Favourite Tony Hawks Pro Skater Game

  • THAW is probably my 2nd or 3rd favourite game with my 1st or 2nd favourite soundtrack. My only criticism of American Wasteland are the boxy levels. The Los Angeles skate rat vibe is amazing, but the levels feel like a step down from THUG2 and THUG. Then I think THAW perfects the series gameplay, but it got a bit too off the rails with all of the rotation moves.

    The combo multiplier gets abused with the backflip and side flip buttons. You end up looking like a skateboarding gyroscope in THAW.

  • American Wasteland was the last one I played, I remember I liked the story, I think....., but something about the structure or the gameplay made me like it less than the THUG games, but the only specific I recall was that it somehow felt more empty that the THUG games.

  • @bard91

    Considering your memory is foggy, I'm guessing the 'empty' feeling are the loading screen hallways in-between levels. You'd be in Hollywood then skate into this hallway tunnel and resurface in Beverly Hills. And there wasn't a ton of differentiation between levels either. Other than the quite literally empty hallways, some levels felt like they focused more on big structures. The East LA levels is essentially a massive freeway under construction, a spillway ditch, and no people.

    Still never actually minded the empty hallway loading screens. Wasn't a deal breaker for me and still don't have any complaints about it today to be honest. It was a PS2 game after all.

  • I had such a good time playing THUG2 Remix on the PSP, so that's probably my favorite one. I don't really remember much of it though. The New Orleans level is pretty sick, it had a challenge where I had to grind into the center of the earth or something crazy like that.

  • @bam541

    When I was little, I used to keep popping into the game store thinking a copy of a game will magically appear. I probably went back into the store upwards of 10 times hoping THUG 2 Remix would suddenly become available. They had the box there but no copy. I never ended up playing it.

  • @bam541 Underground 2 Remix on PSP is one of those rare examples where the portable version is superior to the console version.

  • THPS3 had most of my favourite levels from the series while introducing bands like AFI, CKY, Ramones and so on, its the reason I kept picking up the games. So I probably can't wait to experience them again in the next gen update of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1-2-3-4... like the special trick!

  • Spyro year of the dragon was best tony hawk skating game

  • After playing and really enjoying Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2, I decided to play some of the Tony Hawk games I never finished. I also wanted to do this now because my THPS skills are as sharp as they've ever been and if I wait, I'll lose them lol.

    I played through THPS 3, 4 and THUG 1. I was a little disappointed in THPS 3, It's fun but I think some stages like Airport and Los Angeles are mediocre compared to every other THPS game. Obviously the revert is still great so it's not all bad. Then, I was surprised by how much better THPS 4 and THUG felt over THPS 3. They both have some great stages with a ton of variety. The story stuff in THUG, I could take it or leave it. It's not offensively bad like what I played of THUG2 years ago, but I don't think Tony Hawk games need a cut-scene heavy story when the gameplay is this good. Fortunately, you can skip those cut-scenes.

    My ranking (only counting games I finished):

    1. THPS 1+2
    2. THPS 2
    3. THPS 4
    4. THUG
    5. THPS 3
    6. THPS
    7. THPS HD
      THPS 5