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  • Horizon Zero Dawn got close to being in my top 20. I held it back because playing other, more recent open world games (like Ghost of Tsushima) makes me realize how lacking the open world aspect is in this game. It's a beautiful world, but there's still quite a lot that could be done to improve it. The one that hurts it the most is the aggressively boring side quests. I don't think the open world is horrible or anything like that, it's just that my standards has went up.

    But enough about the present. I was obssesed with this game back when I played it, and it's because of two things primarily: the combat and the main story.

    The combat in this game is so fun! It's not necessarily about having super fast reactions or accurate shots, it's more about knowing how you're going to deal with each enemy types. The best thing about this approach here is that the enemy types are not only varied, but also have more than enough depth to each of them (especially the later ones), so fighting them won't get boring quickly. It's just so satisfying to completely stomp on enemy types that I previously had trouble with, and once I mastered one type, another one will fuck me up, and it starts all over again. It's truly wonderful.

    While the main story of what happens in the present can feel a bit flat and dull at times, the story of what happened is the past is so interesting, well written, and emotionally potent. There's a lot of goosebumps moments here for me. It's a very strong motivator to keep me going through this big-ass game.

    Considering the history and past works of Guerilla, HZD is definitely a very solid open world game debut, and I look forward to whatever they bring to the table next with Forbidden West.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is one of my big misses of the PS4 gen. I absolutely would have picked it up if it didn't come out at the same time as Breath of the Wild, and since then I've never pulled the trigger on it.

    With the sequel coming next year, I feel more pressure to catch up, but it's a huge game, so I'm not sure I ever will.

  • Horizon Zero Dawn is my #10 for three reasons: story, combat and visuals. I will not talk about the story details, because this game was just released on PC, but I will say it has multiple moments that resonated with me. Combat is something I'm usually not interested in, but in Horizon it was so fun that I even challenged myself to do something I have no need to (like killing high-level enemy or use certain weapon or strategy). And this game is beautiful and full of rich details - I've took so many screenshots playing it.

  • Horizon had the bad luck of releasing right next to Zelda, which made its flaws more glaring. Had it not it would probably still not be on my top, but that made me overly critical every time I got caught in geometry or had to deal with invisible walls. Some really poor human AI too.

    The art style is quite unique and for the most part I like it, but it does suffer from at times becoming visual pollution and an obstacle to the game, much like with GoT.

    And then there's mission structure and writing that are subpar.

    Still, it has good things going for it. You spend a big part of the game fighting cool robot dinosaurs and that never gets old and overall story and lore are cool. A good game with lots of potential for a sequel but it doesn't quite reach greatness.

    Edit: Worst bow of the gen?

  • just couldn't get into horizon, i enjoyed the opening but the pacing like many openworld games just slowed to a crawl and i stopped playing, but i also didn't like BOTW so at the time i was pretty over openworld games(still am mostly)

  • I think HZD just missed my list. Liked the world building, and some of the cool weapons. (spent an inordinate amount of time setting up elaborate tripwire traps for robot dinos) Biggest gripe was that characters didn't adjust to your actions (if you cleared a camp before talking to the NPC, the NPC would act like you hadn't done it yet, etc.)

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    Thinking back to the game, HZD was a bit of a rollercoaster for me. I started it, loved the opening but then it kinda died down for me. After about 10-11 hours or so I thought the game wasn't for me and dropped it. Came back to it a couple weeks later and thought I would push on until the next story beat at least. Doing so took me to "the big" open world outside of the starting area and I ended up loving exploring the world. I really enjoyed just running around collecting things, fighting enemies and exploring hidden places. The story started to really build up towards the end and it had me hooked until the credits. The DLC is not to miss either, some solid stuff there as well. Hope the second game will be even better.

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    Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the few games where the plot twist actually left me stunned. Like seriously, when the game revealed... certain things, I just sat there and thought about it for a while after.
    The game isn't without it's flaws though. Anytime you have to engage in melee combat with humans is a low point of the game, but everything else just blows it out of the park. I ratcheted the difficulty up right out of the gate at the recommendation of a friend and I'm really glad I did. It added a lot of tension to the already very intense robot dinosaur encounters.
    If they can improve on the melee combat and maybe make Aloy a slightly more interesting character in the sequel, I'm pretty sure that will be my GOTY for whatever year it releases.

  • Horizon is an adequate game that does some things pretty well and others very poorly, it was fun while I played but it is in few ways an experience I look back to, and I do think it started the style of Sony's first party games which I'm just not a fan of.

  • Best game this gen.

  • This was actually the game I mentioned in the Video Game 180s thread. I like the beginning a bit, but didn't much care about any of the characters or the cities, and just had fun shooting robot dinosaurs and monsters. Until that twist at 90% mark where all the story comes in through audiologs, and actually made the game really memorable for me. The last parts of the game turned everything around. It didn't make me feel like the other parts of the game had more value, but it really felt like there was something special there by the end. I'm hoping that the sequel can have more of a balance of this!

  • Batman: Arkham City

    #19. Batman: Arkham City - 144 points


    #2 (Axel, iboshow), #3 (Capnbobamous, Marcus3run), #9 (Brandon_Reister), #11 (Brannox), #12 (Sentinel Beach, Crepe), #15 (naltmank), HM (Nimbat1003, bard91, Scotty)


    Release year: 2011
    GOTY Rank: 2nd
    Developer: Rocksteady Studios
    Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC


    GT Review

  • Most of my fond memories of Batman Arkham City is related to my brother. He's a big Batman fan, and I feel like he completely devoured this game while absolutely loving every minute of the digestion process. While most of the charm and the appeal of the game was lost on me because I'm not really a fan of Batman or most Superhero stuff (this is the main reason it missed my top 20), I still had a very good time with it. On it's core, it's just a very good game. The story had many memorable moments, with a pretty great last act. The combat feels fluid and intense, and there's actually some pretty good boss fights here. Exploring the world felt really fun since the tools you have just feels great to control/use, and the world itself is not lacking in interesting things to discover. I personally like Arkham Knight more, but this is probably the best game in the entire series.

  • Batman: Arkham City was a very fun game to play with excellent ending. But I'm not a big Batman fan, so it was just a great third-person action game for me. And since 2011 there were many better entries in this genre. So no vote from me.

  • Arkham City is one of the best pieces of Batman media, and Rocksteady does a terrific job of taking the world and making it their own. I've mentioned it before, but I've beaten this game at least 30 times, and it doesn't get any less fun as I replay it. I think this game has a lot to do with my love of games, as it, along with Uncharted 2, was one of the first games I ever really clicked with on a deeper level. The story is fantastic, and the world and tone is even better. It captures the spirit of Batman like no other game ever has.

  • And once again, a lower game placed in its thread places higher here, but what makes this entry particularly keen is that not too long ago, Batman: Arkham City was runner up to Portal 2 for GOTY. This disparity will always be fascinating, regardless of game.

    Anywho, for Arkham City itself, it's a great game and my favorite of the Rocksteady Arkhams. I'll leave out my rehash for this series introducing me to being a casual fan of the property, but the remainder of my comment holds true:

    "It took a while for me to get City, but when I did, I felt irritated it took me so long. Of all the games, City has my favorite story, and having Arkham City split into specific areas of territory for the villains (Joker, Penguin and Two-Face having their own space) really gave off a sense of unique turf in an open city. With each game, the settings have gotten better, and while Asylum gets a lot of deserved praise of having captivating interiors and being an interconnected 3D metroidvania island, the potential of City just spoke to me more. Another underrated aspect of City is introducing side-stories for more villains to be involved that don't get as much attention like Hush and Deadshot. Getting to play as Catwoman was a nice change up (and the first shot of the game being such a nod to the end is too good). Finally, obviously, the most notable part the City is known for: The top tier boss fights."

    On top of this, I had neglected to mention at the time, that much like Warden Sharp's office in Asylum, the next game tease easter egg for Scarecrow is also excellent (All the easter eggs really. Arkham does nods and winks quite well). I voted it 11th of the decade on my list because as I JUST mentioned with Horizon (which, serendipitously enough, is one spot ahead of Arkham City on top games list meaning Arkham City is my 32nd favorite game, yet it finishes one spot ahead here), many years with their individual GOTYs filled my votes in the top half of my ballot.

    As I have been doing with shouting out whenever a game makes our countdown when it was nominated for HoG consideration, I will continue to do so now with the addition of a wonderful resource that was presented during today's Community Showcase (of which I'm looking forward to showing this thread love in next month's stream): A website built by a Mr. Joey Bruno and if you're reading this sir, SHOUT OUT to you! This website is an awesome breakdown of almost every which way you can imagine, from each ceremony, grouped by Ally, which games are The Greats (tm), and every game has it's own dedicated page. If you're a fan of Hall of Greats (and/or are a supernerd for the in the weeds stat stuff like me), I HIGHLY encourage you to visit it! Getting back to how this pertains to Arkham City, Huber brought it to the 7th ceremony only garnering three votes, but is respectable in what I feel as the most balanced of a nominee list to date.

    To wrap up this chapter of my The Decade in GOTYs epic I seem to be writing, I want to give out more virtual high-fives to my fellow Arkham voters (which looking at the amount of voters here, will most likely be the last time, not because I don't think more of my votes will appear [as I think there are four more games I cast votes for will still show up] but because it's a long list of names and I'm hyper conscious of tagging so many, so often). So, for I feel will be the last time I do so, huge props to: @Scotty, @bard91, @Nimbat1003, @naltmank, @Crepe, @Sentinel-Beach, @Brandon_Reister, @Marcus3run, @Capnbobamous, @iboshow, and @Axel!

  • I just platinum this bad boy. One of the best games made. The story just keeps escalating and can't wait for Rocksteady's next game.

  • My friend and I were just talking about how the ArkhamCity has one of the best Batman stories bar none. I appreciate and love the claustrophobia of Asylum, but the scope of City (in terms of literal map size and in terms of stakes) is simply unreal. Love this game.

  • I splurged on Arkham City when it came out, and it gave me a similar feeling to when I first played Spider Man on PS1. Just feeling like the character and having the freedom to beat up dudes around the city felt so right. I think I definitely prefer the tighter, more contained game of Asylum, but City really evolves in all the right ways. There are more thugs and types of guys to beat. More bosses. More gadgets. It's exactly what a sequel should be, and it's a sequel to maybe my favorite superhero game. I admittedly never even got too into Arkham Knight because the over reliance on batmobile puzzles and mechanics just felt tacked on and unnecessary and slowed things down. There are also just an enormous amount of great moments I remember from City, even if the story overall didn't sink in as well as some parts from Asylum. Those end credits are just... Maybe some of the most memorable I've ever seen. What a game!

  • I like this game but I always felt it was a step backwards from the original. The open world didn't help the game design for my taste and the story felt pretty aimless until it suddenly ends. Like all these villains are inserted in for the sake of it.

    I significantly prefer Asylum and Knight over City.