The Mean Greens

  • At the moment it looks as though The Mean Greens will be the next game the Allies will be streaming. I've played a short 30 minute trial of The Mean Greens and I really don't see what is so good about it. Ok it's cool to play as the same Army Men toy figures that give you owies when they're lying about your house, and the levels seem quite interesting and different from the norm-but it plays like any other online shooter and doesn't do anything exciting. Has anyone played The Mean Greens yet and if so what do you think of it?

  • I think it has that same appeal as something like Micro Machines or Grounded. On its surface, Micro Machines is just a racing game, but there's a certain appeal to being tiny and seeing things from the perspective of that angle. I haven't personally played Mean Greens, but admittedly, I think that the quirk is really charming and has character.

  • @happygaming I see there a child-like , quirky and arcadey appeal to The Green Means and it looks colourful and cool for sure. Yet I think it's all very basic, too basic for my liking.

  • It's worth pointing out that the Mean Greens is really old. It originally came out in 2015. I played it for a little bit and it was fun and novel, but the mechanics aren't anything special.

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    I think part of the desire for the game comes from nostalgia for the Army Men games.
    The series was driven into the ground with oversaturation across basically every single genre, but there was a point in time when getting the new Army Men game was something to be excited about.

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