The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • I couldn't get into Grand Theft Auto V. The attitude and satire just didn't rub me the right way. But I still think the world still holds a certain realistic mystique. I love going around causing mayhem from time to time but the campaign and stories of the characters just really never compelled me. I can't argue though that the world isn't an achievement in design. Driving from one end of the map to the other is astounding in how different things are, and how the world changes. I just wish I could have been more invested in the characters and how their plots progress.

  • @happygaming And of that, we are of one mind. I concur with your Red Dead example, to add another for me personally: I'm (mostly) not a fan of Nintendo games, but I really feel there are a couple that should be in the top 10, despite me not voting for them, nor have any interest in them.

    Great games are great! =-D

  • There's several reasons why GTA5 had to be at least an HM. It's a PS3/360 open world game that their competitors still couldn't touch on current gen machines, it has an interesting and well realized character dynamic, offers almost infinite longevity and went to become one of the biggest successes in the history of gaming. And in my opinion it's a culturally relevant game, one of the few, as it takes a pretty wide (well written and humorous) snapshot of our society in the early 10's that only became more relevant and accurate today.

  • Not a spoiler, but a teaser: you'll notice a huge jump in points with tomorrow's #12 game. We're entering the big boys category.

  • GTAV was a next gen game before next gen existed. It had all these different systems. The idea of playing three characters and being able to change between them on the fly, no matter where you were was extraordinary. The heists were so much fun.

    I always wanted to get into GTA Online for the Online Heists but could never get back to it.

    I replayed it on the PC release in 2015 and had a blast.

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  • Enjoyed 5 alot more than 4 rockstar seems to jump around between a more fun style of game and then doing a very realistic/show off style (RDR2, GTA4).
    4 was fun at the time but similar to RDR 2 was frustrating even just minor thing like being unable to flip a car off its roof.

    I have been meaning to give GTA5 a new playthrough as I enjoy the mostly sandbox openworld without all the ubisoft style bloat.

    Oh and not to mention I've always been a fan of the crass satire of basically everything that gta has.

    Honestly if the online didn't exist my opinion might have aged better on the game but online has slowly soired my opinion over the years with the greed and it being held togeather with duct tape and a weekly goat sacurfice.

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  • GTA V is the game that made me stop buying new games. Everything about it is like a bad joke that someone keeps telling you over and over. There's no escape.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

    #12. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 230 points


    #1 (JDINCINERATOR), #2 (Capnbobamous), #3 (TokyoSlim), #4 (cordashio75, bard91), #5 (feer, Sentinel Beach), #6 (ffff0, Hazz3r), #9 (Phbz), #13 (Marcus3run), #14 (GMan), #15 (FF7Cloud, bam541), HM (Shoulderguy, Brandon_Reister, Nimbat1003, iboshow)


    Release year: 2015
    GOTY Rank: 1st
    Developer: CD Projekt RED
    Publisher: CD Projekt
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC


    GT Review

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is my #6. There are many things I love about this game. Story and characters are memorable, exploration and quests are amazing, Gwent is extremely fun. And when you get tired of the map, the game sends you to completely new area. This world has so many details: once I traveled to one unmarked island on Skellige and found a burial site. It wasn't marked on the map, it wasn't part of any quest, it was just there, because it makes sense in this world.

    However I've replayed it this year and I've noticed that it didn't age well: character movement can be more precise and animations definitely can be better (especially for trees and faces). Still, it's a great game and it's still worth playing.

  • The Witcher 3 is a phenomenal game. It pushed the genre forward in so many subtle ways that I didn't think about up to that point. Things like the importance of side-quests being meaningful and impactful, and how characters are some of the most important things in those stories. This came out at a period when I was very unemployed, looking for work constantly, and when I would get home, this was a game I could sink into and just have a warm blanket, with no fear of it ending soon, and having the gift of just getting lost for hours.

    I know the combat isn't necessarily perfect, but I think for me it's easy to jump in on and difficult enough with enough depth to feel satisfying. I'm always more invested in the world and the lore of where I explore, and the stories surrounding those places than how it feels to fight them. Collecting items to make the right potion to fight a monster feels like a fantastic thing, and especially in character, and as someone who hates crafting, I love that I only need to craft potions once. This is a deep RPG where I get to play as a character, not as my character, but finds the right line where the things I do matter, however I can buy into the character's individual story all at the same time. It's also so refreshing to have the story not be about being the chosen one or saving the world. It's all about a slice of this character's story.

    I never finished the game admittedly. I recently purchased the DLC chapters, so hopefully someday I'll be able to jump back in and see all the stories I missed. Last time I played (maybe a year or two ago) I fell down the Gwent rabbit hole and at the conclusion of that quest line I was completely burned out. Maybe it's time to jump back in and sail the Skellig aisles.

  • @Axel Wow, 64 point jump! RIP about half of the remaining games on my list.

    Fallout 4 was my GOTY back in 2015 ahead of The Witcher 3 but if I had to choose a favorite game now, I would pick The Witcher 3.

    Originally the combat of Witcher 3 felt a bit flat to me, which is why it wasn't my GOTY. Then I replayed it with the excellent Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine DLC. I bumped up the difficulty, doing that I was able to enjoy the combat much more, by having to use all the tools at Geralt's disposal. The DLC also added some excellent boss fights.

    The storytelling is exceptionally well done here. Quests in the game range from slapstick comedy to dark murder mystery's. The Witcher 3 can be goofy at times but danger still looms around every corner, and things aren't always what they seem. These quests are made even better by Geralt. He is usually annoyed or very annoyed by every character he interacts with, which I think is hilarious.

    The thing that impressed me most about The Witcher 3 is the world. That's because it ditches the roaming restrictions of The Witcher 2 for a fully open world. The whole world plays and looks fantastic, especially on PC. It set a new high bar for open world RPGs that very few games have been able to achieve. Which is why It's well-deserving of it's top 12 ranking spot on this list.

  • Oh damn, the jump in points is huge! At least half of my list is probably dead as well now.

    I spent most of my playthrough of Witcher III on a version of the game on the PS4 that had severe framerate issues and didn't update it because my internet was too slow. I just can't be bothered to wait an actual week for it, I was so hooked by the main story and the world of this game. It's such a well written game, which is more impressive considering the gargantuan size of the game and all the choices I can make. I also really like the side quests, overall it's pretty decent in variety of objectives and the stories they tell are quite memorable (fighting the ghost in the arena in Skellige is one of my favs). I did not know that people had very strong opinions of the combat at the time, I personally enjoyed that it didn't get buried under the RPG mechanics and still felt like a hack and slash game.

  • With the massive point increase (dependent upon the difference between the Witcher and the next reveal), I guess we can think of these as the Decade's Dozen huh? In any event, I'm actually surprised I didn't leave a comment about either what was the 2015 GOTY per the forums, or the game I've known would overtake it here.

    So to go ahead and comment on the Witcher III, this is a game I am overwhelmingly intimidated by, due to its size. The sheer scope of its world and the avalanche of activities you can do is staggering and hearing tales of players spending dozens of hours without even leaving the opening area ONCE is astounding. Plus there are some monster designs that are off putting, being over successful in making me not want to engage. That said though, I do recognize its praise for the story, characters, and world. On top of that, CD Projekt is probably my favorite developer that I haven't played a game from them (but that will change with CyberPunk here pretty soon. I guess that style speaks more to me than a fantasy setting) do to them being super fan friendly with having a ton of Witcher III DLC being free, the thank you note they pack inside retail copies and the just announced news they're bringing this game to next gen and providing free upgrades if you have the console or PC version. A game that's FIVE YEARS OLD. That's amazing. Plus, the minigame of Gwent being so huge getting its own minigame speaks to just how packed The Witcher III is.

    Still, I never foresee playing this game because I have let it pass me by and I have other games I want to play (and revisit). But good on ya Witcher III.

    Finally, as has been the case over this entire thread, I want to highlight it not only as a Hall of Great nominee, but it is in fact One of the Greats (tm)! Not just that, it's one of the few that's been brought twice: In the 5th HoG, Huber brought it and it JUST missed out on being enshrined then. It earned nine votes that night, only to have both slots taken by Resident Evil (4 and REmake respectively) so you can say it was a Huber HoG more than any other. In its second appearance, Bloodworth nominated it at the 10th ceremony, and while it secured one less vote for eight total, it was the benefactor of the only time in HoG history the decision for BOTH games to be enshrined was sent to Patreon. It joined The Last of Us as brought by Huber, while Ben's Phantasy Star Online didn't receive enough votes via the Patrons. All three of these games had the same eight vote total.

    That paragraph is a wonderful example why I've loved diving in to see what games we voted for are also considered Great by the Allies. And we still have some obvious entrants left to go!

  • I love the world of Witcher 3, it's like living the imaginary of medieval Europe and some of the stories my grandmother used to tell me. It has also some of the strongest characters in gaming, really superb character writing from the main characters to NPCs. Also, mission structure and writing are super influential to gaming and changed the gaming landscape, difficult to find a big budget game nowadays without its influence.

    Art style is pretty good to, although somewhat inconsistent, but at its best this game looks like a gorgeous oil painting. More so with the 4k and HDR updates.

    My biggest criticism goes for the world when it comes to exploration and navigation, not the most rewarding.

  • @dipset said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    GTA V is probably a Top 3 biggest disappointment of all time for me. It felt like a pretty big step back from GTA IV and in general it wasn’t super innovative. At least the base game. I won’t deny the influence GTA Online has on the industry and I won’t act as though this probably isn’t one of the best sandbox games out there but it just didn’t improve that much and took a step back in other areas.

    It’s aight.

    For me GTA IV was a big disappointment as it was a big step backwards from San Andreas. GTA V felt like a return to form for me.

  • As a lesson in videogame storytelling and characterization, Witcher 3 is pretty unmatched.
    As a videogame, please kill me now to save me from the buttfuckingly terribad combat.

    If they could marry the combat of the last few Assassin's Creed games with the characters and storytelling of TW3, you would have an absolute 11/10 game of the year all years mastapeace.

  • @neocweeny

    I felt the same way at the time but once I let go of the fact that cheats were stripped back, my eyes opened up to how ambitious and intimidate GTA IV’s open world is.

    For one, the story is bad but I truly appreciated the rags to riches plot more than any other GTA. Come to America, it’ll be great! And it’s a nightmare. Then the side characters were endearing and really fit comfortably into Liberty City. Not gonna elaborate more because the plot isn’t great and I understand why people don’t like it.

    But the world is so incredibly detailed and going back to it still feels high fidelity, even in the sub-HD PS3 version. This might be one of my favourite art directions in a game EVER. I live in a big city and I can feel the grit that big cities offer when playing GTA IV. They bring the camera in decently close and the close proximity of the buildings make the world feel very intimidate and lived in. That’s something that GTA V lost for me. Camera is pulled back, the world is a lot more opened up, and it feels more like a traditional sandbox rather than something that other games don’t offer up.

    The other major thing I love about GTA IV over V is the physics engine. I believe it’s the same engine but the older version of it has this beautiful weight to everything. Every punch, kick, and especially car crash feels sooooo...
    V I O L E N T

    I feel like a full speed car crash in GTA IV is more fun than anything in GTA V. That weight just elevated the game into next gen at the time and the more floaty physics of GTA V feel more in line with the Just Cause’s and Saints Row’s of the industry.

    Just my take on it. GTA IV grew on me over 2 years until I realized it was probably one of the best open worlds ever.