The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • Halfway through and one game in!
    Not mad though, these are some pretty good games.

  • 52% of list was revealed. Only 3 of my votes made the cut so far and at this point I'm sure that 10 of my votes, including my #1 will not make it. That's OK, most of my votes aren't for popular titles. But if my #2 will not make it, that would be sad.

  • On the subject of how many votes that have appeared, as I touched on at the top of my Portal 2 comment, I have only two games I voted for make the list so far, and of what's left, I'm expecting six more to make it by thread's end. And of my list, I really feel my third favorite game of the decade won't make the cut, as it's the highest game on my list where 1.) I feel as if I'm the only one who holds it to as high praise as I do (Though it does get praise) and 2.) From the predictions I left above, general consensus doesn't put it as better than anything on that list.

  • Inside is on par with Limbo to me, even if it doesn't quite hold the same sort of significance of timing. There's something that PlayDead nails about sound and atmosphere that is just unmatched for me. Not that there aren't other horror-themed games that I like more, but those two I specifically put into a special category that plays so well with its feeling of tension and suspense rather than a feeling of dread and horror. Inside has such a richness of world that feels complete, but also like you never really get to look at all the pieces clearly. A broken world that is decayed and mysterious. And as the game goes on, it adds more questions until the very last bit, which was so incredible and insane, it is unforgettable to me, and makes me think about the actions and world of the game to this day. Definitely one of my favorite annual Halloween playthroughs!

    The Outer Wilds is one that I'm still trying to get over the first hump for. I've heard a lot of people talk about starting it, dying, and then turning it off, only to fall in love with it later on. For me, I've picked it up on three or four different occasions. I like exploring, but I think the time limit for me makes things a little frustrating, making me start over when I could just be starting to understand the surroundings I'm getting accustomed to. I really hope I can get into it though, the music is so jolly, and I love exploring in my ship, even if the controls are hard for me to get used to. I think it's also just a little more difficult for me personally to get into games that have less of a leash or specific goal. When I have too much freedom, I end up having less fun. I would like some sort of list in my ship, or just a general guide to what I should be doing, and that's just not the point of the game to my understanding. So hopefully the next time I play, it'll click with me. Otherwise, I'll still enjoy the soundtrack.

  • Inside is one of the most dissapointing and boring games that I've played from last years.

  • Been a moment (it's been a long, hard, couple of weeks). Happy to see Control make it, and I wonder if I hadn't ranked it where I did, if it would have made it at all?

    Of course, there are spots of my other picks up there, and looking at my list again I wonder if the recent picks got more favor from me for being recent, but c'est la vie. The fact I'm seeing other games I enjoy immensely in the list, that I didn't even vote for, does us all well. I don't doubt we've picked the best of the decade.

  • I absolutely loved Inside and it's essentially an October Halloween spirit must-play but I don't think it's the 25th best game of the decade. Seems a bit high, but I definitely think a lot of people should play this if they haven't. One of the best uses of 3D space in a side scroller.

    @ffff0 you got me hyped up to play Outer Wilds on Game Pass but I don't see it on there. I think you might be thinking of Outer Worlds? Either way, I'll be trying Outer Wilds soon enough, at least by virture of it being a certified innovation in gaming and potentially an influential game depending on the output in the next few years. Time loops are starting to show up everywhere already...

  • @dipset I played Outer Wilds on Game Pass too. I don't think it was taken off but idk maybe it was.

  • Weird. I google it and it shows up but when I search it on the actual Game Pass I get nothing.


  • @dipset Just looked it up, it's not on Game Pass PC. Only Xbox.

  • Hmmm I didn't realize they had different titles on PC and Xbox. I only just got the free trial. It's a really weird app because sometimes it lists a game and says I have to purchase it or "Play on Game Pass for Xbox" but then later the exact same game will just say "Install" next to it if I click it through a different link than "View All Games".

    This new Xbox app is definitely better than the terrible Microsoft Store that I used to have to launch Forza through, but it's clearly not perfect.

  • @happygaming said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    I think it's also just a little more difficult for me personally to get into games that have less of a leash or specific goal. When I have too much freedom, I end up having less fun. I would like some sort of list in my ship, or just a general guide to what I should be doing

    Same for me. My standard desire to "clear the map" in open-world game helped me to start playing Outer Wilds. My advice would be to go to all locations on your starting planet (you'll see them when you fly over the planet) and try to interact with everything you notice. This gave me enough mysteries to pursue to get invested in game's lore. Also there's a helpful log on the ship that shows which locations still have important clues and which are "cleared" (which means that there still may be something there, but it's not very important). You just need to find these locations first (by visiting them or by reading about them somewhere else).

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    #24. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - 117 points


    #1 (JW), #3 (Axel), #5 (iboshow), #8 (Marcus3run), #12 (Otos), #13 (collin), #14 (DIPSET), HM (Brandon_Reister, Nimbat1003, FerrisK96)


    Release year: 2015
    GOTY Rank: 3rd
    Developer: Kojima Productions
    Publisher: Konami
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC


    GT Review

  • Ah Metal Gear Solid V. The game that, while I'm not a fan of the Metal Gear franchise, made me follow the Kojima/Konami situation with more interest than one really should. It's been discussed to death by those who are actual fans what this game could've been if Konami wasn't Konami, but alas, what is here is evidently good enough to be a great game on its own. Tangentially, I think I heard awhile back that everyone who played on the PS3 was able to disarm and turn over all their nuclear warheads, unlocking an extremely rare cutscene. That's bonkers. Talk about jolly co-operation.

  • Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is such an interesting game: it's captivating and boring at the same time. You walk through the same locations doing the same thing, but it's still fun. You watch cut-scenes that are too long and can't stop watching. Story developments are absurd and pointless, and you keep thinking about them. Characters are caricatures, but you care about them. And I can see only one reason for that: Kojima. But we voting for games here, not for game creators, and as a game Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain isn't among my favorites.

  • I loved the gameplay of MGS V so much, but man I just can't help but feel disappointed by the story and how they presented it, and also the fact that the game just rehashed old missions after a certain point (at which I immediately hard quitted the game). It's still a fun game, but I wouldn't even consider putting it anywhere near my top 50, let alone top 20.

  • For the few weeks I played it, I was obsessed with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

    The gameplay is so enjoyable because the controls are very responsive, you have so many options available but the UI is snappy. I love stealth games and this is one of the most accomplished of its kind in my opinion, although I wish every area had the depth and replayability of Ground Zeroes.

    The loop of capturing enemy soldiers to reinforce your base, assigning them to different sections, seeing your army grow, go on optional or main missions, approaching them any way you like in this open-world... I had so, so much fun with it.

    The story was intriguing and entertaining until... it wasn't, and I can only dream of what could have been if the team had been able to develop the entire vision they had.

    I never expected myself to rank it that high for this, but as I kept comparing it to other games I thought "Well, I did like it more than this one, and this one, and that one..." and it ended up in 3rd place. Maybe on another day I would focus more on its shortcomings and knock it down a peg or two, but overall it was one of the most memorable and engrossing games of the decade for me.

  • MGS V I quit this game really fast. That prologue killed it for me and I went to the first mission already hating on the game. After playing Death Stranding and seeing the comparisons people make between the two games I kind of regret not giving it a real chance, I can see how the gameplay alone might take it to a superior level. But at the same time I'll probably never give it a second chance, rather wait for DS2 and hope Kojima trusts someone else as a writer... of course he won't but that universe alone is more appealing to me.

  • I'm so mixed on Metal Gear Solid V on one end, it is a well designed engine and it's snappy to control and infiltrate bases. It's extremely cool to build up the base and watch it grow from the ground up. It's also just a game that can't be separated from the story of its development, and it haunts it like the ghost of itself. This will never be that finished game Kojima wanted to make, and we'll be left wanting to know what that game was forever. The story of its development is almost more interesting than the final product.

    Trying to separate all of that though, it's still my least favorite entry in the franchise. The lack of all those cool cutscenes and anime crazy story moments, and even a decent amount of voiced exposition sort of make it the antithesis of what I fell in love with on the Ps1. There are no long cutscenes, and I rarely feel like I'm progressing a plot. I just feel like I'm going through the same bases again and again with different tools to try and do things a different way, and so at a certain point, I just quit. I recognize the levels of creativity and emergent game design that's here. But it really lost me the minute a good chunk of the story was lost in audio logs you had to listen to to gleam any the story, basically telling you through design that it is an afterthought.

    There is still something special about riding into a base on a horse while listening to Kids of America, but it only took me so far.

  • I absolutely love Metal Gear Solid V and recognize how frustrating it is all at the same time. It's legacy as an innovative title is clear as its DNA has appeared in games since 2015, but it could also be so much more. I believe I put 100 hours into it which I can't say for any other game this generation or decade.

    For context, I have two friends who don't know anything about MGS who bought MGS V and poured in 150 hours. When this game gets good, boy does it get good. But those lulls in-between the great moments are mostly carried on the back of a solid gameplay foundation and a forgiveness to repeat similar tasks. The repetition is made easier by collecting music to listen to and an infinite amount of ways to tackle any one mission. Also, extremely great enemy AI makes the experience dynamic. No other game except for The Last of Us Part II has nailed the stealth-to-loud-then-back-to-stealth gameplay that MGS V nailed.

    If I could re-write history, I'd tell Konami that making the Fox Engine work on current and last gen then porting the game onto 5 different platforms (PS4, XBO, PC, PS3, 360) is a massive waste of time and money. We don't know how this game led up to its inevitable compromise, but it's not fair for Konami to say, "its taking too long to long to make" when they requested the game is made on a new engine from the ground up, followed by making and open world game from the ground up, and on top of everything, it needs to be playable on 5 different systems.

    Again, we don't know the details, but that sounds like 5 years of work at the least let alone a deadline to submit finished work in that time frame.