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    I wish I could at least understand what everyone sees in it that I don’t

    I can understand that, and your whole post sums up my feelings of a certain upcoming game that did not get a 10 from easy allies BTW.

  • @ffff0 I haven't played GoW 2018, but from random cutscenes clips I gather it is a very dramatic story (life and death, father and son, emotional scenes). Does anyone really expect every dramatic experience to work for them personally? (Even in the sense of "at least slightly working for me/not feeling one-note" ?) I would also go further and say that GoW's emotionally affecting narrative seems to me to be why opinion on it tends to be so superlative, even if that isn't always connected to what is said about the game.

    I like to remind myself that when I observe a lot of people championing a new game or praise an old one as one of the best in its class, that this doesn't mean I'm more likely to feel the same, or even find a baseline enjoyment. It means something like... if you like the game, there's an increased chance you'll like it a lot.

    Put another way, I think the way general gaming community operates (referring here to word of mouth, conversations, etc.) makes it hard to judge where a game's "enjoyment floor" is. You more naturally get a sense of the "ceiling" or perhaps the average.

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    Does anyone really expect every dramatic experience to work for them personally?

    Of course not. And I have no problem not seeing an appeal of a game that hits some players. But when so many people (it seems like almost everyone) praise game's narrative, it should work in a very wide way. So unless I'm a unique person that doesn't have some life experience that everyone else has, it should work on me too. I don't think I'm that unique, that why it's so puzzling to me.

  • God of War was a pleasant surprise. It's a bit too close to the Naughty Dog formula but it does the incredible job of improving upon it in almost every way. It's emotional without feeling manipulative, heavy on set pieces without feeling like just a bunch of situations glued together and even smaller stuff like climbing sections are better handled. It's a well directed ND game, in a way.

    Great cast of characters, art direction and pacing.

    As a negative I'll say that two of the worlds are absolute filler thrash and that I would rather not having them and have the section they pulled from the game where an important part of Atreus character progression took part, which ultimately hurts that character and the game. Although I love how annoying he gets it's just unfortunate that the change happens out of nowhere.

  • @ffff0 said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    Of course not. And I have no problem not seeing an appeal of a game that hits some players. But when so many people (it seems like almost everyone) praise game's narrative, it should work in a very wide way. So unless I'm a unique person that doesn't have some life experience that everyone else has, it should work on me too. I don't think I'm that unique, that why it's so puzzling to me.

    First off: you definitely could be unique, yo. :) We all are. Second: It's quite possible that the crowd of people that praise the game's narrative aren't representative of you/your peer group, much less gamers as a whole (sometimes people who think something is just "okay" don't want to speak up when it is still new... what's the balance of opinion going to be when it is 5 years old?). One obvious thought is that the group of GoW fans you hear from over-represents players that are parents (or at the age where their peers are all parents), and if you don't feel part of that group it would be an easy reason why the appeal isn't there. Although I don't think it has to be this specific either.

  • Banned

    God of War was already a series that was very near and dear to my heart before the 2018 reboot, so imagine my surprise when Santa Monica totally flipped the script on the series in almost every way and created one of my most beloved games of all time.
    Of all time.
    My son was born around the launch of the game, so I spent the majority of my journey through the realms bouncing a newborn strapped to my chest at untold hours of the night because that was the only way to get him to sleep.
    Kratos' evolution from an oversexed, insanely toxic anti-hero/villain into a calm, wise, underspoken father figure was pulled off so masterfully that Santa Monica need a round of applause just for that. Fuck the massively improved combat, graphics, presentation, and all that other shit, making me interested in Kratos as a character again is the game's biggest achievement by far.

  • God of War: My #11! An excellent video game which I enjoyed playing immensely. The love and care put into the game was just tangible throughout the whole journey. The game also had the Moment of the Year for me, MOTY 2018. Not RDR2 nor Spidey could surpass that even if I did place them higher as games.

    I will definitely play this again before Ragnarök arrives. The story seemed to be very well writtten and there were clues here and there that will play far into the future. Or at least into the sequel. Some very clever and puzzling moments.

    One minus that I have to bring up, though, is the absence of TC Carson as Kratos. I mean, he just IS Kratos for me. Had been since my teenage years. I have nothing against Christopher Judge, he does an excellent job here, but it was just super disorienting as I honestly could not stop hearing only Teal'c. The only times Judge's voice worked was when I actually SAW Kratos speaking with that voice. For instance when Kratos is talking with Atreus when you're controlling him and only see his back it was for me like Teal'c would've talked out of some limbo. I hope my second run with the game feels better in this area.

  • God of War has certainly earned its place as perhaps the greatest consensus PS4 exclusive out there. Wielding Kratos' axe is one of the most satisfying feelings ever and you can really sense how visceral and vicious the combat is. The journey of Kratos and Atreus is remarkable too and I can see how parents who play God of War can really connect with the chemistry between the father and son duo. The reason I don't personally put it as my top PS4 exclusive is because it's too serious and Kratos is just lacking in charismatic charm for better and for worse.

  • I really liked GOD OF WAR but I also felt somewhat disappointed by the game and I honestly think I tainted it by beating it full steam ahead in one weekend. My little brother was visiting so we could play the game but we only had Saturday and until noon on Sunday when he was leaving so we rushed and the whole game feels like a blur.

    I love one-sitting games, but this isn't the type of game that's better by playing in one sitting.

    I like mostly everything about it including the direction they went with the story and the extremely simple but effective plot, but I do have two gripes.

    1. Freya's acting was really damn cheesy and generally bad. I found her presentation more in-line with the older GOW games. She stood out like a sore thumb to me compared against the other characters.

    2. The Ferry level was way too long and I didn't really like anything about it. It was a ton of fighting in a level that didn't speak to me in any way. It also happens to be by far the longest part of the game. In the grand scheme of amazing God of War levels, nobody is going to say "oh I love the one with the ferries flying around".

    I'm insanely hyped about the sequel and I want to play this game in a more slowed down normal form but as of now, it's tied for my least favourite God of War game with Ascension. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing because all of the games are awesome.

  • Whoops, I've missed a lot of these! I won't comment on all of my picks that made it in, but a couple recent highlights:

    Spider-Man is just so much damn fun. He's already my favorite superhero, so even if it was a 6/10 I'd probably enjoy it, but they nailed just about everything I was looking for. People complain about the Miles and MJ missions, and I get what they're coming from, but I personally still liked the change in perspective and thought they were short enough to be justified. Super Mario Odyssey is in a similar category for me where it's just a joy to play.

    Uncharted 4 is my favorite in the series. I think it's the most fun that the series gets and the relationships between characters are so satisfying to watch. It was also the first time I unironically thought "wow, that's next gen" because the faces were so good. I remember a scene between Nate and Sam where they had really minor facial expressions that I was genuinely impressed by. I also appreciated the lesser focus on supernatural stuff.

    Finally, I had never played any of the other God of War games before jumping into this one. I was sold on this one when they first revealed it at E3 2016, and I loved this game a whole lot. I loved the storytelling and the performances, and the combat is dopamine city. One of the big takeaways for me though was the music. One of my friends would make fun of me because she could see on Spotify when I was playing the main theme or 'Ashes' on loop. Bear McCreary's got my attention forever now.

  • The Last of Us

    #3. The Last of Us - 362 points


    #1 (Jamicov, Sentinel Beach, iboshow), #2 (Brannox, Scotty), #4 (TokyoSlim, bam541, tokeeffe9), #5 (collin, HappyGaming, FerrisK96), #6 (feer, Lotias, JDINCINERATOR), #8 (thisnameislame, naltmank), #10 (Otos), #12 (FF7Cloud), #13 (DIPSET), #14 (DemonPirate), #15 (Hazz3r), HM (ffff0, GMan, THECapedCaper, Capnbobamous)


    Release year: 2013
    GOTY Rank: 1st
    Developer: Naughty Dog
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3


    GT Review

  • To me, there are few games as good as The Last of Us. While there are games I enjoy more, to me this is some of the peak of what storytelling is able to do with this medium. I recognize it's not the type for everyone, but I've had few moments where I've been as emotionally invested in every single moment on screen as this game presents.

    This is a game that has a script and a vision that is uncompromisingly mature in its presentation, and doesn't hold back from bleakness or despair. In fact, it's a part of the reality that we come to know as what is commonplace. I've never been able to play the opening act without weeping, and the rest all has its points of pointed weight that picks at you, as a survivor, as a human.

    The nature of survival is always up front. You survived to see this transition, the changes to what you thought were the most permanent parts of life. But you also survive second to second. The story reflects the bitterness and the hardened reality of survival, and the sadness of looking back. The game play reflects this as you try to live another second against someone else who is no less guilty of survival than you, scavenging for the same loot and gear, wanting to breathe life one more time the next day. So you scrounge supplies, craft gear, and fight your way to be able to be the last one standing.

    While the storytelling is definitely not for everyone, the actors do a tremendous job moment to moment, selling their characters with weight and authenticity like few games I've seen before. Some lines make me choke up with just a small couple of words and some make me put the controller down to think. Ellie having never seen the world 'before' makes it all the more tremendously powerful to hear her thoughts on it as you progress, and Joel's callousness bounces off of her perfectly.

    While going in I was expecting Uncharted with zombies, I was greeted with so much more; a thoughtful, methodical, slow and hardened look at humanity and the world like Cormac McCarthy's The Road, but with a different flavor. I wholeheartedly believe that Last of Us is one of the greatest games of all time, and I will stand by that.

  • What isn't there to say about the Last of Us that hasn't already been said, and will be reiterated upon and discussed for the foreseeable future. The Last of Us is the first game I can remember where once I finished it, I set the controller down and couldn't stop thinking about it for DAYS (and history repeated itself with the sequel). No matter how many times I replay it, watch someone else play it, or just talk about it, it makes the time go by every single time, and it astounds me that I haven't tired of this game. Not once. From story to gameplay, enemy variety to managing upgrades, the stellar acting and environments, and the sheer impact it's had upon me, The Last of Us is a game that cemented Naughty Dog as being my favorite developer at the time.

    And with it now being unveiled, my votes are done. I'll go into my full list with comments on all the games that didn't make it, plus a breakdown by how many times an individual year was represented on my list as a whole with tomorrow's post, as that should let us know what the Forums consider the Game of the Decade: Bloodborne or the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    And to conclude, yet again, another Hall of Greats report! The Last of Us certainly was brute forced in as Huber did his best to get it in, nominating it three times: First at the 3rd ceremony where it received seven votes, second at the 8th ceremony where it did NOT fare as well and only getting three votes, before finally being enshrined at ceremony 10 with eight votes, in the three-way tie Patron vote that I discussed when the Witcher III was unveiled.

  • TLOU (replaced by 2) is one of my fave naughty dog games but I've never been a fan of the modern ND gameplay and I think the stealth focus really helps alleviate that. It's easily my fave ND story easily over 2 but I just enjoy the gameplay so much more in the sequal.

    Happy too see it even if I didn't give it a vote funny that it's only 1 point higher than GOW.

  • Back in 2013 I love The Last of Us, then a few years passed and I began to think the game was kinda overrated and was too serious and "been here done that in videogames before". However, having played The Last of Us and Left Behind before The Last of Us 2 arrived, it reminded me of why I loved it so much in the first place and then some. Joel and Ellie's chemistry is masterful and the game manages to make the post-apocalypse new again-which is a very difficult thing to do due to the relentless amount of post-apocalyptic games out there. From its peerless storytelling to its brutal combat-The Last of Us is arguably Playstation's greatest achievement and it has a sense of humour too which is excellent. Oh and The Last of Us reminds me of why God of War isn't my favourite PS4 game-because God of War borrows elements from it that were unnecessary.

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    that should let us know what the Forums consider the Game of the Decade: Persona 5 or the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

    Persona 5 has already been revealed ;)

  • @axel Thank you for the correction. Will update accordingly. I was so focused on those two being the most popular games here it clouded my predictions. Bloodborne or Breath of the Wild. I'm fascinated to see the point values/amount of votes for each.

  • I dearly love the story of The Last of Us, and it’s amazing that one look of a character can lead to an hour-long discussion about her thinking and feelings during that moment. So I knew that this game had to be on my list. But it’s my #20, because I’ve decided to replay the first game right before The Last of Us Part II release. And it was terrible: I constantly had problems with moving the character where I wanted to, which made every combat encounter a big problem. When I played it last time in 2016, I didn’t notice such issues, but it just shows how rapidly gaming industry evolves in terms of controls and animations. And something that was perfect last gen simply doesn’t work in 2020.

    My post could end here, but…

    At the end of the August I’ve started my third playthrough of The Last of Us Part II on Grounded difficulty. After a while I’ve noticed that I had the same problems with moving my character. I knew for sure that this game was perfect, because I finished it twice just two month ago. So I’ve tried another controller and suddenly the issue was gone. Turns out the left stick on my main DualShock 4 was broken. Turns out I was replaying The Last of Us with the broken controller and thought it was game’s fault! (And I’ve managed to finish The Last of Us Part II twice without realizing that my controller was broken – amazing game!) So really it should be my #7 just between The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Red Dead Redemption 2. I hope my dumb mistake that costed this game 10 points didn’t influence its position in our ranking.

  • @brannox If it's down to Bloodborne and Breath of the Wild then some rigging has been going on.

  • It's not my favorite Naughty Dog game (which says a lot about the quality of their games), but I think The Last of Us is still their most airtight work yet. The length of the game is perfect, the pacing is very well handled, and the gameplay just flows so well from one scene to the next. It all leads to making this game very easy to get into and lose yourself into it, which helps so much with the story presentation. From the moment it started, it already made me care so much about what's happening on the screen, and the game just keeps building on that sense of engagement as new characters are introduced and we get to know existing characters more. I think U4 and (especially) TLOU Part II takes more risks with the design that potentially disrupt that flow, and obviously those risks have paid off for me personally since I prefer those two games way more, but I still really admire TLOU's approach. Not to mention, the multiplayer is freaking awesome!