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  • "There are some things about it that appeal, primarily soundtrack and aesthetic design, but with certain concepts, I (don't) see the personal push needed for me to try it. A couple of my turnoffs are having multiple endings and, while a neat idea, the switch up of play styles made this confusing as to how this game plays."

    This was my comment about NieR: Automata during it's respective thread and much like Red Dead Redemption II, there isn't much or enough I can say further regarding a game I haven't played. Yet, as it pertains to our countdown, it has jumped Horizon whereas it came up behind it in 2017 by three places.

  • @axel I probably should do this... Gonna install the game now so I don't forget about it anytime soon, lol

  • I wished I loved playing this one as much as the original Nier, but to me it was not even a close, I still like Automata, but Nier felt way more special and impactful to me.

  • I never played the original Nier, but I've played the two campaigns of Automata. The first chapter initially I thought was alright. I wasn't into the idea of playing through the same story again for the second chapter either. But the way they shake things up off the bat and really give you a harrowing side to things you've seen before and start to make you look at the things you've done was really affecting. I really like the story. Unfortunately, I really am not into Platinum fighting or game play, and wish it was a little less action and more story heavy. Fighting big bosses is super cool, but there are so many weapons and moves and depth to the action (not a bad thing necessarily) on top of things like hacking and shooting, that it's just a little overwhelming to get to the story I want to witness. I know I can just go through and basically use the same combo and weapons, but it feels like a disservice to what I know is there. While I've heard that the first Nier is really lackluster for being a bit more bare bones, it actually sounds a little more appealing when I know I won't stress about the combat. I hope that I'll be able to have the drive to finish this one!

    Oh, and that soundtrack! Holy fuck, what an accomplishment of composition! There are so many layers and ways tracks lead into each other and themselves, on top of 8-bit variations that seamlessly fade back and forth, I'm astonished by the breadth and quality of this game's music! One of my top soundtracks of the last while.

  • I've played NieR:Automata demo in 2017 and liked it a lot: gameplay was constantly changing, music was great and the characters seemed interesting. Then I played full game and it was disappointed, because it didn't go much further from what I saw in the demo. Also it looked bad. I've replayed it in 2020, but got exactly the same feeling like the first time. And even through I'm still listening to its soundtrack on its own, I barely noticed it when I replayed the game. It's a rare case when I like several aspects of the game on their own, but don't like how those aspects are implemented in the game.

  • Allow me to regale you with a COVID-19 tale about NieR: Automata.

    It's June 2020, TLOU 2 is taking too long and it's draining. At the end of my first week of playing TLOU 2, NieR: Automata Game of The Yorha Edition is on sale for $20. I click "buy" on the retailer's website. Failure. All copies sold out; It's marked back up to the full price.

    "That's fine. It wasn't on my radar, it's a little too anime-y for my liking and the internet's obsession with the main character's ass is weird. Whatever, dude"

    Week two of TLOU 2 and it has become difficult to play the game for longer than a few hours at a time. Thankfully, I'm close to the end. NieR: Automata Game of The Yorha Edition is on sale on Amazon for $20. I click to buy. Failure. All copies sold out. It's marked up to an insanely high price from a random mom-n-pop retailer.

    "Damn, fluid Platinum action sounds good right about now. Whatever, dude"

    July is here, TLOU 2 is over. I recall a GOTD discussion happening on EZA forums. Bloodborne beckons. NieR: Automata Game of The Yorha Edition is on sale for $20. I click to buy. NieR: Automata Game of The Yorha Edition has successfully been added to my cart. "WTF!" Bloodborne proceeds to push my shit in. I decide that it's not calling to me as much as I thought. NieR: Automata arrives at my doorstep.


    On September 4th, 2020 during the strangest time in many of our lives, NieR: Automata became the first game I platinum'ed. It took 90 hours, but damn I loved every minute of it. I have no idea how or why this game flew under my radar for so long. However, I am now convinced that a bunch of people got together in the heavens, compiled a bunch of things that I'm super into, put them into a goddamn video game, and delivered it as NieR: Automata. And then like a spoiled kitten, I ignored it until I was needy.

    • Existentialism
    • Numerous Literary References
    • Akihiko Yoshida's Art
    • Platinum-style Combat
    • A Fantastic Soundtrack
    • Great Characters ( Especially that one I was dismissive about earlier )

    And on and on... If I was compelled to be more selfish with this list, I'd put NieR: Automata higher. Despite how tailor-made this game is for me, I acknowledge that it has flaws. My only personal gripe is that there are no incentives to increase the difficulty past normal.

  • Now, this is a surprise for me. Played it for the first time recently and to be honest found it to be just ok. To its credit I'll say it's kind of an unique game although its subject matter is done to exhaustion. Soundtrack is cool, combat is almost great but level design is particularly bad and lacks technically. I felt like it was an over ambitious game for its budget but that gives it part of its charm.

  • Loved loved loved loved Nier Automata. Those fucking credits man. I was so darn emotional, after the journey I had been on with these characters, and how much I valued my time with these characters, to see what was happening on my screen.

    "You can do it."

    It sucks that it takes so long to see all the endings, but the payoff is so worth it. One of my favourite Platinum Trophies.

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    Now this was a game I REALLY liked. Nier Automata became one of my favourite games this gen when I finished it. The second playthrough I just kinda rushed through, even though I enjoyed the additional bits. The third playthrough really struck me though, reaching the end of the journey, seeing it all come together and accepting the fate of the characters was hard, but to the sound of an amazing OST which I still go back to now and again. I even had sympathy for some of the bosses. Those credits... wow.

  • @e_zed_eh_intern Not sure how that is being condescending to be honest. I answered a short question with a short answer.

    I'm not a huge fan of the Red Dead series, I enjoyed Revolver when I was younger, Red Dead Redemption while impressive and beautifully told, was in my opinion mostly a very boring experience.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 on the other hand (while not perfect) improves on pretty much every area. The game is a technical masterpiece, it's as close as we've ever been to a world that actually feels lived in. For a game so long, I was hooked on these characters and the story. Just where it goes and seeing the downfall of the camp. And the camp itself is amazing, going back whenever you want to feel the mood at that situation. On top of that it does one of the best jobs I've ever seen in a game of linking up to another game.

    Again, I didn't vote for the game, I still found the gameplay itself to be pretty rough, just all feels very automatic but the same issues were present in Red Dead Redemption. The only thing I would say that Red Dead Redemption does better is the going to mexico scene which 2 tries but doesn't really nail. Although it has other scenes which are maybe as good, just not the same scenario.

  • Holy shit, NieR made it! I panicked for a bit thinking it might not show up at all.
    There's a lot I can say about NieR and why it's my #1 pick, but it's one of those "you have to play it to get it" kind of games. Akin to VR.

    Similar to what @Crepe said, it felt like an experience tailor-made for me. Before playing it, I picked up the original Nier and played through that. I think If I hadn't done that, Automata might've surprised me even more as there are a couple of plot points being resued in here. It didn't really bug me though as they still hit hard as fuck.

    Anyways, I think the people who voted for it (thanks for doing that) and commented here did a good job of highlighting what I like about it and why it's so special.

    If you have shied away from Automata due to the "anime aesthetic," please do yourself a favor and just try it out. Trust me, you haven't played anything like it.
    Square Enix struck gold by giving Yoko Taro another shot at making a game. The guy is a mad genius and I truly believe NieR: Automata is a one of a kind experience and has opened my eyes to the capabilities of storytelling in video games.

  • Holy shit @Crepe I read your story wrong and had to double take, I thought you said you Platinum’d Neir Automata starting on September 4th!! Still though, glad the game resonated.

    I LOVE Neir Automata for so many reasons. If I had to pick one, it’s that the mystery of everything kept me gripped the whole time. Every creature and machine in this world has so much personality. Every open world section has this distinct flavour. It’s probably one of my favourite games of all time and what helps is how easily digestible it all is.

    My buddy who doesn’t normally play games like this finished all 5 main endings and rates this as one of his favourite games ever too.

    It oooooozes personality.

  • @dipset said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    Holy shit @Crepe I read your story wrong and had to double take, I thought you said you Platinum’d Neir Automata starting on September 4th!!

    LOL. I wish I had these kinds of powers.

  • I really do love automata so many memorable moments and the game style is interesting (the 5 endings basically playing through from 2 sides and then an epilogue).

    It would have made it higher if I didnt tire of and stop enjoying the side missions(pretty typical open world stuff) , though luckily it make it pretty easy to just follow the main story at that point so it still made it a high place for me(7)

    those last chapters and the ending are are just amazing and the music through out just adds so much to the enjoyment, the addition of the light rpg elements keeps the relatively simple combat by platinum standards interesting and diverse as well.

    Ultimately its just a unique/interesting game.

  • You guys have said it all already, NieR:Automata is an amazing experience and I recommend to everyone, no matter how you feel about the gameplay or aesthetic. It will win you over, I guarantee it.

    The combat itself is not as deep as a Bayonetta or a Devil May Cry, but that's perfectly fine, it makes it a lot more accessible. It's not a hard game by any means, just the right amount of challenge for an action-RPG, so don't worry about not being able to get through it or getting frustrated. You can experiment with different weapons, you'll kick ass and feel awesome.

    I need to insist on one point though: the soundtrack. I can safely say that it is the most accomplished soundtrack I've ever heard in a videogame, as a whole. Sure, series like Final Fantasy or Zelda have dozens of amazing tunes, but what Automata does with its soundtrack elevates it above all else. It is intricately woven into the fabric of the game, not just slapped on top of it. Every theme has multiples variants that transition depending on the context and current mood, be it epic or melancholic. The vocals are enchanting and otherworldly, Emi Evans the main vocalist even wrote her own lyrics in her own imagines futuristic languages, inspired by current ones. So a song might sound French but you won't actually recognize any word, and so on.

    I think I posted it before but check out this live concert:

    Youtube Video

    So why only #8 for me on this list? Honestly, this is the game I struggled the most to rank. On another day, it could have been my #2 or #3, but objectively, there are a few things it doesn't do that well. Like I said, the combat is relatively basic. The open world aspect is serviceable but nowhere near as finely crafted as a Breath of the Wild. It's by no means a perfect game, but that's what makes it even more endearing.

  • Resident Evil 2

    #16. Resident Evil 2 - 150 points


    #3 (Tearju Engi, MiserablePerson), #5 (Crepe), #9 (Chocobop, collin, Scotty), #10 (iboshow), #13 (Hazz3r), #14 (thisnameislame), #15 (Sheria), HM (Axel, GMan, cordashio75, NeoCweeny)


    Release year: 2019
    GOTY Rank: 1st
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


    EZA Review

  • I tried Resident Evil 2 demo and wasn't impressed. But currently I'm playing through Resident Evil 7 and it's fun. So when Resident Evil 2 comes to Game Pass, I'll probably play it.

  • I played the Resident Evil 2 Remake this last Halloween, and I thoroughly enjoyed it minus a bit in the sewers where I messed up a puzzle. I think my main complaint comes from the advancement in technology from the fourth game. I legitimately think that being able to move while you aim makes a less tense and scary experience with a third person shooter. While Dead Space and other games came after and allowed you to do so, it detracted the sense of calculation necessary to defend yourself when you can aim and move at the same time. Resident Evil 4 and Fatal Frame had it best when you put yourself at risk when you are attacking the things coming at you because you can't retreat and you're making the calculated decision to defend yourself, and put yourself at risk at the same time.

    Those nitpick aside, RE2 is an accomplishment in remake design. There's so much love put into every crevice and corner. The zombies bleed and break apart in ways that are so grotesque. The sound design and lighting are superb. And Mister X and his stomps are threatening as all hell. Wonderful remake! But I feel like in advancing tech and examining the past and evolved games, it's lost a little of what can make the game tense uniquely in itself.

  • I only played the demo for RE2, and seeing how much they nailed the creepy atmosphere and also making zombies actually scary again, I didn't even consider buying the full game because it's just too much for me, lol. I did watch Huber and Kyle's playthrough, which is so fun to watch. I think my only disappointment with it is that the second playthrough with the second character felt more like a remixed version of the first playthrough, unlike the original RE2.

    Also, at this point I'm actually worried that one of my picks wont show up, I don't expect it to top RE2 and a lot of the previous games on the list.

  • Just like with Nier there wasn't enough in RE2 to make me go for multiple playthroughs. It's a good game, technically impressive, but at the end of the day it didn't left a lasting impression.