The EZA Forums Top 50 Games of the 2010s!

  • Monster Hunter: World

    #43. Monster Hunter: World - 77 points


    #1 (Tearju Engi), #3 (Answerofduty), #8 (Jamicov, GMan), HM (Chocobop)


    Release year: 2018
    GOTY Rank: 4th
    Developer: Capcom
    Publisher: Capcom
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


    EZA Review

  • I haven't actually played Tropical Freeze (2D platformers aren't my thing), but I have to give it credit for how polished it is and the great vibes it gives off. Strong atmosphere in a game is always a huge plus for me.

  • I've played some Monster Hunter: World on Game Pass. After several missions it became too difficult. I don't like grind, so it's not for me.

  • It turns out it I didn't say much in the original thread for Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, but we officially have our first One of the Greats (tm) in our thread! Brad brought it twice and while the first attempt back in HoG #6 (June 2018) didn't fare well with just two votes, the most recent Hall saw its triumphant return in a big way, securing the most total votes at 14 for enshrinement! I do feel like I discussed Tropical Freeze in some capacity recently, but I can't recall where. Still, it's been a lauded platformer since its release and worthy of our list! Also, I think it's very interesting how in the year of the decade that many feel is the worst (myself included), 11 other games placed over it and taking a look at those other games, I would be shocked to see more than just THREE of those that placed higher will make it on this countdown. Really intriguing.

    Regarding Monster Hunter World: I think it's also interesting how it garnered only five total votes, but those really counted! To quote what I said in its thread:

    "When Monster Hunter World came out in January (2018) and the hype kept growing over the next few months, I really started to feel like it's candidacy for being a GOTY dark horse was legitimate. While not really known from a "main stream" point of view, I really feel this entry put the series on the map in a whole new way. I truly believe 2018 made Monster Hunter grow from a quasi-niche franchise with a hardcore following to a popular one. I think it held a consensus (or at least the majority of the mindshare in terms of coverage and discussion) of 2018's best game until probably the second half of the year came along."

    Going off this and to expand a little, when it was revealed at Sony's E3 2017 show, it was one of those reveals that, at the time, I personally didn't think was too big a deal, but wow was that a mis-characterization. World made the series more prevalent that it had ever been up to that point.

  • These are another two games I haven't finished.

    Tropical Freeze is a game I'm still immensely enjoying, but haven't finished yet. I don't know if I like it as much as original Snes Donkey Kong Country games, but it's really awesome so far! I really think it's an incredible platformer that shouldn't be missed!

    Monster Hunter World on the other hand I have a weird relationship with. I don't love playing games online and had a really difficult time getting into it. I love what I've played, but it just doesn't feel right playing solo, but I also don't love playing online where it thrives at the same time, like I'm creating my own weird dichotomy. I reinstall it every couple months to try and get back into it though; there's just something that is attractive and drawing to it that I like, but can't quite get the full extent of it.

  • I used to love the Monster Hunter games as a kid (played the PSP ones almost every day at one point), but I couldn't really get into MH World. There's just an overload of the senses in this game, the UI is so distracting and there can be so much going on in the game itself (which is not a bad thing by itself). I think as I got older, I just tend to notice these kind of things more, so it's more due to the changes I'm experiencing rather than the game itself. It does feel great to use the Great Swords again, they have been my main weapons since the first MH game I ever played. Also, meeting other people and teaming up for some quests can be pretty jolly.

  • @oscillator I’ve just never seen Cuphead held in any particular regard. Don’t get me wrong it’s lovely to see people gush about it so much.

  • Tropical Freeze is a game I want to play and i'll probably never will. But everything about it seems like something I would love.

    MHW is one of those games that after install it took me maybe 10 minutes to just hard quit and never touch it again. Which in my MH experience about doubles my time spent with the series.

  • Tropical freeze i played because of the love of the really frustrated me and it was honestly a bit of a choir to finish i'm not a massive 2D plaformer person but the momentum in particular i just never liked.

    Monster hunter world is soo my style but i just haven't had a chance to really dive into it as much as i want i've beaten the anjanath.

  • Been busy moving so quick hits:

    I hate the "ArE ViDEo GAMeS ARt??" debate, but Journey is a game I can only describe as a piece of art. I love how it affects everyone in different ways and how everyone seems to get something different out of it, but ultimately still leaves us with that same breathless feeling. For me, it's a beautiful meditation on life and the people we meet (and lose) along the way. Just top tier.

    Tropical Freeze is just masterclass level design, plain and simple. The only reason it wasn't higher for me is because I don't tend to like difficult games, and some of these levels are balls to the wall hard. Eventually that just stops being fun. Killer soundtrack, though.

  • DK Tropical Freeze I borrowed it from my step dad and it’s in my Switch has has been for 2 weeks. Have I played it? Nope. Such is life. I’ll get to it soon but I have more time to post about games online between work than actually play them these days. Not convinced a 2D platformer would make my Top 15 anyways, but I should try the alleged classic.

    Monster Hunter World Amazing and very layered open worlds. Really cool weapons, monster designs, and lots of variety in the way you play between classes. However, this game confuses the hell out of me and I’m never sure what’s going on. My friend has 500 hours in this, and my other friend has 400 hours and they’re still unlocking stuff in Iceborn. Something to be said about a game like that.

  • @naltmank Are people still debating whether videogames are art?
    The answer is yes. It has always been yes.

  • I'm slightly surprised to see MHW this low on the list but happy to see it nonetheless! I didn't get into Monster Hunter until Tri came out on Wii, and even then it was the 3DS games that really got me hooked. I just thought World was a masterclass in streamlining the franchise without compromising what made it great. I had a lot of fun playing this on my own, with my brothers, or with randoms online.

    As for Tropical Freeze, that game is just pure fun. It's hard, but not the kind of 2D platformer where it's hard just for the sake of it, there's a reason for everything and it makes it that much more satisfying once you get it.

  • @hazz3r Cuphead to me is the definition of a game I enjoyed while playing it and that had little to no impact on me afterwards, so I agree with you, nothing wrong with it, but nothing that blew me away either.

  • Control

    #42. Control - 77 points


    #1 (Sazime), #3 (ffff0), #7 (Phbz), #9 (bam541), HM (collin)


    Release year: 2019
    GOTY Rank: 5th
    Developer: Remedy Entertainment
    Publisher: 505 Games
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


    EZA Review

  • Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    #41. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice - 78 points


    #2 (NeoCweeny, Crepe), #9 (clingring), #13 (Phbz), #14 (Chocobop, Answerofduty)


    Release year: 2019
    GOTY Rank: 2nd
    Developer: FromSoftware
    Publisher: Activision
    Platform(s): PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC


    EZA Review

  • And here’s the first game I’ve voted for. There are two reasons why Control is my #3. The main one is that it’s the first next-gen game. Ray-tracing, destructibility, DLSS, loading times – everything shows what the future of gaming will be. Best games of the decade are trailblazers of the industry and Control is certainly a technological trailblazer.
    But besides that it’s just a very fun game to play, and I love its lead character. Story isn’t the best, but for such technological masterpiece it may be a positive thing (otherwise it wouldn’t feel right to blow everything up and look for reflections).

  • CONTROL, DUDE! #42 is too low for this. I love this game so much. It's the "metroidvania" I never knew I wanted: a third person shooter set in a modern supernatural weird fiction world that is packed to the brim with weird, interesting stuff, and Remedy executed it so well. This is a game that not only impressed me throughout the whole game, but also grew on me even more after I finished it. I'll be talking about the main game only, since I haven't touched the DLCs.

    For starters, even with my complaints with the gamepad controls being not fluid and accurate enough, the combat is splendid. It feels so good to use your powers and weapons, and it's also quite challenging. It can feel frantic at times, and the intensity of it all is added by the creepy enemy presentation. The random enemy encounters does get a bit tiresome near the end, but I can deal (or not deal) with them pretty quick at that point so it's not a big problem at all.

    Another big thing that I think this game nailed is the lore. I get so excited everytime I stumble upon a note or an audio log or any similar lore objects, since almost all of them are not only interesting on their own, but also adds up to build this wonderful and freaky world. Some of my favorite lore includes the christmas tree that drives people crazy, the whole thing about synchronicity, and the fact that the Federal Bureau of Control is using a radio show to propagate disbelief to the public about the supernatural. I enjoy the variety of the lore objects, especially the super-creepy Threshold Kids. There's side missions that directly deal with some of the lore stuff, which is awesome (shoutout to the guy stuck in a room with the fridge). I also like to shout out Dr Darling for being such an entertaining figure throughout the game. He is so prominent in a lot of the story and lore, and that video of him near the end of the game is 10/10.

    Lastly, I want to gush for a bit about The Oldest House. It's such a cool place for a game to take place. The design of it is not only visually striking, but also intentionally confusing to explore and distinguish, which I think is a part of the personality of the house itself. A big part of this place that adds a lot to the exploration (other than the level design itself and the scattered lore stuff) is the secrets. There's actually very well placed secrets placed here and there that is so satisfying to discover. My favorite one has to be the hidden room in the research center that not only plays a track from a real life band, but also gives out free codes on Bandcamp for an album from said band.

    I could gush about the game for a bit more, but I think these are the biggest reasons why I like it a lot. The worst sin that this game committed is the anti-climactic and sudden ending, just like this paragraph.

  • Control and Sekiro are two games I desperately want to play but haven't because of my purchasing habits (Don't usually buy games until a year after purchase/deep discount) but am really looking forward too, Control especially.

  • #44 to #42 are all games that were part of my final cuts down to 20 so I'm happy they still made the list. Of those games, Monster Hunter: World was the closest to making my top 20. If it wasn't for those annoying Zorah Magdaros quests and an unnecessary amount of grind, it could have made my list. Despite that, it's still an incredibly fun game and I'm looking forward to where the series goes next.