open world adventure with better design. It's what I want every AAA game to aim for. The world unwraps as you explore it, without needs of pointers. Curiosity is all you need. Unfortunately there's no space in the AAA for a game such as this and lack of budget shows otherwise could even aspire to top spot.

  • Inside is an amazing game. It's very good at keeping me at my toes, whether it's through the intensely menacing atmosphere, dangerous level design, or the time based puzzles that is spread here and there to add variety to the regular puzzles. Not to mention it controls very well, movement feels smooth and responsive which is helped by great animations. I would have liked to care more about the story of the game beyond the surface level of "oh man there's some weird shit going on here!", but it's just not presented in a way that interests me personally. This would be somewhere in my top 30, I think.

    I only have two games from my list so far, I'm hoping at least one of my less popular pick shows up but it's quite unlikely now...

  • Halfway through and one game in!
    Not mad though, these are some pretty good games.

  • 52% of list was revealed. Only 3 of my votes made the cut so far and at this point I'm sure that 10 of my votes, including my #1 will not make it. That's OK, most of my votes aren't for popular titles. But if my #2 will not make it, that would be sad.

  • On the subject of how many votes that have appeared, as I touched on at the top of my Portal 2 comment, I have only two games I voted for make the list so far, and of what's left, I'm expecting six more to make it by thread's end. And of my list, I really feel my third favorite game of the decade won't make the cut, as it's the highest game on my list where 1.) I feel as if I'm the only one who holds it to as high praise as I do (Though it does get praise) and 2.) From the predictions I left above, general consensus doesn't put it as better than anything on that list.

  • Inside is on par with Limbo to me, even if it doesn't quite hold the same sort of significance of timing. There's something that PlayDead nails about sound and atmosphere that is just unmatched for me. Not that there aren't other horror-themed games that I like more, but those two I specifically put into a special category that plays so well with its feeling of tension and suspense rather than a feeling of dread and horror. Inside has such a richness of world that feels complete, but also like you never really get to look at all the pieces clearly. A broken world that is decayed and mysterious. And as the game goes on, it adds more questions until the very last bit, which was so incredible and insane, it is unforgettable to me, and makes me think about the actions and world of the game to this day. Definitely one of my favorite annual Halloween playthroughs!

    The Outer Wilds is one that I'm still trying to get over the first hump for. I've heard a lot of people talk about starting it, dying, and then turning it off, only to fall in love with it later on. For me, I've picked it up on three or four different occasions. I like exploring, but I think the time limit for me makes things a little frustrating, making me start over when I could just be starting to understand the surroundings I'm getting accustomed to. I really hope I can get into it though, the music is so jolly, and I love exploring in my ship, even if the controls are hard for me to get used to. I think it's also just a little more difficult for me personally to get into games that have less of a leash or specific goal. When I have too much freedom, I end up having less fun. I would like some sort of list in my ship, or just a general guide to what I should be doing, and that's just not the point of the game to my understanding. So hopefully the next time I play, it'll click with me. Otherwise, I'll still enjoy the soundtrack.

  • Inside is one of the most dissapointing and boring games that I've played from last years.

  • Been a moment (it's been a long, hard, couple of weeks). Happy to see Control make it, and I wonder if I hadn't ranked it where I did, if it would have made it at all?

    Of course, there are spots of my other picks up there, and looking at my list again I wonder if the recent picks got more favor from me for being recent, but c'est la vie. The fact I'm seeing other games I enjoy immensely in the list, that I didn't even vote for, does us all well. I don't doubt we've picked the best of the decade.

  • I absolutely loved Inside and it's essentially an October Halloween spirit must-play but I don't think it's the 25th best game of the decade. Seems a bit high, but I definitely think a lot of people should play this if they haven't. One of the best uses of 3D space in a side scroller.

    @ffff0 you got me hyped up to play Outer Wilds on Game Pass but I don't see it on there. I think you might be thinking of Outer Worlds? Either way, I'll be trying Outer Wilds soon enough, at least by virture of it being a certified innovation in gaming and potentially an influential game depending on the output in the next few years. Time loops are starting to show up everywhere already...