Favourite Tony Hawks Pro Skater Game

  • Which Tony Hawks Pro Skater game is the best? I feel as though Underground had the most appeal for me personally.

  • Tony Hawk Underground for me, no question at all, that story mode is by far what I've enjoyed the most of the TH series.

  • My favorite is Pro Skater 2. I had THPS 1 and 2 on Dreamcast, those are the games I played the most. I didn't get 3 and 4 until much later, those are probably better games but I don't have as many hours played in those.

    The only THUG game I played was 2 on PC. I didn't like the Jackass, Bam Margera stuff in that game so I didn't play much of it.

    The only other Tony Hawks Pro Skater games I've played are THPS HD and THPS 5. THPS HD was mediocre and THPS 5 is one of the worst games I ever finished.

  • I haven't played them all by any stretch but of the ones I have 3 by far, with THUG2 being a solid 2nd place.

    I don't really like THUG at all, like yeah it has a nice story mode and all but that is so far removed from the reason I like these games that if anything it's a deterrent. THUG2 has a story mode too but it's basically just an excuse to justify the various maps and (more importantly) I think the mission structure is a lot more streamlined from a gameplay perspective. You can really just do whatever once you get to the new map until you have enough points to move on instead of having to follow some specific guiding narrative. Also there's a proper Classic Mode so that's a bonus.

    I think 2 had some really cool maps and stuff but I dunno you play that for the first time after you play 3, it feels like such a step back. Mainly in the framerate and the lack of reverts. Main selling point of 1+2 to me is being able to play that without those issues.

  • 2 has the edgiest soundtrack, the heaviest atmosphere, and the best balance of difficulty. You can do wilder combos across bigger maps in 3, but with that looseness comes some feeling of emptiness. 3 is much higher fidelity, but its art style feels kind of plasticky. Still, BOTH of them are incredibly fun. 2 just feels like a more 'concentrated' game, with a closer connection to real skateboarding.

  • I don't remember honestly since it's been so long since I've picked up a Tony Hawk game. I remember going over to a buddy's house to play the one that had Cyclone by the Dub Pistols (I think 2) and Blitzkrieg Bop (maybe 3?). We played a ton of those two and did a lot of the track editor and all that they had in those packages. Special shout out to Project 8 though. I remember renting it and not expecting much but having a blast!

  • @happygaming said in Favourite Tony Hawks Pro Skater Game:

    Special shout out to Project 8 though. I remember renting it and not expecting much but having a blast!

    Project 8 is a great game to just go nuts in. The actual objectives are merciless, though.

  • I think there's cool stuff about all the Tony Hawks games.

    Proving Grounds and Project 8 are better than people give credit for. I think they do a good job of trying to introduce a story mode while also going back to the more grounded challenges of the earlier entries.

    I actually really like the Park building aspect of American Wasteland. Again, it feels more grounded in terms of story, but the elements themselves are over the top, which is really cool.

    2 was my first game, and while I love it dearly, the lack of a revert really makes it struggle for me.

    4 is just perfection. No better way to spend an evening than just playing through 4.

    Also, shout out to Disney's Extreme Skate Adventure. It's a Disney Skateboarding game built on the Pro Skater 4 engine. It's extremely solid and really fun.

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  • It has been way too long since I've played them to remember. Also, I never really compared them in my head back in the day. It was always just, "fuck yes here's a new one", and proceeding to enjoy the heck out of it.

  • Definitely Tony Hawk's Underground.

    The series sort of existed on subtle changes for better or worse after THPS3 and I think THUG has the best and overall most fun changes from a gameplay perspective. One of the things I love that I think was introduced in THUG are stat boosts based on performance challenges such as rotating more, getting more air, grinding for this long. You improve your stats by getting better as a player rather than finding stat upgrades hidden in the levels.

    The levels themselves have some of the best combo lines in the series. There is this perfect blend of real life skate spots given a video game treatment all the while making real life landmarks like the Red Square completely skateable. I think Moscow, Manhattan, New Jersey, Hawaii, and Vancouver are probably my top 5 levels in the whole series. They really nailed the "character" of these levels while also making them insanely fun to combo endlessly.

    Tons of customization that got watered down in THUG2 and THAW. You can basically make your person a clown shoes wearing alien that is 8 feet tall and it's marvelous.

    Plus Eric Sparrow - the greatest villian in gaming. My god is Eric Sparrow a sunovabitch: steals a drug dealers car and runs you out of your home city, removes you off the competition list in TampaAm, enlists the best video compositor in the world to comp you out of the McTwist over the helicopter in Hawaii, says sorry just to immediately drunk drive a stolen tank in Moscow and pins the destruction on you, then finally, opens the gates of hell back in New Jersey.

  • Ok it's been awhile since I've played THUG, but I'm pretty sure the gates of hell were already open in Jersey, and are still open.

    For me personally I never really cared about the created skater stuff. That said I feel like my top 3 are THPS3, Thug 2 and THAW.

    While ill need to hop back into 3 and Thug 2 real quick, I did play THAW pretty recently and it's the one game I remember feeling like I had absolute control in, like it was this game I could throw on and go absolutely zen like while playing it.

  • THAW is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite game with my 1st or 2nd favourite soundtrack. My only criticism of American Wasteland are the boxy levels. The Los Angeles skate rat vibe is amazing, but the levels feel like a step down from THUG2 and THUG. Then I think THAW perfects the series gameplay, but it got a bit too off the rails with all of the rotation moves.

    The combo multiplier gets abused with the backflip and side flip buttons. You end up looking like a skateboarding gyroscope in THAW.

  • American Wasteland was the last one I played, I remember I liked the story, I think....., but something about the structure or the gameplay made me like it less than the THUG games, but the only specific I recall was that it somehow felt more empty that the THUG games.

  • @bard91

    Considering your memory is foggy, I'm guessing the 'empty' feeling are the loading screen hallways in-between levels. You'd be in Hollywood then skate into this hallway tunnel and resurface in Beverly Hills. And there wasn't a ton of differentiation between levels either. Other than the quite literally empty hallways, some levels felt like they focused more on big structures. The East LA levels is essentially a massive freeway under construction, a spillway ditch, and no people.

    Still never actually minded the empty hallway loading screens. Wasn't a deal breaker for me and still don't have any complaints about it today to be honest. It was a PS2 game after all.

  • I had such a good time playing THUG2 Remix on the PSP, so that's probably my favorite one. I don't really remember much of it though. The New Orleans level is pretty sick, it had a challenge where I had to grind into the center of the earth or something crazy like that.

  • @bam541

    When I was little, I used to keep popping into the game store thinking a copy of a game will magically appear. I probably went back into the store upwards of 10 times hoping THUG 2 Remix would suddenly become available. They had the box there but no copy. I never ended up playing it.

  • @bam541 Underground 2 Remix on PSP is one of those rare examples where the portable version is superior to the console version.

  • THPS3 had most of my favourite levels from the series while introducing bands like AFI, CKY, Ramones and so on, its the reason I kept picking up the games. So I probably can't wait to experience them again in the next gen update of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-2-3-4... like the special trick!

  • Spyro year of the dragon was best tony hawk skating game