The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • Super Mario Galaxy 2

    #23. Super Mario Galaxy 2 - 123 points


    #1 (Phbz, Marcus3run), #2 (LordPumpkin), #5 (Otos), #6 (NeoCweeny), #7 (tokeeffe9), HM (Jamicov)


    Release year: 2010
    GOTY Rank: 4th
    Developer: Nintendo
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platform(s): Wii


    GT Review

  • I've been on record for saying that Mario Galaxy 2 isn't quite as good as its predecessor, but don't get me wrong, it's a damn good game. The level of creativity and imagination in how things can play out in a single level is almost staggering. You're constantly introduced to new ways to play and think about levels, and shown different worlds where you need to rethink how you want interact and tackle the goals of each level. Mario Galaxy 2 is just a wonderful showcase of design that never stops surprising, and never left me with anything but a smile on my face. I still like the first one better, but my statements all stand. Also, that orchestrated music rocks my socks off its so good. Even if I think Starship Mario is a dumb concept, I'm more than happy to play the levels provided when we fly to them in it because of how much creativity and joy can be found.

  • I'm comfortable with giving my entire quote, verbatim, from our most recent GOTY thread here, with an addition I'll tack on after:

    The most common discussion about Super Mario Galaxy 2 I've heard is that it's for all intents and purposes an add-on to the original, as from what I've been told, it doesn't do too much new. However, when played immediately after Super Mario Galaxy 1, the combined experience lends to one all-encompassing game. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, just pointing out for people like me who haven't played either Galaxy games, they both look the same, and I couldn't for the life of me tell you which feature/galaxy/story beat is in which game. Still, they look fun as "traditional" 3D Mario platformers do, and the most interesting thing I've heard about 2 specifically came from what would be (sadly) the last Game Sleuth EZA will ever do."

    The thing I want to add is, after giving it some thought, I wouldn't mind one of the Allies decided to do a full playthrough of one or the other, because thinking about watching a Galaxy stream would be jolly vibes, and it now stands alongside Metroid Prime and the eventual Resident Evil VIII full playthroughs I would like to see.

  • Easiest pick for me. Galaxy 2 stands head and shoulders above all other games released this past decade and is one of the best games ever made. True that the overworld could be better but Mario could be flipping burgers on a Macdonald's between levels and SMG2 would still be my number 1 spot. It controls perfectly, has stellar level design, unparalleled creativity, one of the best OSTs in gaming and a gorgeous art direction.

    Plus, on a personal level, it's the game that brought me back to gaming. And I swear I had a smile on my face from beginning to end.

  • Ben away from this thread for a little while.

    Naturally I think Fallout New Vegas should be much higher than 27, but eh.

    Won't repost what I wrote in the 2010 thread, but I have jumped back into a new playthrough recently and the game still oozes quality. One of the best written games of all time.

  • @phbz

    Mario could be flipping burgers on a Macdonald's between levels and SMG2 would still be my number 1 spot.

    I don't know about everyone else, but I'd play the hell out of a Mario restaurant game. That sounds super rad.

  • Just putting it out there that I think it is really rude of Axel to have slowed down the reveals so much.

  • @el-shmiablo Blame @Brannox, he asked for this ;)

  • 0_1598936625399_510202-undertale-nintendo-switch-front-cover.jpg

    #22. Undertale - 128 points


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    Release year: 2015
    GOTY Rank: 4th
    Developer: Toby Fox
    Publisher: Toby Fox
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PC



  • @hazz3r Just remember, 27, out of thousands.

  • @axel Uh, no sir, I asked WHAT style you were doing, be it this way, carrying on doing two a day until the top 10. You were the one who chose this way. My proof!

    I shall not have my good (debatable) name sullied! X-D

  • So Undertale is the next one! Well I guess I couldn't have possibly gone 24/24 for predictions, but now I'm even more curious what's going to get left off...

    In any event, looking back on my comment, I didn't say much beyond showing respect in how it treats the player for their choices. While not really my game, I must confess Megalovania is a good tune. I just wish the loop was a little bit more seamless. Also while this being ahead of MGS V isn't too surprising considering we've already seen other games be a huge amount of spots of others in their respective years, the gulf between Rocket League and these two 2015 games is MASSIVE. Like, 2014 was the down year, and in relation to the rest of the decade, 2015 had a few standouts, but it seems 2016 was when the generation really got into full swing.

  • @brannox said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    So Undertale is the next one! Well I guess I couldn't have possibly gone 24/24 for predictions, but now I'm even more curious what's going to get left off...

    I think from this point, your list is pretty close. I would take off Overwatch, The Walking Dead, and one of the Mass Effects, and add one unexpected title. So like this:

    Dark Souls
    Grand Theft Auto V
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Super Mario Odyssey
    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
    God Of War
    Persona 5
    The Last Of Us
    Resident Evil 2
    Red Dead Redemption II
    NieR: Automata
    The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
    Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    Shovel Knight
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
    One of the Batman: Arkham series
    One of the Mass Effect series one unexpected entry

    The only ones I think have any chance of getting cut are Uncharted and Horizon. The competition is fierce, and I have a feeling they haven't had lasting power.

    Not counting any of the above, there are two games on my list I think have an outside chance of appearing. I'll just say one is a Wii U exclusive, and the other is a third-party game that has been ported to Switch.

  • @oscillator I think there's a high chance that we will not see NieR: Automata, Batman: Arkham, Uncharted 4, Horizon and Mass Effect.

  • I remember my classmate in university telling me Undertale is one of the best games ever.

    I played it in 2018 and it’s really something. I don’t know exactly why I liked it because so much of nothing happens, but I suppose it’s just a really good roller coaster ride. You’re along for whatever this game throws at you and it’s pretty enjoyable the whole time.

  • @Oscillator @ffff0 As I've pointed out a few times, seeing games way down on their respective lists over higher ranked games yet to appear is this countdown's foundation, but I disagree on your predictions only for one reason and that is, using the master list and seeing what ranked where, Uncharted 4, Horizon, and The Walking Dead are all GOTYs as per the voting. Personally, of those, I think the Walking Dead has the best shot of being left off, but since it beat out BOTH The Last of Us and Grand Theft Auto V (games most assuredly that will an appearance), I don't foresee it being left out. Also, Overwatch is STILL super popular and I can't fathom that not making the cut.

    Looking at my predictions, combined with where they ranked in their respective years, it wouldn't be as big of a surprise if Mass Effect 3 and NieR: Automata are the ones that won't make it. All of that said though, it's purely speculation and this entire post is probably wrong. That's the fun of this countdown! We'll find out eventually.

  • I've noticed that this time I don't mind when my favorite games don't make the list. Because while you can use "too many people played inferior game, too few played superior" argument during GotY countdowns, this time you know that almost everyone had a lot of games to chose from and had picked his/hers best. So every entry feels deserved even if I personally don't like it.

  • I've heard people say Undertale isn't as unique as fans tout it to be, with games like Mother 3 out there. But, during the time it came out, Undertale was such a fresh and new experience that took everyone by surprise. Hell, the OST alone is reason enough for it to be on this list,

  • @demonpirate I know the Undertale community gets a lot of hate, so I don't know if that response is due to some hyperbole on their side, I absolutely loved the game but I never engaged with the online fandom or really seeked out for anyone else's opinion on it.

    The whole time playing through Undertale was fantastic, it made excellent use of everything, visuals, music, humor so it always felt fresh, and the story was also very engaging, I haven't gone through the various playthroughs, but even just one of them felt very fullfilling.

    And at least for me knowing that it was mainly the labor and vision of one person makes even more special, for the fact that it accomplishes so much and doesn't feel like any lesser despite the limitations of what one single dev can do, same applies to Lucas Pope's games.

  • Sekiro being near the bottom is as surprising to me as Undertale making it.

    I loved Undertale, but I understand the criticisms. To me, Undertale feels like a point-and-click game made for RPG fans. The boss fights, the personalities, and the interesting twists made it stand out to me. I especially enjoyed how decisions you make in the early game can alter situations in the late game.

    Also, the soundtrack is fantastic.