The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • It's just a jolly fun game, it's a bit easy and then really hard once u finish it still never did the moon stuff.

    Also the movement mechanics are just pure bliss and really reward exploration and experimentation.

  • Super Mario Odyssey is an accomplishment in design. Every single level is filled with ideas and mechanics unseen in any other part of the game. You're constantly introduced to new things, and forced to rework your ways of thinking to those ideas and mechanics to consistently fresh and innovative ideas.

    I'm not a fan of the Brutals. I think they're... Shallow, I guess, in a simple way of saying, but it's strange to say that in comparison to other Mario villains. The world's on the other hand are full of so much depth. The characters you meet and inhabit, the activities you undergo, and the specific actions you take unto yourself because of how you take control of those characters create completely unique environmental scenarios unlike anything else in the game besides where they're at. Some are so fun, they could occupy a complete game by themselves without Mario attached, and that's the strength of what Nintendo gives these small parts of this large space. I would literally spend an entire Mario Odyssey as that bird from Bowser's castle area. I love that little guy.

    There's so much freedom, character and joy on every space in this game that I haven't seen in such a long time. It was a breath of fresh air and a constant amount of unbridled happiness from second to second just discovering what I would do next. Mario Odyssey is what I hope I can capture in a bottle and play again someday, because it's impossible to be able to play this game again in the same way. Even though there's no story, I always felt like I was discovering things and on a grand vacation and adventure.

  • Odyssey is weird. I loved my time with the game but don’t hold it in very high regard. I feel the same about platformers in general.

    It’s really really fun to play. I think the best thing about it is it’s meticulous design. The worlds are constructed in such a way that you can let your curious out carry you through the world, trying things because you can, and more often than not you’re rewarded with a moon for your trouble.

    Also, Break Free (Lead the Way) is much better than Jump Up Superstar.

    I think the reason why you see people talk about the latter so much is because people associate it so much with the marketing build up for Odyssey, which people were very excited about consistently. It was perfect trailer music for Odyssey.

  • Odyssey its a great game, full of surprises and everyone into exploration should have a great time with it. Although not all Nintendo games are amazing this one is among those that show why Nintendo is needed. The way this game thinks out if the box is something it should be celebrated and taken as an example by publishers and developers as a sign that you can take risks and still have the sales numbers.

    As a negative I'll say that the game has way too many moons ready for the pick and I imagine gamers more focused on progression than exploration will find this game kinda pointless.

  • The pinnacle of video game fun.
    I always keep thinking about how Nintendo is gonna possibly bring something new and fresh to the table, but they knocked it out of the park with this one. Probably the only Mario game I've 100%. So good.

  • Odyssey is joyful. I know that Breath of the Wild will probably be yet to come in this countdown but I believe Super Mario Odyssey is the greatest Nintendo Switch game of them all. I wish I could delve into BotW and have a great time but the difficulty, annoyances and those weapon and climbing durability systems aren't fun-Odyssey on the other hand is a nuclear explosion of joy.

  • Super Mario Odyssey: Haven't played, would propably be pretty fun.

  • Super Mario Odyssey is fun and I enjoyed the twists it throws at you but half of the levels are just boss rooms and in a blink it’s all over. Not gonna lie, I felt a bit ripped off by this game being full price with only a handful of levels.

    Tbh, I had more fun with the Crash and Spyro remakes.

  • Marvel's Spider-Man

    #7. Marvel's Spider-Man - 249 points


    #3 (iboshow), #4 (Sentinel Beach, Scotty), #5 (Jamicov, E_Zed_Eh_Intern, JW), #6 (GMan), #7 (cordashio75, JDINCINERATOR), #10 (Axel, bam541, El Shmiablo), #11 (collin, Sazime), #13 (FerrisK96), HM (Hanabi, TokyoSlim, HappyGaming, Nimbat1003, Crepe, Hazz3r)


    Release year: 2018
    GOTY Rank: 3rd
    Developer: Insomniac Games
    Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4


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  • ... I'm not gonna get divinity am I...

    Spidermans has some great traversel and does an excellent job trimming the fat of openworld games.

  • On today of all days with the PS5 finally letting loose all the details, it's BEAUTIFUL the countdown lines up to fall on Spider-man today. It's also the next example of the game being ahead here than a game it placed behind, as Red Dead Redemption II is 11 spots behind Spider-man when the latter fell one spot short back in 2018.

    Looking back from revisiting all my comments, I think mine on Spider-Man (so far from the games revealed) has absolutely gotten much stronger than any other:

    "Being such a huge fan of Insomniac and almost everything they've ever done, I passed on this because I just have never really gotten into anything Spider-man. To be absolutely clear: I think this is one of the best looking games out there, the combat seems intuitive and smooth, I really like how it's a unique story, and Manhattan seems vast and there's plenty to do. But honestly, I can't get into it."

    And as I continue to see both this and the upcoming Miles Morales, I just can't make myself care about the property. I do believe this should be the flag-bearer Marvel has so Star Wars can look to and say, "We should license out to singular developers," because Insomniac does a great job with this game. But I need to follow my gut: Cheer on Miles Morales from the sidelines while congratulate this game for moving the superhero genre forward.

    Spider-man also is a HoG nominee, another in a great list of games! Brought by Huber at HoG 11, a.k.a the last ceremony to have taken place at the studio. It only had two votes, but remember that stream has a three game race between Final Fantasy VII, Counter-Strike, and Aliens vs. Predator.

  • Its crazy that both XCOM games are going to land in the Top 6...

  • @miserableperson And both Knack games too!

  • @brannox If I may, I was also never a big Spider-Man fan, I've always been team Batman. So I had very little hype for this game when it released, and eventually got it a few months later on sale. And I LOVED it!

    Like I said about the Batman Arkham series, it will make you a fan if you aren't one already. There's so much love for the franchise and attention to detail, plus an extremely fun combat system (similar in some way to Arkham, but with its own flavor).

    I don't think you would regret it if you gave it a shot.

  • I have loved Spider Man since I was a really young kid, and this game was just a dream come true. Marvel's Spider Man is the game I always wanted to play as a Spider Man fan outside of the Ps1 game, and it's one of the few games that I've 100% completed with trophies and checklists. I didn't even realize that there was fast travel until very late in the game because of how much I naturally enjoyed just traversing the environment, swinging, taking pictures and taking out baddies. This is a true Spider Man game, in all the best ways, and even if the story didn't pay off as much as it could have, I had a wonderful time for a long period with this game. There are so few games that make me reevaluate how I look at buildings and traversal. This game is just a joy to play and explore and never feels like a chore or a bore to play. Movement in general is so fun, it would be enough on its own, but with gadgets and all the ways you can make the game your own, this is a really special time.

  • @axel Oh, you may and I remember your pitch to me back in 2018. I also want to preface the rest by saying I'm sorry for long this became.

    But for me (and I can't underscore that enough), I'm just not really into superheroes in general (Overall, I do not identify as a DC or Marvel fan). Batman is an exception, but there are caveats to that in being:

    1.) I've only played the Rocksteady games
    2.) I only really care for the Nolan movies
    3.) The rogue's gallery is more interesting

    While there are very, VERY few Batman things I still want to look into for the first time (as in really educating myself on the Court of Owls and getting interested in The Batman for the first time with the DC Fandome trailer), but on the whole, I'm good with Batman things and have no real desire to look into that universe any further (so I'm passing on Gotham Knights and Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League).

    Tying this into Spider-Man, I don't like the villains, I'm not really engaged with Peter Parker as a character, and ya know, I'm anti-spider (Yes, I know, there really isn't an actual spider presence in the game, but it's still in principle). I respect it, and I'll say today what I said after it's E3 demo at Sony's last E3 conference: Today's demo showed REALLY well (ESPECIALLY the music during the fight), but it just.... doesn't click. I have no desire. As I said above, my feeling of not caring about the property has only strengthened since (and as I have referenced every now and then, I don't buy in on a game because everyone else loves it. I've been burned too much). So no, I haven't seen Into the Spider-verse, Infinity War/Endgame, or other beloved superhero properties, because the premise doesn't light up like a neon sign shining, "INTERESTING!"

  • I'm not a spider-man fan, so for me Marvel's Spider-Man was just a good third-person action game like many others.

  • I really don't care about superheroes, one of the reasons why I can't get into Batman games also, and this trend where all of a sudden people consider Avangers movies the best cinema ever made doesn't help my goodwill towards this. In a way, for me, this game represents for gaming what the Marvel movies represent for cinema.

    Traversal in this game looks and feels great although the level of control is geared towards accessibility so much that you don't really get good at it or feel the satisfaction of pulling sick tricks.

    Story is the basic corporate mandate repetition to ehxaustion of the same Spiderman myth retold a billion times by now. Boss fights too heavily scripted, quick time events galore. Uninspired stealth sections and one of the shallowest open worlds this gen.

    Plus last third of the game I encountered several bugs.

    Yet the pleasure of just swinging around made me "endure" it all the way to the end, because it feels that good. But it could never get anywhere near my top.

  • Spider-Man: My #4! What a joy to play this! It's basically everything I've ever wanted from a Spidey game. Absolutely stunning. The freedom of movement is exhilarating, traversing the city is simply so much fun. And the soundtrack in the background is just enough to give you these boosts of extra epicness. The story and the characters are on-spot, I felt, and I've been meaning to return for the second round with the game. Now it seems I'll buy the Ultimated Edition with Miles Morales on PS5 and get the enhanced version of this as well. Good times. :)

  • @brannox Totally fair, I can't force you! But since you liked the Arkham games, you gotta get Gotham Knights though! ;)