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    cringey waifubait

    "Waifubait" made me laugh out loud.

  • Xenoblade is a game I didn't like one bit, mainly because I find the combat to be an absolute bore and hate how it plays out, but I do respect it had a good ammount of things going on for it in the 30 hours I put into it, it just didn't jive with me, 2 on the other hand, absolute garbage.

    Love Rocket League, but it is nowhere near anything I would consider near my top games.

  • I played a good deal of Rocket League with some old room mates when it came out, and we actually got pretty good. I really like that you can just customize your control scheme to whatever works best for you so I set it up to play like Burnout. I didn't really keep up with it though. Competitive games have never really been for me. As much as I like to try and get better at Street Fighter or something very skill based, I'd rather be a hermit and sit in the dark playing my single player games and JRPGs. It's hard for me to stay invested when the main drive is to play against someone else.

    Speaking of JRPGs, I still haven't played Xenoblade. I rented it when it came out on Wii, but because I had a Japanese Wii I got off Craigslist, it had a weird problem playing any English game that was a dual-layer disc (Donkey Kong, Smash Bros, Monster Hunter) so it just wouldn't load the game for me. I love the music, and loved The Last Story as part of Operation Rainfall back then, but it's one that I still need to pick up on Switch to give a go. I really didn't like the second one though after two or three hours, so it makes me nervous to make the jump.

  • Life Is Strange

    #48. Life Is Strange - 71 points


    #5 (Sheria), #6 (Brandon_Reister), #7 (Lotias), #9 (Sentinel Beach), #12 (DIPSET)


    Release year: 2015
    GOTY Rank: 6th
    Developer: Dontnod
    Publisher: Square Enix
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC


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  • Journey

    #47. Journey - 72 points


    #6 (HappyGaming, tokeeffe9), #7 (naltmank), #11 (Lotias), #13 (JW), HM (feer)


    Release year: 2012
    GOTY Rank: 4th
    Developer: Thatgamecompany
    Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PC


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  • Journey was so close to making my list. Such a beautiful game.

  • I was curious how long it would be before a game placed higher on this list in particular over a game that it was under in its respective year, and that's what we now have with Life is Strange, which finished one spot behind Rocket League during that thread. Just a very cursory glance tells me two things about this: 1.) Some people who voted for that thread and voted Rocket League appear to not have been as active here in a while and 2.) The difference that year was a two point edge, the same as here.

    Regarding Life is Strange itself, I must echo myself from three years and nine days ago: Episodic games are not for me because of their structure, regardless of their focus/content.

    As for Journey, I'll leave my direct quote with an addendum:

    "I've heard constant praise for Journey and how it will only take two hours, which should be enough for me to give it a go, but I've learned several times over: Don't get a game just because everybody else likes it. Two hours is nothing really in today's age of live-service, plus I'm pretty sure it's pretty cheap. But I just don't feel the pull for it. Which is a shame, because this games look very good."

    What I do want to add since I wrote that is I've become a little more familiar with Austin Wintory and that's another point in Journey's favor. I guess I'm a touch more interested as I was then, but I still don't want to interact with other players (which kind of the point from what I've heard).

    One final note: Journey joins Xenoblade Chronicles for our list in being nominated for the Hall of Greats: XC was nominated in third installment (Aug 2017) by Ben and garnered three votes whereas Journey has two appearances (and still has yet to get in): The fourth installment (Dec 2017 where it had two votes but was banned for a year because of the at the time rule no one else voted for it other than who had brought it which was Bloodworth) and the most recent stream a month ago where it did a little better, getting six votes from Jones's nomination.

  • Life is Strange is my game guilt lately. I've played the first chapter two or three times but I haven't started chapter two. Whenever I go back, I feel like I need to start over, so I play the first chapter, love it, and then get stressed about immediately starting the second chapter. I need to finish that fucking game, it's just a bad anxiety related habit I've had about getting into things I like for some reason.

    Journey is definitely one of my favorites. It never ceases to make me shed at least a tear by the end. I wrote a review a long time ago about how the music becomes so synonymous with the visuals you can basically play the soundtrack and see the whole game in your head, sort of like songs featured in Fantasia. I wonder if there's a word for that. The game moves me regardless of what's happening in my life, or how things have changed, and legitimately makes me feel like I can make it through the toughest places. When my girlfriend plays through it too, I don't like to watch the whole game, but it feels like a disservice to miss out on that last chapter. One of the most moving game experiences I've ever had that keeps giving!

    I gotta finish and publish that review too!

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    I still don't want to interact with other players (which kind of the point from what I've heard)

    I think you can play Journey without interacting with others (I didn't). It's a personal journey after all.

  • I liked Life is Strange and Journey (played both of them twice). Haven't voted for them, but I like that they are in Top #50.

  • @ffff0 If that's the case, then it's becoming a stronger consideration.

  • Despite being spoiled of parts of the ending before playing it, I enjoyed Life is Strange way more than I could have imagined. I really cared for the main characters, and there's a lot of great moments in the story itself (the rescue attempt at the end of Episode 2 is so intense). Max and Chloe's relationship is strong as heck, and I enjoyed how the game used it throughout to implicate other events. I also liked the setting of Arcadia, it felt like a messed up place that is just waiting for some big thing to really throw things beyond it's tipping point. That being said, it's still not enough for me to get in my top 20, although it's probably somewhere in my top 40.

    I still haven't played Journey yet, I have it sitting on my PS4 library. I haven't found the right time to try it out.

  • I own both life is strange and journey and have never played either.

  • @brannox I definitely played Journey more than once intentionally turning off my internet. It's the experience I prefer but it's still immensely personal regardless of who you come across. If it is a concern, I'd recommend just going offline as you can your first time.

  • I still need to play the first Life is Strange. I played Life is Strange 2 this year and it was a lot better than I expected. Delivering the same quality experience as some of my favorite Telltale Games. I'm also looking forward to starting TELL ME WHYYYYY this month.

    I finally finished Journey earlier this year and I feel the same way as I did when I quit playing it years ago. Journey had zero emotional impact on me and I still don't see what makes it so special, It just didn't do it for me. The music is good though.

  • I enjoyed Life Is Strange a lot, it's one of the many games that could have made it into my HMs. I got very attached to the characters, even some secondary ones, and I thought the pace struck a good balance between chill, exploratory moments and important main plot points. I also thought the ending(s) was pretty satisfying, which is not always the case in games like this.

    Journey though, I just don't get it. I played it, and felt absolutely nothing. I can't wrap my head around the fact some people cry when they play this game, I don't see it. Still happy it made this top 50, as it was definitely one of the most influential / talked about games of the decade.

  • I like Life is Strange a fair bit but not enough to vote for it.
    For me, one of its biggest weaknesses is Episode 1, which gives a kind of bad first impression for the game. It's one of the things that I mentioned to a few people when they announce that they were making Episode 1 free. It's kind of a bad demo because the game is purposely setting you up for something in Episode 2.
    So while I think it's effective in the grand scheme of things, it's incredibly easy to bounce off the teen drama bullshit with magic powers that is Episode 1.

    I've never played Journey. I probably should at some point.

  • Life is Strange it's OK. I think 2 is better.

    Journey could have made my top. To be honest, that first level, when you meet another player for the first time, that joy of just sliding through the dunes and flying and both powering each other in complicity. Is easily one of the most beautiful memories I have in gaming. I captured that moment on video and I still watch that video occasionally. It's a wonderful game but it keeps losing steam all the way through the end.

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    I had hoped both those games would end up higher, but also totally understand why they didn't.

    I have said it before, but Life is Strange means SO much to me and its one of those few games I still think back about every now and again. It really impacted me and I could relate to it (despite not being a teen or a girl). Its one of those games that made me full on ugly cry and that I will go back to now and again. I even felt sad a few days after finishing it and took like a week break from games after.

    Journey is just beautiful. I probably wouldnt of picked it up unless it was free on PS+ that long ago. It was so different and chill and was just what I needed after playing shooters and darker games. I just can't help but smile when I think back on it.

  • Journey one of the most satisfying one sitting start to finish game completions of my life. This game probably should've probably been in my top games of the decade, but I made the decision to champion that ONE satisfying playthrough as something memorable. I haven't ruined this game by playing it too much, but by virtue of only playing it once, I can't say I have such a high affection or understanding of the game.

    Life Is Strange is one of my favourite games of all time. It's basically "baby's first adventure game". It has such a simplified approach to the adventure game formula while also being really unique in its use of 3D space an exploration. I honestly think the setting Arcadia Bay is so charming and thoroughly explored place that it begins to feel like you're leaving summer camp by the time you finish Chapter 5.

    Kinda like how we talked in the "lifeless" open world thread, Arcadia Bay succeeds by having characters that have personalities and are doing things with or without the player input. Skaters are skating, hipsters are working on their photography portfolio, the working class dudes wait for the city bus. The world feels sooooo lived in.

    This all goes before mentioning how this is top tier teenage melodrama.

    • Best friend conflict - CHECK.
    • Conflicted are they, aren't they lesbian tension - CHECK.
    • Mysterious murder mystery - CHECK.
    • Cut throat ruthless bullies that would give an 80s movie a run for their money - CHECK.
    • Esoteric supernatural backdrop - CHECK.