The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • Well, to each their own.
    You're jumping in with The Force Awakens as your first Star Wars movie. lol

  • I think I accidentally missed The Witcher III yesterday. I love this series so much and you’ve probably read my hipster opinion that TW3 is my least favourite in the series. In fact, I voted for TW2 instead of 3.

    Regardless, this game is amazing. The bread and butter of The Witcher series is the dark fantasy setting where politics mix with denizens big and small. Everyone worth anything is always trying to get one over and you as Geralt are just stuck in the middle of the chaos that follows you.

    I think TW3 has a meandering story that doesn’t have really distinct goals like the first two games have, but I find it rewarding in other ways. It does an amazing job of showing time passed from older games. One little example is how the currency Orens becomes obsolete by the third game because political powers have changed. The series is full of little touches like that and TW3 ties it together so well.

  • While Uncharted 2 is my favorite game in the series, Uncharted 4 isn't far behind it. I was pretty worried going in with all of the news coming into the game, with the departure of series veteran Amy Hennig, among others, with this being the game that came after Last of Us, and with the game to be directed by Druckmann, I was worried it wouldn't feel right, like you could feel all of those pieces being from different hands than the original team and minds who constructed the pretty set in stone trilogy. I was excited for those reasons as well, but concerned it would feel less like the Uncharted I learned to love.

    I think that this game is outstanding and those worries I had didn't come to fruition. It did feel different, but it also felt sort of the same. It had been five years since 3, and to me 4 feels like it's grown up a lot, striking really emotional beats and not being afraid to take some time to slow down and take a hard slow look at its characters. This Uncharted is about a yearning to relive the glory days and missing them just as much as it seems the game is feeling the same thing, and about the importance of growing to look at yourself at different stages of your life. And in life and the industry, things can change.

    Set pieces are breathtaking and the stealth has never felt better! And I've never been one to feel like the shooting is poor in the series; likewise, I enjoy it thoroughly. I'm personally not a fan of some of the more open areas in the game and I feel like I'm in the minority on that. It sort of kills the story pace for me to suddenly have a car and go into a large open area, and I know this design has persisted in subsequent games The Lost Legacy and Last of Us 2. To me the most freedom I wanted was in the chapter you got to go around the house, or the final epilogue. Slow and free to look, but not an open area per se. I think this game definitely shines with watching the characters grow more than anything and giving them weight that may not have been there before. Conversations feel heavier than ever, and a specific moment where a line is spoken and all sound effects fade to let the music go for like sixty seconds is really powerful! I don't see this as a continuation of the Uncharted trilogy, I see it more as an epilogue to that trilogy and giving the characters an ending and new beginning in a way. An ending to an ending.

    As @bam541 mentioned earlier, that multi-player is super underrated! Uncharted 2 is still my favorite multi-player, but I had so much fun with this one. Plus the inclusion of the grappling hook in this game, in multi-player and out, is such a fun addition to the arsenal.

  • Uncharted 4 is a great game but I felt that the 3rd game did pretty much everything the series had the potential of doing and Uncharted 4 didn't surprise or delight in any significant. Everything in Uncharted 4 is done brilliantly but there was no new ground broken despite some amazing moments of spectacle and downtime.

  • Mass Effect 2

    #10. Mass Effect 2 - 241 points


    #1 (Brandon_Reister, Capnbobamous, Lotias), #2 (Shoulderguy, naltmank), #4 (Crepe), #5 (TokyoSlim), #6 (Exist 2 Inspire), #9 (Brannox, THECapedCaper), #10 (Nimbat1003), #11 (GMan, El Shmiablo), #12 (bam541), HM (bard91)


    Release year: 2010
    GOTY Rank: 1st
    Developer: BioWare
    Publisher: Electronic Arts
    Platform(s): PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PC


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  • The first two Mass Effect games are amazing. I remember playing both of these games for the first time in the span of two weeks, it was wonderful. Bioware made a lot of smart decisions with ME2 in particular, it's much more focused and polished compared to the first game, which made it a better game for most people. The story/plot also felt tighter and more intense, despite the whole thing turning out to be somewhat irrelevant in the grand scheme of the series. It's been so long since I played it, so almost all the details are lost on me, but I still remember how great the last mission of the game was. It truly felt like an epic culmination.

  • There are very few instances where I'll get a game because others like it or is something that is recommended to me by friends without feeling burned one way or another, but the Mass Effect trilogy is a very rare exception. I fell in love with these characters, the galaxy at large, all the diverse races and the interesting lore.

    I JUST replayed the trilogy recently about two months ago, and when focusing on Mass Effect 2, I want to add something from my comments from our most recent GOTY thread. As a reminder:

    "While I prefer the first game, the second is objectively the most well-rounded of the three in practically every area, from design to scenario. If I had to give any nitpicks, I've got three: The biggest gripe is there are WAY too many party members to choose from. The roster could've been cut by HALF and it still would have been a solid game. Because of two or three characters having too similar a build, I tend to gravitate to personalities moreso than skillset, which is why Garrus is permanently in my squad for 2. I'll typically have Tali, Thane, or Grunt be my third member until Legion comes along, and that's only because you have him for such a tiny (relatively speaking) amount of time, so I always have to feel like I have to have him throughout the remainder of the game. Personally, to round out the crew, I would also include Mordin and Miranda, but after that, Jacob, Samara/Morinth, Jack, Kasumi, and Zaeed all feel unnecessary compared to everyone else (Yes, I know the latter two are DLC characters). Some of the side quests are slightly meh, but are still enjoyable and a good way to rack up experience points. While I tend to gravitate more towards the RPG aspects than the shooting (which I dislike the ammo system as opposed to the heat system), I feel some side-quests could be a little better. While I love the story concept of gathering a multiple-disciplined team to take on a suicide mission, I'm not a fan of having the story thrust be Cerberus primarily. I would've enjoyed the idea of going Rogue if wasn't terrorist backed. But on the whole, those are just minor in an otherwise phenomenal game."

    The thing I want to add that kind of rivals the too large party size for my biggest complaint is the incredibly tedious and boring mining for resources. I wouldn't be shocked if half the game clock was going planet to planet, holding down the trigger, and randomly combing the surface until I saw a "Depleted" status. Another point in the original's favor is you went to a place, had a sweet camera shot of the planet and an instant response to let you know if there was something worthwhile. I had forgotten just how... plentiful... the galaxy is filled with this (Especially when you need resources to boost the Normandy for the Suicide Mission)

    It's my 9th favorite game this decade despite it being my 2010 GOTY, and my 29th favorite game of all time. For how I voted for this thread, the rationale for Mass Effect 2 is VERY similar to what I said 10 entries ago at Horizon Zero Dawn with other individual GOTYs and a particular year being a standout. It's also no surprise how ME 2 is one spot above HZD on my ballot.

    One final note: Again, as I JUST said with the above Uncharted post: Since so many of you voted and love this game, I'm gunshy tagging all of you, but shout out to all of you for getting Mass Effect 2 within the top 10!

  • Catch up again...

    Uncharted 4

    I originally had this in the #2 slot before bumping it to #5. My top 5 is interchangeable to be honest and maybe in hindsight, UC4 shoulda been higher but whatever...


    • Shady black market auction heist on the cliff side of an Italian villa

    • Panamanian prison yard fights (a call back to Uncharted 1 "You obviously haven’t been in a Panamanian jail.")

    • Sword fight. I won't say much more, but it's A LOT more awesome than just that.

    And I'm tired of hearing people say "Oh, you just watch Uncharted" or "Uncharted takes control away from you" and the like. Name another game where I physically climb into a room from the side of a cliff, head toward the door to exit the room I snuck into only for the game to seamlessly enter a cutscene where Nadine blocks my ability to sneak away unseen, in which the cutscene interaction transitions head first into a mano e mano fist fight, in full ballroom regalia, in which I inevitably get tossed through the glass window and off into a cliff where I now enter a platforming sequence?

    No stopping the action. No loading a cut scene. I have control the whole time except for the scene transitions. Like, COME. ON. How much more do people want?

    And that goes without mentioning the fact that in Uncharted you get to control and play these massive set piece moments whereas every other game makes you watch them. Like I am controlling the vehicles, what direction I go in, who I kill all in a FIFTEEN MINUTE LONG chase sequence through Madagascar.

    The amount of custom work the developers apply to each level to differentiate the levels and individual sequences is unmatched in all of video games. Uncharted 4 is underappreciated for how insanely masterful this game is.

    Mass Effect 2

    Since my last hottake about not really liking this game very much, I actually went back and played this again a solid 7 years after starting it for the first time. And you know what - IT GREW ON ME!

    I've just learned to take it for what it is: a pseudo-RPG, pseudo-shooter, and all round adventure. I feel like Mass Effect 2 doesn't do any one thing great, but a plethora of things big and small really adequately. I originally didn't like how each loyalty mission devolves into an unholy amount of exposition, paired with a mediocre shootout in corridor levels, followed by an extremely quick and jarring conclusion. Like it blew my mind how this games writing was so praised when some missions like Jacob's loyalty mission have him discovering his long lost father and subsequently disowning him, even leaving him to die in my case, in the span of like 8 minutes. And the entire game is mission after mission of these isolated little stories.

    BUUUUUUUUT... 7 years later I kinda enjoy the rapid fire storytelling, the super bite sided quests, and general pace of the game overall. Like in 2020, I'll take being able to finish a main quest mission in like 10-20 minutes over spending days or weeks doing the Bloody Barren questline in The Witcher III.

    I still don't think its a great game but it's good. I wish the game had more variety other than shootouts. When they do decide to deviate, it ends up being a janky follow mission or a janky driving mission or something. With a better engine, a Mass Effect game in the future could have such an amazing variety in gameplay and I look forward to the series eventually returning.

  • Mass Effect 2 was my 2010 GotY and it was on my list here when the list had 22 games. But to get it to 20 I've decided to have only one entry per franchise. And since Mass Effect 3 is a better game (in my opinion), Mass Effect 2 was cut.

  • I really enjoy the Mass Effect trilogy but when you have to pick through hundreds of games some will be left out. But I'm very happy to see ME represented.

  • I like Mass Effect 2 a lot. It didn’t get a vote from me because reasons. Buts it’s a great game.

    As said in the 2010 thread. The worst thing about Mass Effect is the Karma system. Because in order to get a perfect ending, you must go all Paragon or all Renegade, and this prevents you from truly Roleplaying as Shepard in the moment. You instead game every moment to make sure you have enough Karma points for that Companion confrontation towards the end of the game.

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    Oh wow! well my guess went out the window on the first entry x)

    Mass Effect 2 are one of those games that I like to go back to now and again just because I enjoyed it so much. Back when the game came out, one of my friends kept bugging me "you have to play these!!" and I was like "meh, maybe". Then one Friday he came home to me and installed both games on my PC. I ended up spending the next two weekends playing through the games, whilst playing the second game I even got asked by my mum "what film I kept watching". I didn't get to play the DLCs until like 2014 but I must say Shadowbroker was a great DLC that is definitely worth a playthrough if you haven't.

  • Mass Effect 2: Have played, it didn't get a vote from me, though. Really liked getting the gang together in this one. Lots of cool mission, especially the personal ones. I'd propably give the trilogy a new go if the rumored remastered collection ever were released.

  • I love Mass Effect 1, but that game was from such an old era of game design. Many design choices existed because RPG fans either have no issues with them or outright expected them. Sidequests that became formulaic. large empty zones, cumbersome inventory management, overlapping character skillsets, etc.

    Mass Effect 2 tweaked all of those choices and felt like playing the future. Sometimes it still seems like the future. No need to explore big empty zones in order to find resources. No more picking up the same item over and over. Despite some overlapping skills, every character is unique enough that personal playstyle dictates the team choice. Also, if an area was reskinned, it wasn't as obvious as in Skyrim or ME1.

    Also, one thing I like about all of ME games is that replaying them on higher difficulties is fun and feels novel.

  • My ME2 hottake is that planet scanning is underrated. So meditative.
    Love this game.

  • ME2 made my list, but it wouldn't have if I had been able to put all the games I wanted on my list, I still hold good memories of it and remember it as a very good game at the time it came out, but it is honestly something I'm a bit hesitant of revisiting and seeing how it holds up for me today.

  • Well ME2 ended up where I put it in my personnel list so pretty happy about that and clearly that means my number 9 is coming next... Wolfenstein new order.

    Getting a little worried about a couple games from my top 10 though.

  • I jumped into the Mass Effect series with 2 on the PS3 and was instantly hooked.
    Even though I'd never played the first game, all of these characters just felt so fleshed out and familiar.
    Pre-ordered the third game the second I could and while I enjoyed my time with it was ultimately disappointed that it didn't come anywhere close to the absolute majesty of the second game.
    Seriously one of the greats.

  • @naltmank said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    My ME2 hottake is that planet scanning is underrated. So meditative.
    Love this game.

    OMG YES!

    Completely ignored resource cultivation in ME1 and my first crack at ME2 because I assumed it was equally as boring as ME1. I have sunk probably like 2+ hours into that mini-game because I go into this trance that is only like 1.5 notches above a blank stare but also stimulating enough to have me searching the planet for the frequency spike. I basically upgraded so much shit by mid-game cause I got into that trance.

  • ME2 was a true groundbreaker, taking the series from relative obscurity to mainstream excellence. As the GameTrailers review states "You'll gladly trade hours of your life to Mass Effect 2, there's just so much here to experience and it's all uniformly excellent in execution".