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    I also think that Kiryu' story is just way more engaging than Majima's

    I feel like this is a HOTTAKE

  • @tokyoslim Wow it's not often that I have a hottake around here. For real though, I only started to really care for Majima's story sometime around the start of the final third of the game, before that it just felt kinda soft to me most of the time.

  • 1: I feel like Kiryu spends most of the game being reactive, not proactive. He's trying to find out who's manipulating him, but he's constantly being manipulated. Majima has BEEN being manipulated and is proactively working against it, making his own decisions. This is effectively Majima's game. He's the clear protagonist, and his character arc is the largest out of the two.

    2: I feel like Cabaret>Real Estate and it's not even close

  • I'm excited that Like a Dragon will have English VO if only to help others get into the franchise. Personally I have an issue with subs/dubs, where it bothers me listening to something not in its native language, and will go subtitles all the way. So Ghost of Tsushima and Yakuza are all Japanese for me, especially given I've been trying to slowly learn the language fluently for work, but mostly because it bothers a part of my brain otherwise. However, if it gets more people onto the franchise, I'm all for it, and legitimately look forward to everyone's first experience with Like a Dragon.

  • @tokyoslim I need to give this another go, but I couldn't get into Cabaret. I got way into the real estate with the district bosses and such, but something wasn't as rewarding to me about the cabaret manager.

  • Cabaret is fantastic, and the side story missions that come out of it are also fantastic!
    Dunno what it was that didn't click with you, but I feel like it may be the best mini-game in the whole series.

  • I've played around 10h of Yakuza 0, during the initial couple of hours I was impressed by the acting and atmosphere but as things progressed its silliness became overwhelming and at odds with my expectations. It's no Sleeping Dogs. Would like to comeback to it eventually and give it a second chance but it's one of those backlog games that there's always something else I want to play.

  • I don't even know where to begin with Yakuza 0 but I love this game so much, I have such fond memories thinking back of playing it and everything surrounding that time. Yakuza is now a Day 1 must play series for me now.

    First of all, 2016-2017 was one of the best years of my life: we won tons of awards for our thesis project, I had a summer love fling, I got a brand new job, and every video game was SO. DAMN. GOOOOOD! (UC4, DS3, Y0, P5, TLG, Neir Auto, Nioh, the list goes on).

    So this game came out at the right place at the right time. My only knowledge of Yakuza came from Greg Miller's infamous IGN review of Yakuza 4 where he shit all over it and compared it to a watered down GTA. I don't mind Greg, but in hindsight, that is a really really bad take, especially considering the game wasn't trying to re-write the book between Y3 and Y4.

    So next the Easy Allies, mainly Ben and Huber will NOT shut up about Yakuza 0 and I think Ben did a preview of it and it just sounded so awesome. I finally tried it and holy hell I wasn't expecting what I got.

    I think what I love most of all is the tone. Every scene has this honourable machismo where Yakuza bosses and Patriarch's dominate a room with so much tension you can cut it with a knife. Then everything in-between the main story moments has this extremely lighthearted and fun-ness to it. I think about Mr. Shakedown - a brute who beats you up and steals your money, Nouveau Riche scrubs who try to fight you wearing sequin suits, or the NBA2K GM Mode style Caberet Club management mini-game.

    I will NEVER get sick of absolutely smashing someones back against a railing, or picking up a motorcycle and fucking obliterating drunks who pick a fight with the god damn Dragon of Dojima (before he's the Dragon of course).

    I almost love Yakuza 6 just as much, but the plot in Y0 with everybody battling over the empty lot is my favourite type of story trope and Y0 does it so good. I also think Y0 has better weight to it. The PS4 Dragon Engine Yakuza games feel a little bit floaty which removes that brutal IMPACT you get from Y0.


    This was the Preview that sold me. Huber kills me!

    Youtube Video

  • I played Yakuza 0 until I beat the first main mission which was absolutely fucking amazing.
    Then it threw me back into the game and I got mugged by some gigantic fucker and I never played it again.

  • Yakuza 0 juggles tone better than any other game I've ever played. It simultaneously has an incredibly dramatic and engaging main story, and side-content that is just beautifully ridiculous. I think it works so well because it approaches all of it earnestly. It's not like "hey here's this dumb thing to break up the main story." Each quest has twists and turns and oftentimes a moral. I think the Cabaret questline in particular stands out because though the concept is wonderfully stupid, it has a genuinely deep and engaging story behind it (not to mention that the minigame is a blast). Each sidequest is treated with care, particularly the stupidest ones, and it does all of it behind a phenomenal main story.

  • @capnbobamous

    Spot on with the sincerity. It would be one thing to throw your hands up and bask in the ridiculousness of the premises in this side-content, but it's another to treat each character like they are meaningful. I actually LOVE the Pocket Fighter kid and how seriously he takes his kiddy hobby. You find little bits and pieces of yourself and life in general in this side-content and that's why it feels earnest despite being wacky.

  • Shovel Knight

    #14. Shovel Knight - 152 points


    #5 (clingring, Sazime), #6 (Otos, Chocobop), #7 (FerrisK96), #9 (HappyGaming), #12 (tokeeffe9), #13 (Answerofduty), #14 (bard91), #15 (Hanabi, DemonPirate, iboshow), HM (THECapedCaper, Crepe)


    Release year: 2014
    GOTY Rank: 1st
    Developer: Yacht Club Games
    Publisher: Yacht Club Games
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS, PC


    GT Review

  • Absolutely loved Shovel Knight, it is worthy of all the praise it gets as far as I'm concerned, and I've yet to play King of Cards.

  • While I have not played Shovel Knight, I recognize it is probably one of the very few bright spots in the doldrums of 2014 gaming. As such, my comment from it's GOTY list still stands:

    "I really love how in an age of many games needing to be as realistic as possible, Yacht Club went retro, and captured it better than most I've seen try. I'm very curious what their next project will be once they put aside the IP for awhile."

    And putting aside the IP is something I've been even more fascinated by, simply because Shovel Knight as grown and evolved into much more than this 2014 iteration with the additional campaigns. Massive Shout out to Yacht Club for not only making a great game, but also honoring their Kickstarter backers with even more Shovel Knight goodness. So much so, Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove feels like a complete package from an outsider's view, so I'm curious if the extra stories retroactively make the original feel incomplete.

    Still the SK: TT package was great to be nominated at the last Hall of Greats to take place in the studio! Brought by Brad, it garnered four votes, and finished in the middle of the pack.

  • It's a bit strange to see in "the best of decade" list a game that represents the best of another decade.

  • You guys misspelled "hollow"! I joke, Shovel Knight is the second best game with Knight on the title released this past decade and fully deserves to be on our top. This was a pleasant surprise, kudos to all those who voted for it.

  • I just want to play their next game

  • This list is hurting me.

  • I absolutely adore Shovel Knight. Every campaign feels fresh and unique, and is oozing with personality and charm. It would have been easy to make a retro-style game that's full of references, but Yacht Club takes the high road by writing genuine, funny and believable characters that live in a legitimate world all their own, and exude a passion for it and their goals. While it takes mechanical ideas from many different recognizable places, it mixes them into a stew with its own flavor, making a retro throwback that feels loving to its roots, and at the same time completely fresh. As they made more campaigns, I only feel that they improved, making awesome, fleshed out characters and more original mechanics. Plague Knight's is zany and naughty, Spectre Knight gets a serious story of loss and King Knight is a painfully tragic asshole. And preceding any of them, we have the incredible first campaign. This game is a gift of retro design and is an absolute labor of love; feeling like the games we grew up playing on the NES, but playing like a game of today in all the right ways.

  • @el-shmiablo you think these should be higher?