The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • Glad to see Rocket League make it in! I mean, the core gameplay is great and I already love soccer, but a lot of my love for it is probably from my senior year of college, my roommates and I would do 4v4 seasons against bots while we gradually bumped up the difficulty. It was so much fun, and definitely made me get more into online play and all that.

    I didn't beat Xenoblade until after I sent my votes in. I really liked it, happy to see it make it in the top 50, but it would've been tough for me to replace it with any of my other picks. As for Journey and Life is Strange, I really wanna get to those but I just haven't yet. I have Journey, I think I just need to be in a specific mood to boot it up.

  • I can't even believe that I had to cut these games from my list.
    I literally burst into tears at the end of Journey because I had a near religious experience with that game.
    Life is Strange had me caring for the characters more than I do most people in my own life.


  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses

    #46. Fire Emblem: Three Houses - 74 points


    #4 (Shoulderguy), #5 (Nimbat1003), #7 (Axel), #9 (Crepe), #11 (Capnbobamous)


    Release year: 2019
    GOTY Rank: 4th
    Developer: Intelligent Systems
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch


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  • Cuphead

    #45. Cuphead - 74 points


    #3 (takfujii420), #8 (LordPumpkinPie), #9 (Oscillator, FerrisK96), HM (THECapedCaper, Crepe, MiserablePerson)


    Release year: 2017
    GOTY Rank: 10th
    Developer: StudioMDHR
    Publisher: StudioMDHR
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC


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  • Damn it hurts that Fire Emblem is this low. Such an incredible game. My personal GOTY of last year.

  • FireEmblem doesn't surprise me. It made waves last year. Even I want to give it a try at some point.

    Cuphead though. That's one of them you don't really expect to come up.

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the second Switch game I've kept (the first one was Mario + Rabbids). It was entertaining enough to be played 3.5 times, but it looks so terrible during cut-scenes that I wasn't looking at the screen to not get mad (thankfully, it's fully voiced). As a result I never cared about any of its characters. And I keep recommending anyone who is interested in this title to play The Banner Saga instead.

    As for the Cuphead, I've never played it. Seems too difficult for me.

  • @hazz3r said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    Cuphead though. That's one of them you don't really expect to come up.

    How so? It had lots of pre-release hype, and followed through with great reviews, millions of sales, and ports to every platform. And it got into Smash Bros.! AND it's getting a Netflix show!

    It may be the most distinctive looking game of the decade. It perfectly emulates 1930s hand-drawn animation (the animation actually IS hand-drawn, which is why development took so long, along with the upcoming DLC development). And the high difficulty adds to its cachet.

    It love how hard it leans into the 1930s vibe, with the music, film filters, and character design. And the designs of the bosses are INSANELY creative with Hollywood-grade animation. You couldn't have asked for more from the debut game of a small studio.

  • Happy three houses and cuphead made the cut both are great genre games, if you are a fan of that genre they are must plays, sadly never revisited Cuphead after the stupid 3 headed dragon boss.

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses is only at 46! I get it though, it's a turn-based strategy game, it's still relatively new and only on Switch, but damn this is such a great game. I strongly considered this for my top spot and the fact that it was so recent is the biggest reason why it placed 4th. The more time that has gone by since I first finished it and the more I've played of it since, I continue to recognize how uniquely special Fire Emblem: Three Houses actually is.

    I liked Cuphead but it didn't even make my top 10 in 2017 because so many great games released that year. I enjoyed watching Cuphead more than I did playing it.

  • As it pertains to Fire Emblem, the only thing I stated several months ago that's close to worth being repeated is how it was the game of the summer last year. Coming at a time when not much was releasing at that point in the year, I also find it striking how Nintendo has had one or two games a year for the last several years that carried lasting impact.

    Nothing I said for Cuphead really carries over, though I still admire it's style and how it's smooth in how it works. I'm also reminded how we got the announcement for the Delicious Last Course back in 2018 at Microsoft's E3 show, and that's been delayed into 2021. That game must be hard to develop, not even taking into account having to work from home.

  • I started Fire Emblem, and will likely come back to it at some point, but it hadn't grabbed me yet. Cuphead is really not my jam at all. Journey is great - almost made my list as an HM, but it's more of an experience to me than something that I can remember details of. Life is strange got spoiled for me and I put it down, I could probably finish it at some point, but someone just off the cuff mentioned some stuff and totally broke the magic for me.

  • I really don’t know much about either game unfortunately. I honestly didn’t know Fire Emblem was such a standout game, I thought people were tired of this series?

  • I tried the first FE that came to 3DS. Eh. Not my thing.
    Cuphead looks cool but I'm not in a rush to play it. Just came out on PS4 so I'll probably buy it the first big sale it gets.

  • I picked up Cuphead the day it came to PS4, and just played it for the first time last night. Having grown up with a father who was an animation enthusiast, I watched a lot of Max Fleischier cartoons among other things from the era, and I'm floored with how much time and effort went into the crew behind the game in every small part. It's like a classic animation Contra.

    Haven't played Fire Emblem: Three Houses yet. I'm typically not as into strategy games, and so paying full price for one I may enjoy because of the anime involved is a tough ask. I played a good deal on the 3DS, but eventually lost interest when I realized I wasn't following the story at all and really just enjoyed the dating simulator inside it. I'm excited to try Three Houses out regardless, for nothing more than to try the game on that new engine!

  • @dipset said in The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!:

    I thought people were tired of this series?

    I think people are tired of Fire Emblem characters showing up as roster filler in Smash. lol

  • @tokyoslim

    That miiiiiiight be what I'm thinking of haha!

    But I definitely remember Ben and a few others having a Hottake about Fire Emblem games / mobile games on an old Frame Trap. I just can't recall the context.

  • @dipset Oh, yeah, there's a gatcha mobile game that people probably don't like.

  • I loved Fire Emblem: Three Houses and it was my GOTY last year, 7th this decade even.

    I may not have ranked it that high on its own merits, but for me it's the culmination of the series' achievements starting with Awakening, which I could easily have voted for too.

    It's definitely my favorite entry in the series, benefiting from all the recent gameplay improvements such as the rewind feature, as well as the best story and characters, especially compared to the horrible Fates. I've only played one route + the DLC, started on a second route but other games took my attention away from it. I'll happily jump back in some day.

    If anyone wants to give the series a shot, it's an amazing entry point.

    As for Cuphead, I had a lot of fun with it on Switch. It's gorgeous, imaginative but also plays amazingly well. It would be a great game even removed from its art style. I remember pulling my hair at the difficulty at times, but it rarely felt unfair, and ultimately felt very satisfying once you mastered a boss.

    Not good enough to get a vote from me but I'm glad it got recognition!

  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

    #44. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - 74 points


    #3 (NeoCweeny), #5 (takfujii420), #13 (Axel, GMan), HM (Jamicov, Oscillator, naltmank, MiserablePerson)


    Release year: 2014
    GOTY Rank: 12th
    Developer: Retro Studios
    Publisher: Nintendo
    Platform(s): Nintendo Switch, Wii U


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